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Very pretty trails. Very well marked

Absolutely beautiful views!

Here for the Cayuga 50 with lots of great people. Beautiful area.

Love it here. Great hiking for dogs, even a separate swimming section for them in the large falls swimming area. Busy but not so crazy busy that it’s unenjoyable. Apparently you are not supposed to swim in any other area than the large designated area but we did and so were a lot of other people. It was super fun. Just be aware that you can be fined for it as we were told by a policewoman on the way out.

We liked this hike just fine. It does have several points where you are just walking along a road or through parking lots, which isn’t ideal when looking for a good nature experience. There’s lots of water features and a lot of fun places for kids. The biggest drawback is probably the number of other people on the same hike and in the same area.

Great trail for families. I'd hike it again!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with a good dispersement of terrain and a nice lookout with a picnic bench for lunch. Would do again!

Best maintained trail i've been on in a while. A little touristy and as it got later in the day it got more crowded, but not too terrible. A really great day hike & I'd highly reccomend.

For some reason I thought I had entered the trail based off of the signs, and previous photos but based on the map I was to the left of it. Not sure if it was the trail or if I made a wrong turn, but my recommendation would be to check on the app to ensure you’re on the right path. Other than that, it was overall a nice 5 mile hike.

1 month ago

Did this trail 6-24-18. Was muddy but maintained. Great work out. Is close to 10 miles, not 8.

We started on Michigan Hollow Road, where there is a nice parking area. The trail was very diverse with varied terrain and plant life. You will hike both the valley floor and the hilltops. We went the day after a heavy rain and it was muddy in some spots, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We saw no other people on the entire trail. I do agree with other reviews in that the trail is more like 10 miles. There was really only one section- a pretty steep hill about 6.5 miles in- that I found difficult. Our dog loved this trail, but if you take yours make sure to check for ticks afterwards as ours had several.

on Abbott Loop Trail

1 month ago

Great trail, as another reviewer mentioned the loop in total clocked in at just over 10 miles when measured on a GPS while on this website it says 7.9 miles, I personally have a Garmin and it's been reliable so far so I'm not sure why there's a difference between the two. Took about 4 hours to complete.

Found a list of amazing parks in the US. Watkins Glen was on that..which spurred our trip to the Ithaca area. we then found several other great trails including this one. It is definitely moderate hike on both the Gorge side and Rim Trial. The elevation change is 450ft and it goes up pretty rapidly. There are a lot of stairs on the Gorge side and the Rim trail and pretty steep headed up or down. We did the Gorge trail past Pinnacle rock to the road and down the Rim trail. We would have done the whole trek if we had more time.

overall great and beautiful park and waterfalls.

Beautiful waterfalls on the Gorge trail turn into a quiet and peaceful forest on the Bear trail. You can then continue around a serene lake and back to the Gorge or Rim trail. Awesome hike!

2 months ago

It's a nice quiet hike -- only saw one other couple the entire day, didn't even hear any road noise. DO bring your water and snacks though bc there are some nice places to plop down for a little pic-a-nic and it's a little longer than most of the more trafficked trails in the area. Lots of tree cover for the entire hike, which is nice for the fair skinned among us. Bring the dogs! ...and I wouldn't tell you to let 'em off leash, but boy oh boy they'd love it down in the creek bottom. We did it counterclockwise, but probably nice in either direction. IF'n you run short on time, the "bailout" road (Michigan Hollow Road) is about 35 minutes between the top and bottom of the loop.

My boyfriend had a great time adventuring. No trail that we saw. We kind of just climbed down the falls itself, but it probably wasn't the most safe way. When climbing up took the hillside on the left facing the falls. It was a pretty easy climb. I'd suggest going down that way (to the right of the falls when looking at the road) for a easier, safer route.

Really beautiful and lush trail. Very well marked with red-orange blazes throughout. We really enjoyed trekking during the rain, however about 20% of the trail was very muddy. Be prepared for that and you'll have a terrific time!

Did this trail with some friends last Saturday. We lucked out with a beautiful day! We were on the trail by 9:45am and in the car heading home by 2:30pm. One nice lookout about 45 minutes into the trip with a picnic table for lunch. The rest of the trail is pretty wooded. When you get to the sign at the end of the trail (right before you Jump on the finger lakes trail) go left up the hill and after 15 minutes Of walking your out

Was on my NY trail “bucket list” for awhile, went today and loved it.

3 months ago

Walked this Trail a lot to the halfway point. Last Tuesday 4/24/2018 I walked the whole trail. Saw a couple of bikers and some walkers on the Cass Park side and some runners at Stewart Park. All in all it’s a quiet, pretty stretch to get some exercise and take in the outdoors!

Hey everyone, doing this trail with some friends this weekend. What’s the easiest way to access it and how long is the trail total? I’ve read that we need to walk the FLT for 2 miles to get in so would that be 2 miles in/2 miles out, on top of the 8 mile loop?

Thanks in advance. See you on the trail!

This is a very popular and scenic falls with a large swimming area at the base of the falls.

3 months ago

This is one of my favorite gorges to hike. The only downside (as someone who likes hiking in peace) is that this location is a popular family spot in the summer time. It's absolutely gorgeous though!

The gorge trail is closed for the winter months.

4 months ago

Pretty muddy this time of year, there were times it felt more like a swim than a hike! But that just added to the adventure of this otherwise moderate hike. Nice view of Fall Creek at some spots. Avoid the edge when up on the ridge--saw a tree fall off the hillside which illustrates the erosion that is continually happening there.

If you start at the opposite end from Buttermilk, the trail is gorgeous and there are very few people.

4 months ago

We hiked this trail on 3/18/18. We were looking for a more challenging hike than our usual trails and road walks and Abbott did not disappoint us. There was still about 8” of snow in most places and it was a beautiful sunny day. Temp when we left was 28o. We’re pretty much newbies and liked the challenge of the stream crossings, a couple were a bit tricky. Good climb to the top of the hill with a rewarding vista. We missed the turn on the FLT, so had a muddy walk back to the car. Have maps on order. All in all a great experience for this 65 yr old couple.

Nice trail with good scenery.

This well-marked trail offers varied terrain that wends through pine forest and along a creek, which must be crossed several times to stay on-trail, a challenge if the stream is running high and you want to keep your feet dry. The climb to the first summit (three plus miles) offers a grand view of the surrounding countryside and a picnic table. A formidable and lengthy hill leading to the last stretch of trail will give legs and lungs a work out. My dog and I covered the trail in about three hours.

I hiked this in winter. The water falls are so beautiful. The trails are perfect. We did the entire 4.6 mile look and stopped halfway at a picnic area to have a snack. If it is this pretty in the winter, I cant wait to come back in the spring. Oh, the rim trail was open, the gorge trail was not (due to ice) but the view we had were still spectacular!

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