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has a little bit of everything. i love this trail

One of my favorite hiking places in Central Florida. So much to see out there. In the summer, you can graze on fox grapes, blackberries, high Bush blueberries and sparkle berries along the trails. Often see turkey, wild pigs, deer, bald eagles, and more on some of the less travelled trails. My daily hikes out there helped me lose 60 lbs in 6 months!

21 days ago

I love this trail! Feels like a little bit of South Carolina in the middle of Florida. I wish it was a bit longer trail, but it's perfect for a morning hike and easy to access.

great trail, beautiful wildlife and scenery; beware of ticks in tick season. they're rampant.

In my opinion, this is the prettiest park for hiking in Central Florida. there are many trials, and you can pick trails that give you the distance you would like to hike. There's a lot of wildlife around and the views of the Econ River are sometimes stunning. During the summer, some of the trails can become flooded, restricting the amount of hiking you can do.

26 days ago

Great place to hike in and camp, lots of great sites and trees down to find for firewood, but none blocking the trails, very sandy and all natural trails. Sunset was fantastic with wildlife, lots of birds, some gators heard at night, but not seen in day. Folllows along the river most of the trails I've travelled, so very beautiful scenery. Very peaceful and quiet once away from the road sounds, which doesnt take long. No unsavory characters encountered on my trips, 5 so far. My only issue is the bridge to the flagler loop has been down since last year, still not yet fixed at my last trip in March, otherwise it's 5 stars. No facilities at the Barr Street trailhead, not sure about the other. Looking forward to coming again soon.

Great trail, sandy but well shaded. There is a portion of the trail that runs along the power lines. Overall it was great.

Hurricane Irma took its toll. The Flagler bridge is closed and the canopy is not quite what it was. The footing is much sandier. But then nature is what it is and being out in it is always a joy.

Hiked a little over 5 miles and spotted a deer, cute brown bunny with a white tail, a fat snake, a salamander, froggies, a beautiful woodpecker, and something that looked like a cross between a deer and a fox.

Loved this!!! Lots of water yesterday. I definitely want to return with my bike when it dries out some. On the snake train I was knee deep.... there was no other way except turning around. I watched two people come through it before I did.

1 month ago

Great hike! Wear waterproof shoes for the foreseeable future because a few areas were tough to pass without getting wet. We hiked from Barr to the bridge and it was a hot day but stayed shaded and not too hot.

mountain biking
2 months ago

It’s beautiful here! The trails are amazing.

trail running
2 months ago

Did a quick 5k down the trail in mid-day, very shady, green, but since it has been raining a lot lately, many puddles along the way!

Love love love!

2 months ago

The good - Just got back from a 6 mile hike through the Ravines trail. Always good to get out and walk around. The weather was hot and muggy. Bugs weren't bad at all and that was surprising considering all of the rain we've had. It's a good hike with varying terrain but still relatively easy to do. I saw a deer a turtle and various birds.

The trails are wide and open. Unless you're comfortable in the woods and familiar with the trails and direction, don't rely too heavily on the map you get from this site. There's a reason it says "this map is not for navigational purposes" on it.

The bad - I came home with 4 ticks on me. I had on long pants, knee high socks, long sleeve shirt, a hat and a ton of deep woods off, which I saturated my boots, socks, and pants legs with. I think the ticks actually like the stuff. Anyway, this is the south. If you spend any amount of time in the woods...you will get a tick. You've been warned.

Beautiful. We went on a Thursday morning and saw maybe 20 other people. This will be part of our St Augustine trip from now in!

paddle sports
3 months ago

I kayak this creek regularly. There is private paid boat access on the north side and public free boat access on the south side. Both are good. It is very quiet and peaceful, once you get away from Route 13 and the bridge. Good place to see some birds, turtles and an occasional alligator. This creek is well maintained and was cleared soon after Hurricane Irma. Once you go under the low bridge for Route 16A it gets trickier. It becomes difficult to identify where you can get through because there are many downed trees and blockages. But that is part of the adventure!

I went out thinking there might be a trail that is along the water but I believe there is only a canoe trail. Sad day of no hiking.

It's a great trail. Maintained and marked. it's a loop that breaks up into 2 different loops. They both return you back to camp. You can camp out if desired. Great scenery and not heavily trafficked.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Raced the GS360 - it was a hard course but a lot of drop-in, dips and table tops. For the amount of climbing it was flowing and fun. But! Not mtb tandem friendly though, drops are too tigh and some high center potential everywhere.

raced the GS360 and it was a hard course but a lot of drop-in, dips and table tops. For the amount of climbing it was flowing and fun. Not mtb tandem friendly though, drops are too tigh and some high center potential everywhere.

4 months ago

This is one of my favorite places to hike. There are so many butterflies and other wildlife around. Plus the foliage is beautifully mixed with palms, pines, and oaks that provide the perfect amount of shading and density that it feels like you're in a jungle. Note with all the water that there are spots that get muddy but manageable. I always use bug spray but did not notice an issue with mosquitoes.

4 months ago

Nice beach walk. Heavy people traffic at first but the farther you go the more deserted it gets.

I went hiking here with a friend today and we both loved it so much that we are already planning our next trip back!

If you follow the trails closest to the river, the air is fresh and clean, and everything feels moist and alive! Once you get to the part of the trails that overlooks the river, there are some really great views to be had!

I would rate these trails as moderate, and definitely not for anyone disabled, the very young, or the elderly.

The website says there are about 10 miles of trails, so there's definitely plenty of room to explore if you're hiking, and also a fun amount of trail if you're biking.

The trails wind around and intersect each other a lot, so I would definitely recommend bringing your smart phone and using the AllTrails app or Google Maps. Without those, we would've definitely gotten lost.

For info about where to park, this website explains everything very thoroughly:


Visiting near Jacksonville and Trail app directed me here. Met some hikers finishing up and recommended white/yellow trails. Nice trails meandering in woods/along creek. Easy hike with a mixture of sand and pine floors.
Evidence of horses, nice wide trails. Plenty of room for animals and man
These trails were tucked away and glad I found it on the Trails app

5 months ago

Awesome trail for short or long hikes. I like to find a place and hang a hammock for a few hours then hike back. The river has great swimming holes and sand bars for cooling off.

5 months ago

one of my favorite places in Florida along the Florida Trail

One of my favorite trails in the area. I find it scenic especially near the Black Creek area but also at different times of year as the foliage changes—not so much colors but new growth, falling, etc. almost always see deer

6 months ago

Great trail, marked well, safe neighborhood. Got to see a small alligator in the pond right next to the trailhead.

Nice stroll through the little big Econ, great wildlife, not a busy trail. Had fun

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