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Gold Beach - Caves Map

This trail is best to hike after a heavy ran to see the waterfall in full swing. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Some of the most beautiful redwoods I've seen, no noise pollution, cool fungi, and beautiful ferns.

10 days ago

Stunning! Nice hike... without over doing. The tree is magnificent. Something very magical about being surrounded by so many old redwoods... so much greenery. We don’t see this sort of thing on the east coast. Highly recommend! We’ve hiked 6 days straight and this is my 2nd favorite trail.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail!

I live across the street from this beach, as my go to beach. Beautiful waterfall and special natural areas and views that are separate preserves. I've lived this beach, that's why I bought here.

I loooove this place, it's one that's across the street from me and one of my favorites. This is the one spot I take my friends and family here that visit.

14 days ago

Definitely the best trail we hiked all week. Started early in the morning for our first hike through the redwoods. We were the only people on the trail until our return so it was very peaceful hike no outside sounds just the forest . I felt very humbled and blessed to walk among these majestic trees.

Definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been! Definitely worth it, take the time to explore the area really well. You won’t regret it.

A beautiful hike with varying grades. The loop at Indian Sands is a gorgeous half way point. Enjoyed it very much!!

21 days ago

the hike was nice and short with pretty views and it's far from town which makes it more peaceful. signage around the trails we're vague and a little confusing when you get towards the end but easy enough

27 days ago

started at the walking bridge at Jedidiah Smith state park, and disnt know where it exactly ended? we could hear the highway and we had our dogs so wasnt quite sure we wanted to walk the busy hwy with the dogs. otherwise a beautiful trail, scenery and hike

We hiked this trail on Thanksgiving Day. It's an easy to moderate hike, with beautiful, striking scenery. It took us just about three hours, with quite a bit of picture taking on the way in, and a pretty good pace coming out.

1 month ago

Awesome trail!!!!
maybe bring a bear bell, on the way back out saw a black bear coming at us on the trail.
But all of it is beautiful, even the bear

on Hiouchi Trail

2 months ago

Good trail. Exposed roots in sections, but otherwise well maintained. Nice views of the river along the way. Very peaceful once you leave the road. Saw schools of salmon in the river below.

beautiful trail, immerses you right in the middle of the Redwood forest. Lots of roots on the trail, but I highly recommend this trail!

Lots of dead trees on the switchbacks.. would not recommend this trail on a super windy day.

2 months ago

Absolutely stunning trail...don't miss this one! The forest here was not dense, so the Redwoods clearly are the star. Really stunning. My heart is longing to go back. Like the other reviews, this moderate trail was on the easy side. It shows 875 ft elevation gain but I didn’t really feel it as it was gradual. Stunning!

steep trek after the warning sign, but the views are well worth it.

2 months ago

Truly an awesome and invigorating hike! My favorite in the redwoods. The trailhead is very hard to find (see photo). It’s right before the bridge tucked slightly back from the road. This out and back trail took us around 1h30 to complete. Majestic redwoods ending in a scenic view of the riverbed. Not one to miss!

2 months ago

Did this hike a couple of weekends ago. It was pretty secluded which was nice you get down the mountain and to the coast. Beautiful views from down there. If you keep going along the trail, you can get down to the beach with the aid of a rope. If you keep walking, you'll get to Myers Creek Beach. I did this hike back on Labor Day weekend as well but didn't go all the way down to the beach.

Short hike/walk, all up hill, to see the gorgeous beach view from the top. This is on the Harris Beach Trail.

3 months ago

Stunning and indescribable are the incredible old growth redwoods on this trail. Initially we wondered why this trail was labeled "moderate" instead of "easy". but, after a few miles of walking over rain forest type roots along the trail, your tootsies get quite a workout! It is a challenge photographing a redwood so it is good to hike with someone to add scale to your photos. I dream of going back again soon!

3 months ago

Great trail. This is the kind where you feel you got a whole day out of a trail, as we sent 5 hours hiking, photos, and exploring little outcrops. At just over 5 miles if continue past the BS tree and search of that little extra before turning back. Plenty of elevation change plus only came across maybe 30 other people the entire time.

3 months ago

Keep an eye out for the second marker post, it’s easy to miss and you end up going a little downhill to an overlook. There are some ridges to climb out on beside Secret Beach and plenty of places to explore and get different vantage points. This area reminds me a lot of Big Sur but with more trails to explore from.

4 months ago

I need to find out why this trail is called the Boy Scout Trail.

This is a fantastic easy trail in the Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest.
The trailhead is located on the Howland Hill road. The easiest way to locate this road is to locate the Elk Valley Casino on your navigation system. It is on Howland Hill about 1/2 mile from the entrance to the park. Howland Hill starts out as a 2 lane asphalt road and narrows to a one lane asphalt road. At the entrance to the forest, the road turns to gravel. As many have mentioned, it is gravel and weaves between massive trees. There are many pull outs to pass oncoming cars but DO NOT get in a hurry. From the Jediadiah Smith Forest sign to the trailhead is exactly 2.5 miles. It is well marked and the first trail head with many parking areas

The trail rises 480 feet as you wind thru a grove of massive trees. Several trees are pushing 12 feet or better in diameter. Take time and note the small trees growing on top of old ancients that have fallen. Note several trees with lightning damage. The area is lush with fern, some standing 6 feet tall. Notethe moss handing from many trees. Note the different colors and textures in the bark. The grey ones are oldest. You absolutely cannot understand the majesty of redwoods without getting back in the woods with them. They will humble you. Many of this grove stood when Christ walked the earth. Just imagine.

The trail drops over the rise down to a small waterfall. It is running but not much but has a wonderful little sound echoing thru the woods. Stop, sit down, listen and reflect what is about you. You then will climb back up 480 feet to cross the rise. So the actual elevation change for the trail is 960 feet. But it is very easy. It all dirt with some root exposures.

The trail is 5.7 miles long and took us hours just because we took time to absorb the experience.

Great hike all the way to the coast. Saw several seal loins in the surf. Watch out for some poison oak near the trail.

4 months ago

Foggy on the way down. Back up is a bit got me working, but the views are spectacular.

Beautiful hike and one of our favorites! The drive to it was a bit dicey in a big truck. Great trees!

This was definitely our favorite hike in the Redwoods. It’s rated moderate but was actually pretty easy. There are lots of roots on the trail though, so wear good shoes. The trees are MASSIVE and Boy Scout Tree is just remarkable. The drive in is gorgeous too as you get huge redwoods right next to the road.

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