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Nice and short for smaller kids and dogs

I loved this place when few knew about it. Parents allow their kids to be cruel to the animals who have made this park their home, and the staff is nowhere to be found.

Easy and great fun for families!

amazing trail, mellow ascend with an intense ride down with drops and exposure /Ikes Peak!

There are magical places on Earth. This is one of them. Stunning views along the trail, big horn sheep, the Venus rebirthing cave/hot spring, hot pools of water pouring out from the rock face, cold pools of water, the beautiful, clear, and cold Colorado River, waterfalls, the 150 foot long "Sauna Cave," artifacts left over from the building of Hoover Dam, the "emerald cave" with an intricate and colorful, green and white stalactite ceiling, views of the Hoover Dam bridge.

It is said that the Venus cave has healing properties and was used by ancient native americans in a rebirthing ritual. I believe it! The water in the cave is at the same temperature as the human body -- the same temperature you'd feel if you were floating in your mother's womb. The trickling sounds of water in the cave sound like the gurgling sounds in the womb. To get the rebirthing experience, you swim nude a few feet underwater to get to the womb. Inside the cave you float on your back and empty your mind. Focus on your breathing, or the gurgling sounds, or the warmth your nude body is enveloped in as you did when you were in the womb. When you are ready, swim back out and you are reborn!

This is my favorite trail in the La Vegas area, by far. Make sure to wear good, grippy shoes, and be prepared to use your upper body on the ropes! Don’t forget plenty of water!

The trailhead is easy to miss as it's basically a pull off area right next to the road. The beginning of the trail is well marked and easy to follow. A sign says it's a 1.5 mile in and out trail. I'm not sure where the trail actually ends. It went from wide enough for two people to more and more narrow. Eventually I think we were blazing our own trail. The well defined portion of the trail was long enough that you could still get a nice walk in without having to make your own trail. We walked all the way to the base of the mountain. Despite the lack of defined trail, I would certainly give this trail again.

Loved this trail. Fun boulder scrambling in mid Dec. A fav, for sure. Definitely doable. Hot springs more muddy than expected. Trail depends upon a beautiful scenic view of Lake Mead.

Awesome hike. Did this on Black Friday and it was still pretty warm outside. All of the ropes used to help you go down or up seemed to be in good shape. The view of the river and the dam/bridge is a great backdrop to a lunch break.

2 months ago

beautiful waterfall at the end. very hard to find the entrance. We have done this two years in a row and its one of our fav spots. We spent the whole day down there. There was no waterfall this year, but still a pool and gorgeous scenery. We did this with two kids, ages 5 and 7. They did great.

2 months ago

Was easy and everything I expected. I would just not make the mistake at going at 11am. I caught that high noon sun and it was brutal. I would definitely recommend going in the early morning.

This trail is well worth the work. Make sure to bring plenty of water though!

2 months ago

Easy out and back trail or you can start to the right and hike the loop trail to it.

Close to Vegas, easy in and out. Only challenge is the heat.

don't go in summer, i went in the middle of july at night and i damn near passed out from the heat. its a very fun hike with a lot of climbing involved do be prepared for it, bring way more water than you usually would need and be ready for wet shoes.

Lots of furry friends along trail, esp rabbits. Beautiful neighborhood.
First part steep, then steady.
Will return.

Awesome hike! After reaching the hot springs, walk maybe another half mile to reach the Colorado River! It is very cool.

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery and such a refreshing hike!!

Great beginner hike. Beautiful scenery

nature trips
4 months ago

I've been three times so far very impressed with this hike nice waterfall nice Trail took beautiful pictures of Nature and water and I got to pet multiple dogs that come to the waterfall to cool off

very fun

Nothing to not like about this trail. Postcard beautiful.

Love this trail! The cool crisp Colorado river waiting for you at the bottom is such a perfect reward!!!

4 months ago

Great hike with the kids! Dog loved swimming and playing too.

Very clearly defined trail, although the entrance wasn’t all that well marked

4 months ago

One of my favorite trails to hike in the area. It's easy, stress free, and absolutely beautiful. I've seen burros, snakes (non venomous), lizards, hawks, caterpillars, rabbits, etc. When the spring is full, it's a great place for dogs and kids to splash around. When it isn't, it's a great place to just sit and relax.

Great hike and I loved there was a “waterfall”. Today’s weather was a perfect 80 degrees. Nice to be back home. Vegas Strong

4 months ago

Super easy trail. Fun if you want to bring the little ones.

4 months ago

Super easy hike for all skill levels. We took the dogs and they enjoyed climbing the rocky steps. There was a small trickle water fall this morning. Beautiful views of wild flowers and lots of shady spots to hang out

Great little hike. Dog friendly. You will find some water at the end of the trail. Sometimes there is a waterfall!!!

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