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Good for Me and Mase Map

Beautiful hike. Difficult but worth it! Start early park closes gates strictly 5pm

off road driving
3 days ago

easy forest service roads for off roading any AWD or 4x4 can make it through those roads

Perfect to test our skills

It was well kept and not highly trafficked.

7 days ago

Nice trail. Lots of bugs though. Annoying.

I thought I was gonna die! Lol! I am just starting to hike again and this might have been a bit ambitious of me! We were heading to Ontario Peak, but I only make it to Icehouse Saddle. 4.2 miles and 2500 ft elevation gain. This trail kicked my butt! The fall colors were putting on a show and the trail is beautiful, paralleling a stream part of the way. I wish my spaghetti legs had allowed me to head down to if for a photo op, but I was afraid that I wouldn't make it back up to the trail! I will do this hike again, and I will make it to the peak next time!

Easy trail, going up hill at a moderate rate, beautiful fall weather, the leaves are turning brown, gold, and reddish. A beautiful view of the mountains. Light traffic. Took the doggies and they loved it as well.

I love this trail. It is never crowded. The views are most optimal. The switchbacks up Telegraph are gorgeous and the Peak is lovely with a small area between the rocks to grab a bite and look at Mt. Baldy. You can see the green ski hut and just wonder at the Bowl.

trail running
12 days ago

Pretty. Single track. Got a good workout. Lots of bugs thou. Might have been the time of the year.

First hike in twenty years and loved it. Went on Friday around 9:30am. Not crowded, only crossed about 20-25 others during the entire hike. There is quite a bit of rock, gravel and step-ups that make the hike a challenge. A few elevation runs get your heart rate going but there is plenty of room to rest if needed. The scenery is beautiful and peaceful. Legs were burning about half way down with all of the rocks.

Super fun! I lived it

I don’t care for hiking on rocks .. trail is better after the saddle.

Really well-maintained trail, nice variety in pathways, and beautiful views. Go AS EARLY as you can get there to enjoy some sense of solitude and beautiful light along the way.

For runners, a great place to practice decision-making for when to walk up steeps and when to run- and as a bonus, BOMBING downhill fun all the way.

Hiking for 2.5 hours was rough but in the end, the view from the mountaintop was amazing and unforgettable

Great day hike. Beautiful views the trail wasn’t hard at all.

Love this hike! So beautiful with running water throughout the hike :-) Bring hiking poles!

Beautiful, amazing hike. Wish I had brought lunch and extra water bottles.

Did it today, was tough but awesome

1 month ago

I have done all the mission trails. Ok for an afternoon or morning walk

Did this hike in October with fall temperatures. The rating of hard I believe depends on what time of year you go and what the temperature outside is. For us we started at around 9 am and the weather was perfect. On our way back around noon it was definitely hotter and more strenuous. Bring lots of water and snacks. Very well maintained hike! The rock requires you to make a somewhat questionable jump from one rock to another. Once you do it it’s not so bad. You have to lower yourself with your arms and get your footing on the potato chip rock. To get down I slid down the side of the rock. Overall great hike!

This was a great hike.
Only advice is....be in good cardio shape for this hike, or it will kick your butt!

fun hike with plenty of wildlife

nice trail. decent to good workout 4 me. easy 2 follow.

I started all the way at the bottom and found this trail to be difficult and monotonous - not worth the effort. To be fair I didn't go all the way to the peak- I stopped at the children's garden thing, which was pleasant with lots of birds. I'd definitely recommend driving at least part of the way!

Excellent choice for beginners, be prepared with a lot of water, crowded in the morning

if you hike frequently, this hike won't take you a full day. I can go from the Icehouse trailhead to Icehouse saddle In under 2 hours. I've done the Icehouse trail and Chapman loop in 4 and a half hours. great hike though!

Did this hike last Friday and was surprised how vacant it was. Only saw one other person on the trail. Beautiful views of San Gorgonio wilderness. Ended up hitting the trail from the old road which had to offroad about 6 miles to get to the entry. Made it up and back in 3.5 hours. Would definitely recommend.

Did this hike this past Saturday. Like most other reviews you can skip the first mile by driving down the dirt trail in off the 38. We went about halfway and parked by other cars but could have driven in even further. From where we parked round trip was 13 miles according to my Fitbit. We brought our dog (and her backpack) and she did about half the hike on her own. The least favorable aspect of this trail is how rocky the path is. It was hard on my feet so I can only imagine how hard it would have been on my dog if we didn’t have a pack for her to hitch a ride in. Other than that great weather, great views, and now I’m feeling sore but accomplished!

Great avenue for trail runners and hikers itching for a workout with a sip of Lactic Acid (moderate trail not Hard). In the summer of course it will feel hard (little to no shade). I loved the inclines, the switch backs are fun as they have cleverly constructed steps from surrounding rocks (beautifully done), a trail that keeps you guessing what’s next, and the routs are easy to navigate.
Nice rest areas, great scenic views, and surprisingly they have conveniently set out several bathroom areas. No matter if a beginner or avid hardcore runner you can find it here. If only looking for a relaxing picnic with friends and family they have a nice lake, fishing, boats, lots of grass and trees. While they “rest and eat” come with me and we will run up to eat some potato chips @2100ft. (Start from the Lake don’t cheat, take plenty of water, and enjoy Poway!)

on Pyles Peak Trail

1 month ago

Pretty good hiking trail

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