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Pretty little hike (narrow trails) to Horseshoe Bar lake, an outlet from Folsom Lake. Nice little spot to take the dogs to play fetch in the water. We respect the horses and always step aside when they come along. Our dogs do not bark at them, they're used to being around these big, beautiful animals. (They go to work with my son, and walk/ruin right along side of them).

This was a pretty easy walk, mostly flat, great views of the river. Not sure if I'll do this one again just because there are a lot of mt bikers and heavy foot traffic. We typically like to hike where there's little foot traffic. We did go down a steep hill so the dogs could play in the river, which was beautiful and refreshing.

long, but beautiful.

road biking
8 days ago

like stated before, there are some homeless people that call the creek home. The trail is clean, you will sometimes see trash. I saw 3 deer in the creek today, and there are plenty of wild turkeys, and wildlife. Parts are under construction, some short uphills and downhills but generally a flat trail depending on if you take some of the side trails.

Certain areas aren’t bad others have a few homeless camps near where the trail is closed.

Nice little place to get your morning started.

I'm 310 lbs and made it around the lake it not easy

go up training hill and down states fir a great run. about half way up training hill you can take pig farm as a shortcut to states if it gets to be too much.

Great trail, love doing this one

I would suggest sticking to the Sierra College side of this trail. My husband and I had already hiked that section, so we decided to start from the other end this time (near downtown Roseville). What I’m sure was a nice area at one point, is now littered with garbage and numerous homeless tents. Felt a little unsafe walking there, certainly wouldn’t do this trail by myself.

Oooops. I went to do an update to identify the trail head start was wrong, only to realize that I was wrong! Sorry. We started the trail from Google's, which is really half-way of the full trail.

So I guess we only did half the trail.... Oh well, just a new members mistake.

Went on this trail with my wife and dog and best friend and his 7 year old daughter. Very easy hike. We took our time on the way in, admiring the views of the lake and it took us close to an hour to get to the pond (we really took our time). The pond had TONS of turtles!!! There are picnic benches (quite a bit weathered) to the North side of the pond where we had our lunch. It was Labor Day weekend and pretty hot in direct sun. After we completed our lunch, we continued the hike maybe 25 yards only to find some more picnic tables IN THE SHADE!!!! I WISH someone had written about that. So for those of you looking to have a picnic, go for the tables in the shade (somewhat North East of the pond).

We deviated from the trail and headed down to Folsom Lake (not a trail, but nothing preventing you from walking) and had a GREAT time.

When we returned at a much quicker pace, it took us less than 30 minutes to get back to trail head.

In a nutshell, a super easy fun hike, mostly for non-hikers. You can do this easily in 90 minutes, but if you go to the lake (like we did) you can spend all day there.

By the way, the AllTrails pin on Google is WRONG (as of 9/1/2018). Use Google Maps to find Avery's Trail. Otherwise, you will not be close to the actual trail head.

I’m sorry this was not fun at all. There’s literally poison oak scattered all over the “trail” almost impossible to avoid touching it. Also there’s no clear trailhead, no clear trail, and it’s all slanted/uneven path through sand, i wouldn’t call it a hike. It’s also completely in the sun with no shade offered at all. At one point the trail just disappears and you have to turn back. And it’s $12 to get in and park. Everything is dead and brown, it’s not pretty besides a view of the lake about a half mile away. I will not be going back.

I suggest going early before the crowds & the heat. I took my senior mom my teenage daughter and our poodle, it is definitely a trail for the whole family.

Great trail in the spring and fall

Great hiking trail!

went to the parking lot that said Red Shack Trailhead. went up the trail, there was a homeless person living just about 2 minutes into the path. continued a little bit further and the path ended, went back started again at what seemed could be a trail only to have it stop after just a very short bit...gave up!

I did this trail twice, once at a fast pace and once at an easy pace. Both times were great and fun. Definitely a must-do if you like the outdoors.

30 days ago

Trail was paved and well maintained. Nice urban trail that winds through the spacious open land between homes. East of the freeway though you’ll see some homeless people and tents ‘hidden’ under some trees. Otherwise very nice! Bout 2.5 hours r/t to walk at good pace.

@Jenniffer, yes those were the falls, next to the small wooden bridge. As I mentioned, it is this time of the season that the falls are running very low on water. We were told by a regular hiker on this trail to come back in winters if we want to see the falls in full swing.

My lifesaver was a local who showed me around the non-paved path. The signing is really bad, but if you follow the river it will help. It is really beautiful though, lots of oak and wildlife, and the sound of the rushing river too. The paved path was a lot busier.

It was very hot today. Can someone tell me if the falls are where the little wooden bridge is? We walked past that and went for a very long hike. We didn't see any falls other than that very small creek. The trail is nice though and lots of people were out. The river below is nice.

Did this today, it was damn hot and too dry. Trail was good though and the falls are running very low at this time of the season. If you go to the river below you can spend some quality time in water but there is no shade around water. We’ll return to this trail in winters again and hope to see the waterfall in it’s full swing.

1 month ago

If I could give this hiking trail a 4.5 / 5 stars I would! It was a lovely hike for sure. Avery’s Pond was a nice sight and I saw many turtles in the pond. You can also then walk down to the shore of the North Fork American River. Just watch out for horse and dog poop because both are allowed on the trail.

This is an easy walk, but you have to deal with cyclists yelling at you for being on any part of the path.

Rocky and only partially shaded, but leads to river access. Lightly trafficked when I visited. Trail starts at a park with bathrooms and you can either stay on the main trail or branch off. I think that is how people get lost. Fun with the right weather!

Park was closed and there is no parking outside of the gate. Not sure why the gate was closed when it wasn’t past park hours. I wouldn’t trust the directions. No easy lake access either. I brought my family with my dad who struggles with diabetes because it said it was an easy walk. Not happy, I would rate this 0 if I could.

1 month ago

Nice short trail. Went in August, waterfall dried up. Over-grown at beginning of trail with star-thistle.

Love this trail! Lots of shade for the dogs. Loved seeing horses pass, as well as runners. Bikers go really fast past you though so be careful! Otherwise I love how there are so many trails to choose from off the normal bike path.

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