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Lovely little winter walk

Hiked 1-5-19. Loved the hike. The stream side trail crosses the stream several times on the way up to the falls, which are beautiful. At the time I hiked, there were several downed trees blocking the trail, requiring some scrambling around and over to continue to the falls. The loop continued on the woodland trail through the forest, with one small overlook, and ending at a 35' high stone furnace from the early to mid 1800's. Not a difficult trail at all. I'm a beginner and I'd call it easy. Very nice trail to visit! Will visit again

5 miles, maps need arrows from blue to gold. I hate nature after this. no benches for our older bones. some nice vistas lots of water to go around. kinda sucked for me

It was an amazing experience, especially in the winter time!

Beautiful day for a hike. Be aware, if there has been any snow in the area in the past 3 weeks, you may want to call the park and ask for road conditions in the park. Over 4000 ft. the road was a sheet of ice. Had to walk a little extra, but well worth it. Little windy... Can't wait to go back. As someone else has said, there is a 5 dollar fee to park for VA residents and 7 for out of state. Any day is a great day for photography.

Hiked this in December, took the counterclockwise route as suggested. There were 10-12 stream crossings that were very challenging. A few of them can be navigated just staying on dry portions of rock, but most had rocks that were just too far apart to take a step. Solutions include bushwacking off the trail to find a better spot to cross, shimmying across fallen logs, or just take off your shoes and trudging through the ice cold water.

Aside from the initial stream crossings, the hike is not very challenging beyond Devil's Bathtub. There is a sign saying something like "Warning: next 5 miles very strenuous and rugged", but it was a relatively easy walk through the woods compared to the first part of the trail. First 2-3 miles took 3 hours, remaining 5 miles took 2.5 hours.

Overall it was a lot of fun; navigating the stream crossings added an element of challenge and decision-making.

Made for a perfect afternoon for my 8-year-old son and me. The 1.2 mile ascent was the workout; the rock scramble was the playground. As most trails in the area were washed out amidst this record rainfall, it was a sweet relief that this well-maintained trail was completely navigable. This hike was a true highlight on our four-day trip to the Natural Bridge area.

19 days ago

This hike is a HIDDEN GEM. Everyone in the area is sucked into the mainstream cascades hike leaving this hike always so lightly trafficked. 100% if you plan on going to cascades and it is packed, TURN AROUND and come here. The hike is certainly harder then cascades and at times, due to the uphill climb this hike offers, I would say it can be hard for some people and would NOT recommend older folks with mobility issues to try this hike. Also let it be known YOU DON'T NEED TO DO ALL 5 miles. We hiked about 2 miles up, saw all the falls and turned around. The elevation climb is intense and there are some points where you need to balance across logs to avoid walking in a deep wide stream, however it is not very difficult and adds some adventure to the hike.

100% check this place out, I prefer it over cascades, but they are both great hikes.

nature trail has nice trees and marsh views

23 days ago

You are greeted by the fact noise of running water from the start which increases as you go up. This is a very beautiful hike which also has couple of small Bridges and the top view of waterfall is magnificent.

Just a heads up there is a big tree down where you have to go over it which would be difficult for some people with knee or leg problems.

Love this trail took a small dog and two friends had a blast

I wouldn’t say this is a moderate trail, but very fun. Definitely have to pay attention to the trail markers. Also, make sure to wear the right shoes. I decided to wear my Nike’s (rookie mistake maybe). During an impromptu photo op on a fallen log (at the midway point of the falls), as I was making my way back across the log, I took a 4 foot tumble into the ravine. I saw stars to say the very least. Expect steep inclines, and some climbing over fallen trees and natural rocks. Beautiful scenery (we went a little before Springtime). I would definitely recommend going after a heavy rain, just so you can enjoy the full effect of the falls. Pack something to eat for a day trip - you’ll be pretty hungry by the bottom of the trail. It took my husband, our dog, and me about 6 hours to complete the trail. Our dog was free leashed, me and my husband are mid 20’s and kept a pretty steady pace.

A lot of hunters out with dogs today (December 2018) so I recommend wearing bright colors if you plan on being out during hunting season.

Great hike to the base of the marble yard over three creeks and through the woods. I brought my three kids, ages 8, 11, and 14. We made it to the top of the yard and back in under 4 hours with two long breaks for snack and lunch. This is a tough hike but a good way to get them away from their “screens” for a day for an exciting outdoor adventure. We climbed up and down the Marbleyard and avoided the trail on the side because of mixed reviews I’ve heard. Coming down the Marbleyard is a bit more difficult than going up but still a fun time. We have been to many trails in the area but this is their favorite.

Good short walk

Very unique hike! The rocks can be pretty slippery in spots so wear good shoes. Saw two other people on today’s winter hike. We completed it just under 3.5 hours with a quick lunch.

Nice hike. we stuck to the red trail this time but definitely going back!

2 months ago

Really beautiful, but definitely a difficult/moderate trail. Many really steep places, and I was there after an ice storm in the fall, so really slippery in places. Changes from old forest road to really narrow jungley places. There is not trail called Mill Creek loop, it’s several trails. I went counterclockwise and did Butternut/weezer, left on Afterthought, right on Piney Road, left on Catwalk, right on Waterfall Trail back to the parking lot, and that stayed on the loop advertised here I believe. Not a trail blaze to be seen, but trails were relatively easy to follow, even if they got dense and brushy. Definitely would visit again!!

2 months ago

Great hike for first timers, takes some navigating but is easy to figure out. Highly recommended!

Nice open trail. Trail (road) winds thru an old rice field. Road was in good condition with some mud but easy to get around. Quiet space, with some views of the N Santee River. If you go, take the fourth right to take you back to beginning. Otherwise, you will have to navigate about 500 yards of highway 17N with hardly any shoulder. Good exercise. Would do it again.

Love the hike up to the top and the view was magnificent!!!

Love this hike, it’s waterfall after waterfall. Just Beautiful!

An ABSOLUTE MUST. Awesome trail, and a lot of fun! If you don't hike the loop there's a side trail to the right (when looking up) you can walk back down, it's extremely steep though. The view is well-worth it. Bring lots of water, and a couple snacks. This is a day hike if you're planning to climb to the top.

Love the trail. It’s a great place to explore. It’s shaded and cool for hot summer days. The first big waterfall can be used as a water slide! It’s right before the boardwalks, and at the bottom there’s a big pool with a steep climb back up to the trail. It may look like there are sharp rocks in this waterfall but it’s pretty safe and smooth!

This trail is awesome! And the view from the marble yard is insane! But be warned it is extremely strenuous, I honestly have no idea how people bring children on this trail. The trail is very rocky and at times extremely steep. Not easy on the knees, but if you can take it, the views are totally worth it.

2 months ago

Very nice trail!! the scene when you got to the top was amazing! would do it again!

2 months ago

Nice- shady, and sandy, trail with old live oaks.

2 months ago

Trail was better than decent but also nothing exceptional. Nice mix of woods and meadows. The trail crosses several small creeks and parallels a small river for about .5 miles. Fine for families. My 9 year old and 5 year old knocked it out with no problems. One review mentions that the entire loop is closer to 4 miles and while I didn’t measure, I suspect that’s true. There definitely isn’t a summit. Name is a bit of a misnomer. Enjoyed it. Nice hike on a fall morning.

the best marked and maintained trail we have been on in a long time

This trail was amazing, and the rock scramble was a blast! It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, but it’s no walk in the park. The trail hugs the side of the rock scramble tightly and is pretty narrow and steep with lots of loose rocks. I will definitely be taking more trips out that way to spend more time. The scenery was beautiful.

I didn’t believe places like such existed! I only thought they were in movies! One of the most beautiful place I’ve been! Walk out into that marsh! Walk that boardwalk! Take your kids there! Just stand, be quiet and enjoy it! Go see Atlaya Castle too! If you look it up it says Pawlys Island but it’s in HBSP! There is also kayaking offered at the RS! Look me up to pics of Atlaya!!!

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