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Great hike. I took my 8 and 4 year olds with me and they did fine. Steady incline thats not too steep. A couple good view points, most notably on the north east side of the trail. Its easier than snow and bench lakes just down the road, but not as pretty. Still a great hike. Will do again.

This is a fantastic hike. We went mid July and the weather was perfect. We came across 2 snow patches which was cool to see mid summer. The only downside was the extreme amount of bugs/mosquitoes. Definitely take Emmons Moraine Trail off of glacier basin. It was absolutely beautiful and you can go down by the lake.

-Hiked it on the 14th: weather and views were beautiful. Wore shorts and running shoes.
-Took my kids with me, the youngest hiker being 3. We had no issues hiking the entire route.
-No snow on the trail, just a little mud where it had melted.

The line into the Mt Rainier Park was long between 1200-1400. We waited an hour to get into the park.

Very pretty trail, nice waterfalls

great hike with my parents, husband and stepson!

My first ever Real hike

12 days ago

Great hike for a 4 year old even though the bridges were washed out from winter and about 1/3 of the loop was covered in snow. The snow patches were always short enough we could find our way to the trail on the other side, and kept my son entertained and motivated.

14 days ago

Trail is well maintained except for a few places where waterbars would keep runoff from eroding the trail. Otherwise it is wide enough in many places for side by side hiking. In many areas the trail is single track and trail etiquette should be followed for uphill hikers and groups of mountaineers. The end of the maintained trail has several campsites and a toilet. Happy Trails! "Rock Hopper"

15 days ago

If you haven't done this hike before---youre missing out! I completed this today (07/07/18) along with a short offshoot trail called Emmons morraine trail that offered a beautiful view of an aqua blue lake as well as the Emmons glacier.

Please note that All trails is way off on the elevation gain. The ranger verified that it's approximately 1700' of elevation gain and 7 miles round-trip.
The trail is in excellent condition and currently snow free!

21 days ago

Hiked this a few weekends ago. Trail was packed with melting snow at the higher elevation. Trekking poles and water resistant boots recommended, but still manageable without them. You get nice views of the mountain on the way up. Round trip took about 6 hours since I had lunch and hung around at the basin camp before coming back down.

Hiked on 7/1/18. First 100 yards or so had some snow but that was it for the entire trail. No issue at all.

Amazing peacefully

23 days ago

27 days ago

You have to start at cougar rock and hike all the way up. Beautiful scenery along he way

Waterfall is beautiful, hike down to the bottom is short and steep. There was a little snow along the edges melting away. I will go back.

1 month ago

This was a great trail for the family, very pretty and well travelled.

1 month ago

So beautiful, any hike to see falls is amazing.

Short hike but steep. Still a fantastic view. Go in the late morning to see a rainbow at the base!

1 month ago

This was such a beautiful hike!! It is snowpacked most of the way, but well worth it!!!

1 month ago

Without poles found it too dangerous to descend at the moment, the packed snow is turning to slush in places and the combination of a steep grade and the potential for an uncontrolled slip is not something I plan to do in a hurry. Others were going down and up OK though, so maybe just me!

This hike was completed August 2017

The name is what caught our curiosity but it's not as impress as it sounds lol we did enjoy going over to the water and skipping rocks.

5 months ago

hiked it a little while back. Thought I'd make it to reflection lake from the entrance of the trail. The bridge was washed out so I had to turn back. Overall the trail was pretty nice.

A convenient trail connecting the Reflection Lake (and the start of the Pinnacle Saddle trail) with the Narada Falls. Not much of a hike in itself, more of a walk through a pleasant forest with a river but definitely preferable to driving between the two points. That said, there isn't that much between the Falls and the Lake, so don't expect any spectacular views along the way. Both the Falls and the Lake are definitely worth a visit though!

6 months ago

Easy hike down, and then straight back up for return trip. The trail can get crowded, but overall it's worth it as the falls are beautiful!

Very fun and easy trail! Wet and muddy, so be careful.

8 months ago

Beautiful wildflower fields and views of Mount Rainier. The trail goes by the road in a few spots and comes close to the visitor center which can get very busy.

closer to moderate than easy. some parts are quite steep, although the whole way is paved.

8 months ago

We went on a rainy, wet day, but the trail was still in great shape and easily walkable with proper footwear and rain gear. The views are beautiful and was a nice quick hike, with extensions to the reflection lake and the wonderland trail.

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