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Hiked it in sections on the weekends. It took 8.5 days, 2 3-day trips, 1 2 day trip and a half day to Cajon Pass from the 138. The highlight was seeing a bear just before we dropped down to White Water Preserve. Water is scarce on the North side of Big Bear Lake. We did a water drop at our half way point. It was sad to see Deep Creek so full of trash and graffiti.

Not sure if this is the right forum for this or not but I'm curious about water supply. I'm going to be hiking the first 70ish miles of section C (getting off in Big Bear) in late October. Any tips on how much to bring at first?

High level of difficulty. Good water sources for the first half, but farther apart in the end. Record heat this year. Amazing views!

4 months ago

Beautiful trail, especially after you pass the the water flow area following the first climb out. There were surprises every turn. Lots of wild flowers blooming everywhere.

Completed small section from Humbug Summit Rd to Humboldt Peak. Beautiful views and clear trail.

Did an out and back of 17 miles (to Owens Peak saddle). Loved the views and space, really recommend the walk. Was planning to try the saddle up the peak but the rain came and my tired legs voted to turn around instead!

I have spent time on several sections of the pct the section between Kennedy meadows campground and mt. Whitney is absolutely beautiful.

Hard trail 3 uphills trails are well maintained. El cajon mountain would definitely be harder than this one

Just backpacked the entire Section from April 13 through April 23, 2018. Incredible trail; so much variety! It’s important while backpacking to always be aware of the most updated water reports.

3/31/18 Did Warner Springs to Tule Truck Trail over Easter Weekend. don't start at the trailhead on the Southside, is basically just flat pasture. Go around the corner and start from the north side of the 79 near Glider Airport.

skip the water at Mile 119 if you can. it's doable but the worst water I the section. Don't park at Tule Truck Trail unless you have a 4x4. we drove sedans and it was pretty tricky in and out I wouldn't do it again.

the trail is fantastic, highly recommend

I had a great time. The trail was in good shape, the people were nice, & the weather was a little cold (17deg & snow). This is what you get at 7000 feet in February.
The only problem I had with water, was when it froze. I never ran short.
I did get "turned around" for 15 minutes in a snow "whiteout" just before Warner Springs.

hiked nb from lake morena to scissors crossing. mt laguna is very beautiful with views of the dessrt for miles.

hiked SB from the 8 to the border. it's a nice taste of what southern cali land has to offer to the eyes

This is one of my backyard trails. There's wind, some Poison Oak, some reliable water sources, excellent trail angels, and a few water caches that are well maintained. Check the water report at pctwater.net for the most up-to-date information. See you on trail.

The longest water carries on the Pacific Crest Trail are on this section. Make sure to check the water report at pctwater.com for the most current information and never rely on water caches! See you on trail.

I did a small portion of this section from Scissors Crossing(MP72?) for about 6 miles and then back on same trail to my vehicule. Very nice trail with views on the mountains and valley. Expecting to do another portion in few days..wow

I love the freedom of the woods

We did an out and back to the Maiden Peak Shelter today. 13 miles round trip. Trail is mixed clear, ice, and packed snow. We used our Yak Trax the whole way. It was a beautiful day. No one on the trails. We think someone stayed overnight last night as a fire was still warm in the shelter.

All the reviews say tough up & down but isn’t there also obviously a road since their are towers to maintain. Although I prefer trails to roads, I also prefer running to climbing. Does anyone have info if the road is accessible? Thank You claimthisfind.com

Probably one of the best workouts i ever had. But since its closure i’ve been trying to find something else like it. If anyone knows a different way to get up there, without being ticketed or arrested, or even another trail near by that’s like this one. Please let us know.

Is this trail still closed???

I hiked to Devil's Peak-gorgeous but a lot of ticks!

Hiked for 6 days sobo during early September in 2017. exit at Kennedy Meadow. The water is just OK. The view is good, though not very beautiful... The trail is relatively easy compared to the Sierra part, I like it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The most beautiful view I have seen in my life. Though the trail is like roller coaster and it is a little crowded...Hiked in from late August to early September in 2017. Weather is mild, but I think the biggest trouble is the thunder storm. They were really scaring and I was under it. Snow pack and fording are fine. Though rain jacket is not a must, I am glad to have it with to feel more comfortable during the rains.

Okay so I have been hiking these parts for 15 years, went on this trail 3 years ago before it closed on the JAMUL side. You access it by hiking parallel to the Sweetwater River before the ascent. Then I went again a year ago and they had the closed sign after you go left passing the wood bridge. So I assumed it was closed. Yesterday I was out there planning on staying on the lower trail. But I walked by where they had the first sign, and there was a hole in the ground where it was. So hell yeah I went up! But the signs were all gone yesterday. So I went all the way to the transmitters/radio towers. Its still as beautiful and leg murdering as before. So is the Jamul side reopened to the public?? Or did someone just rip the signs out? I love this trail but cant afford a ticket D;

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Just finished section hiking this section on the weekends! Absolutely gorgeous hike that takes you through the San Jacinto Wilderness. The 20 mile hike down the mountains to the I-10 was the most brutal part of the hike.

This is a great hike! A comfortable pace is 10-15 miles a day for me but I could do 20 if I was determined. Beautiful lakes and views 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile off trail are worth the extra distance. Consistent water access is a plus!

Friday, August 11, 2017

My trial 'USA v. ARNER,' described in my posting below, in which I am striving to beat a "Trespassing' ticket and $280 fine in federal court has been continued at my request until Sept. 29 at 9:30 a.m., at the address noted below. The historic nature of this trail goes back 7,000 years, according to documents contained in the Final Supplemental EIR for the 1,200-acre Salt Creek Ranch housing project, which was published for Chula Vista in 1992. On pages 3-52 and 3-53, the document states that 19 prehistoric archaeological sites had been discovered at the western foot of San Miguel Mountain, about where this hiking trail starts just east of Proctor Valley Road. More than 8,000 artifacts were recovered from those sites, which included quarry sites, lithic scatters, and habitation sites, the study said. It added that "all" the sites appear to be part of a settlement system occupied as early as 7,000 years ago, based on the presence of various "diagnostic artifacts" including "biface tools (points/knives), milling tools, (manos/metates), hammerstones, cores, scraping tools, and faunal remains of shell and bone. Some of the sites had previously been recorded by the County of San Diego Office of Historic Preservation, and federal agencies as important to our understanding of early prehistoric occupation in the county. The 1990 topo map also lists an "Indian Dam" along the side of the Mountain, roughly a mile to the south of the Salt Creek Ranch project. As a hiker for more than 50 years, it seems likely that a settlement of any people that lasted thousands of years at the foot of a mountain, meant that the residents had named the mountain, and regularly hiked to its peak, to hut, to admire the view, and possibly for religious reasons, as well. That's the Pre-historic part of my argument.

Great section with some awesome ridge line walking. Got it class of 2017.

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