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13 hours ago

One of the must do trails in Red Rock!

13 hours ago

One of the must do trails in Red Rock!

15 hours ago

the hike was beautiful and the swimming hole at the end looked like it would be amazing in summer. totally worth it for the scenery itself though. there were quite a few small non biting bugs by the swimming hole though.

1 day ago

Great hike! Bit of up and down on trail...warm on sunny sides. Enjoyed the views. PS: phone stopped recording where service wasn’t available.

Favorite hike in Phoenix so far. But I think I’d call it easy

Couldn’t make it the whole way due to heavy rain. Saw quite a few waterfalls along the way.

great hike, loved the rain and the over cast. clean and quiet

My little beagle loved it and crushed the uphill portions. Carried her downhill because she didn’t want to leave plus the critters during dusk were all out driving her nuts. Went only up to the cable sections about 1.2 miles up. Too difficult with a dog on leash and dogs are not allowed past the saddle.

Gloves with grip and hiking boots/shoes.

Great hike. There are a few spots that definitely require a little patience and safety; otherwise you will be calling an airlift out.
Go on a weekday if possible. Less traffic. There are a lot of spots that only one person can pass at a time.
No dogs past the first guide cables. Don’t be that idiot.

Did this with 2 kiddos no problem, pretty views and fun switchbacks.

Fun hike for the whole family and it was beautiful.

I just hiked this trail in mid-January. It started out kind of flat with not much to look at. Then, the trail began to gain a little elevation, slowly by slowly. As the elevation gained, the scenery just kept getting better and better. After about the first mile or so, the red rocks rose right in front of me as the sound of the water was heard below. There was not another soul in sight as this became one of the most magical hikes I have done in a while. After about 3 1/2 miles I reached the pools that this hike is known for. I did not expect such a stunning sight. I strongly recommend this hike.

5 days ago

We did Pyramid trail and instead of heading back to the parking area we followed to national trail then to the roadway which leads to telegraph trail and ran/walked back from the parking area on dessert foothills to the parking area on east chandler blvd. (approximately 4kms extra). the telegraph trail is quite busy but it offers different scenery rather than just hiking up pyramid and turning around! Pyramid is great, starts easy then has some good switchbacks which offer a decent workout with great scenery and views.

Beautiful trail with many hops over the creek. I did this trail during winter and was a bit icy.

Park at Quarry and begin your route. It is not the best marked but when you start stay along the riverbed and turn toward the red rock. Lots of people to follow and nice hike.
Do not be fooled there are lots of rocks and other items to scamper over and at the top you will have to scamper to the end. The view is cool. Worth the time.

5 days ago

Nice Hike! Lots a boulders different sizes, different ways up and down the trail, you can hear the water fall as your approach the end. Lots of shrubs and tall trees through to help support along with huge boulders to climb.

This was a pretty complete hike. Steep going up and down, some scrambling, 3 point touch at times, and of course use of upper body strength with cables assistance....lots of areas with cables. Yes gloves are essential here! nice views for sunrise. Was very fun and challenging. Would say a little more difficult than Camelback echo canyon.

6 days ago

The hike from the TH is uneventful. Take the time to look around at your surroundings and enjoy the beauty rather than just looking at the boring dirt road you are walking on. My wife and I chose to leave the road and follow a game trail paralleling the road. Felt more like a hike. The destination is amazing and well worth the time spent getting out there.

6 days ago

absolutely gorgeous hike. we saw lots of interesting flora and the absolute quiet in the canyon was so astounding. the trail was so fun to scramble thru up and around. there was a great little water fall at the end of the trail, but the trail itself was more scenic than the endpoint. I would definetly recommend to people who are up for the scramble. I wouldn't recommend for those with young children

It was gorgeous, but definitely not well marked so don't go alone and don't go if you've never hiked in AZ before. The views at the peaks were unbelievable, and even the sides of the mountains are something else. I highly recommend this trail in early spring months.

Great trail with a bunch of scrambling and bouldering. Can be made easier by following side trails but where’s the fun in that?

Definitely worth it to finish the hike by climbing up the small water fall at the end.

7 days ago

The 1st half mile of the "trail" is a paved sidewalk. If you prefer a trail, best to take "Black Rock" trail to a short connector to the 2nd part of "Waterfall" trail. From there a nice hike to the waterfall area. As noted, waterfall only runs after a heavy rain, but there is a small pool of water at the bottom of the falls area.

Definitely have great views throughout the entire hike, Especially at the end. Very easy and relaxing hike.

I'm so sad that this trail is closed. I had some really amazing memories there.

8 days ago

Really neat nature walk (considering it's roughly 0.2 miles one way lol) it's a very interesting cave. Despite it being really short it's a definite must visit as the surrounding area is really interesting as well. Got to see a group setting up the area for a future Toyota commercial so that was also cool.

Good scenery but mostly flat and not challenging

One of the most best hikes we’ve done so far in Arizona. The rock scrambles and cables make for a fun adventure m. Some cable climbs are very steep and difficult to find your footing, but overall very doable for all ages. The climb up the front half of the mountain is gradual. You circle around the back of the mountain, a small decent and than a climb to the very top. The cables are all on the opposite side of the mountain. We were out and back in 2.5 hours and traveled with a 6 month old on our back. Tight and nerve wracking in some spots but was a lot of fun in the end. At the trailhead stick to the right on hunter trail. At the top of the first mountain circle around towards the left towards the cable decent. Fantastic views and wish more trails were like it :)

Trail is moderate, well-marked and took us about 2.5 hours to complete. There were many beautiful views and we saw a Gila Monster halfway along the trail. We went on a Saturday and it was not busy. Maybe passed a dozen or so people the whole time. Want to do this one again!

Hiked on 12/28/19 - windy conditions, temp high 30s, sunny

Make sure to have extra layers if there's wind, it can cut through the canyon and feel quite cool if you're out of the sun. Beautiful view out to Las Vegas at the top (scramble up the rocks to get the best unimpeded view of the strip) and a straightforward hike. Trail is easy to follow and has only moderate climbs. Great trail for anyone of any fitness level, short and sweet with a great view.

10 days ago

Beautiful views from the ground of the rock formations and canyon. The trail end does not have any Wow factor and the views are consistent along the whole trail. We did it in the winter and spring or summer might be more fun with the creek crossings and blooming wildlife. I would recommend this trail as a sight seeing activity rather than a trail hike. Good to go in 1 mile and out or for an easy day walk.

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