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Wonderful escape from the city and it's so close! I ran the blue trail today and found it well marked and so beautiful! Will do again.

1 month ago

Nice hike on a sunny winter's day. Be sure to cover the low falls trail on your way back. Nice views of snowy mountains on clear days.

Lots of variety in terrain. Beautiful forest and a good workout especially if you go to the Helms hut.

Good for kids, even little ones. Took my 6 and 3 year olds and they enjoyed it.

Did this trail 1/13. Going to write a brief description how to get there because I got lost my first attempt. Start at the west canyon trail parking lot. once you enter the start of the trail walk for about 5 minutes and you'll see the sign for viewpoint trail on the left, this is the trail you want to get on. you'll go up a series of switchbacks past a waterfall. the trail will get flat and you'll have to cross across the upper part of the waterfall. Warning this section can get hard to cross if its been raining. you'll then keep walking and see a sign for Evans peak on your right. This is the start of this trail and it is VERY difficult. it will be a straight up climb and you'll pass over a lot of loose rock and soil. make sure you have the next marker in sight before moving on as some of them were hard to spot (mainly Orange, pink and some yellow markers). You'll pass a second waterfall halfway up this point then reach a flat plateau with a beautiful view of a third waterfall. there is snow after this point as of right now. overall very rewarding hike but be prepared as the decent back down is very difficult because of the steep incline and your legs will feel like jello. good hiking!

3 months ago

Great walk on a cold wet day.

3 months ago

December 3, snow after about half way up and in the clouds from about two thirds... Better left for the drier months

on Alouette Lake Trail

3 months ago

Great for a trail run!

4 months ago

Gorgeous and easy hike, big reward for minimal effort

Wife and I did it with a 2.5 year old today. Awesome little hike. some delapitaded boardwalks but that just added to the hike. glad to see it hasn't gotten the "4 foot wide gravel upgrade" I've heard of so many other trails going.
Son really liked it. lots of mushrooms and tree fungus to check out. old growth stumps galore. lots of exposed root scrambles. good hike all around. took us 2 hours of slow meandering stop and looking.

Beautiful hike, or better said a nice walk trough the forest...amazing views and was extremely nice right after the rain fall when the forest it's at its finest!

Easy little trek around a small lake. Only a few people there when we went on a Saturday morning in October, but it is apparently busy in the summer. The roots all over the trail are incredible! We've nicknamed this one "Groot Trail". Not suitable for strollers/bikes/wheels.

excellent trail five star for sure

on Evans Peak Trail

6 months ago

Steep but well marked and maintained trail. Rewarding view at the end. A couple minor scrambles to get to the final knob.

6 months ago

6 months ago

Relentless climb and very technical, but great views at the top. No water on course, make sure you have enough.

Fun times! Wish the lake was more visible tho.

Very impressive waterfalls, bring your swimwear there's a natural pool!

6 months ago

Nice trail for a stroller or run!

A great trail, especially go with kids. Beautiful, safe and easy.

The trail follows right next to the road much of the way. At times it feels like you're hiking on the soft shoulder and the sound of traffic reverberates over the trail which is unfortunate. The trail leads you to the overcrowded day area by Alouette Lake. We walked a little further and found a secluded beach area, luckily. On the way back we did the Loop and Lookout trails which were uninspiring. Our hike was about 18km total (4.5 hours including a lunch break at the lake). I would not do this hike again.

A great trail to hike - very few people in the morning (we saw 1 person total). It was hard to find the trailhead from the parking lots, but you can park at either the campground day area lot 1 (hike back up to the road) or begin at the Spirea Nature Loop parking lot.

Lots of old redwood stumps to see and a few surprises from the distant past. Some large cast iron pieces from old logging equipment can be found along the west leg of the trail. The optional hike (400m more) to the lookout was worth it for a place to sit, but the view is mostly blocked by trees. No real 'view point' on this hike.

Saw only one other person. A bit cloudy at the top, but the weather was nice and cool while hiking. The incline trail to start is pretty brutal but otherwise mellow. Heads up is great advice for trail markers. Cob webs and bugs were pretty bad.

7 months ago

first time on this trail today, was fun. It's reasonably well groomed for 90% of it until the split for the lower falls trail. The bulk of the elevation starts at that point with loose gravel and uneven terrain. I'd suggest proper footwear. My Merrell Moab shoes felt a bit inadequate both ankle support wise and sole hardness wise. I'd say easy up to the fork and then lightly moderate perhaps.

Well maintained trail. Easy. Falls are pretty. More of a walk than a hike.

7 months ago

Probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite. It has 360° views and it's really worth an overnight trip so you'll have longer to take that beauty in! This one is a must!!!

7 months ago

Did it in one day. 5 hours up, 4 hours down. It was a grind but so worth it. The summit is very reachable with hiking boots and poles, however there is a couple scrambles, nothing too exposed. Highly recommend!

We did this with our dog on 29th July. It took us 3.5 hours to get to the top, pretty much non stop. Just over 3 hours to get down.

We didn't use a gps, we found the trail was marked fairly well. Keep your head up and you will see them. The trail is varied - some loose rocky areas, tree roots, steep areas, also some fairly flat logging paths. There is definitely a lot of uphill, but it's not all steep. There was snow on the way to the top, but not enough to cause a problem.

Not a well travelled trail - we saw a total of 11 people in 7.5 hours.

In my opinion, the view from the top is outstanding. 360 panoramic and breathtaking. Given, we were there on a clear, sunny day. No doubt for me that it is well worth the hike. We had the top to ourselves for the 40 mins we spent there. A big change from the other, more well known hikes.

Bugs, but not terrible. (I did have bug spray on). Rough on knees on the way down. We got to the trail head at 9.30am and there was no problem with parking.

Amazing view. Make sure you are in shape, difficult last 2km and then the decent felt long.

Great, easy "hike". Easy yet long enough to get your cardio going. And it's super beautiful!!!

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