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Did the trail with 2 friends 8/15/18. It wasn’t too muddy even with all the recent rain. It gets more challenging as you continue up, but the top is worth it. Very fun day hike. It took us 6 1/2 hours to do just Algonquin.

a family bucket list hike. we started from the loj at 6am and we’re back around 4:30pm. it was a LONG HARD day but so worth it! the views from the top are amazing!

we took three long breaks - at indian falls on the way up and back, and again at the summit. so we probably could have finished faster but the breaks really helped keep everyone from bonking.

the entire family is still sore today (wednesday) and we did the hike sunday!

Absolutely stunning views at the top, even with fog. Hiked it with another girl (we're both mid 20's) took us 8.5 hours total, with about a 45 minute stop at the top and minimal breaks. Definitely tough for the last mile and a half, but so worth it! also my Fitbit said it was closer to 18 miles.

lots of fun worth the work for the views

my 1st high peak, and what a hike it was! I wasn't quite ready for the last mile and a half of rock scrambling but I made it and it was well worth it! Breath taking veiws. Took me longer than most, 12 hours. I took many breaks, I think most people can probably conquer this trail as long as you're in good health and have good endurance! good luck!

Awesome view. Clear day. Tough climb down.

3.5 hrs To climb
3 hrs to comeback.
I had a very good pace.
So expect 8.5 to hike the top.

GREAT hike! We started at 6:30 am and we’re done just before 4. Bring more water than you think you’ll need. We had two 72 oz water backs plus three bottles and drank it all before we were finished. Stop by the creeks on the way down and soak tired feet. It’s a great way to rejuvenate! There’s a $10 parking fee at the LOJ too.

A beautiful hike! We hiked it with a group of 4 and it took us about 8 hours in total. Remember lots of water and sunscreen! The views are amazing. There were lots of dragonflies as well! Perfect place for lunch! Some spots along the trail were steep and challenging but mostly after the fork. We wished we did Iroquois too!

Extremely well marked, gradual incline till the very end, and a very nice 360 degree view at the top. Quite muddy in some spots! Bring lots of water and snacks for this one, becuase it's a long day. Start early! I'm an intermediate hiker and finished this in 10 hours, going from 6 to 4, including breaks. There are some nice rest spots along the way like at Marcy Dam or Indian Falls. If you are a regular hiker and have good stamina, this is a great hike for you!

Mount Sasquatch was a treat. We ran out of candy corn as we reached the peak which was very sad. We met the Sasquatch and he told us in reality he was a yeti. That’s fine. Not as cool. He offered us more candy corn in his white van and we gladly accepted. Great hike for anyone who likes to look at objects, preferably trees or rocks.

The view at the top of the wave was amazing. Hang Ten!! As we got to the top the gravity thinned out and a friend of mine was swept into space. I’m mad because he had the pop tarts. Very fun trip and worth anyone’s while who enjoys sea bass.

Interesting hike, training with a 40 lb pack a couple of weeks go. Rained most of the day, wind on top was gusting at 40 plus with very little visibility; could not see any other mountains. I did Algonquin and then Wright. Wanted to go to Iroquois but thought better of it due to the conditions and possible thunder. Trail is somewhat challenging like most of the 46, lots of large rocks. I did not have poles and recommend them.

Challenging but doable. I love the varied terrain and the view is fantastic.

Amazing views- awesome person to answer questions provided on the summit. Phenomenal experience. Coupled with tabletop and Phelps it was a once in a life time experience. Pay particular attention to your water levels and ankle support is a must

easy going in hard coming out, it can be done in a day but you definatly want to be in shape before you tackle this trail.

I climbed this for the second time with my 2 daughters, age 46, 17, and 15....We began at 6:44 and got back between 4:30 and 5 with about an hour break on top...it has some steep parts but then levels off occasionally to give you a break...the trail is well marked and you don’t really need a map(I never looked at mine)..I did have a print out with trail descriptions that I liked...the view on top are amazing...the top as really steep with lots of rocks to climb up on, I would not recommend this for first time hikers though if you are really out of shape. The trip down was actually harder for me because of my knee starting to hurt. Takes lot of water, you will sweat!

This is a phenomenal hike that has all types of terrain and difficulty. The last mile after the fork that splits to Wright and Algonquin was pretty technical but truly rewarding. We did only Algonquin on this outing. It took us 7 hours with a good pace.

A solid day with solid mountains. Gray has lookouts on a Boulder but plan to spend your time hanging out on Skylight and Marcy, two of the best summits around. Long walk in to the Marcy trail but once you get there it’s not long before you’re taking the herd path to gray, and at that point you’ll summit all 3 in just a couple hours as that point a lot of the leg work is done. The bog on lake Arnold trail with floating logs was atrocious to cross and of course both shoes were soaked. If doing this loop I’d recommend bringing flip flops/Crocs/etc in your pack for this section of the trail. Just take off the boots and switch to sandals. Other than that section of the trail this hike was great.

Great view! Totally worth it.

great hike. stayed at one of the lean tos around marcy dam, so it made the hike a wee bit shorter. other than the length and last half mile of the hike, it's not too crazy. good views up top

The summit of Mount Marcy is breathtaking. The terrain is very rough and a boot with ankle support, that’s waterproof, and cushion is a must.

this trail was amazing. a must do for backpacking or day hike. give it a go. you won't regret it. just be prepared.

Having hiked Marcy multiple times in the past I decided to do Skylight and Gray as an out-and-back, sunset hike from the LOJ via Lake Arnold trail. It had rained heavily the past 3 days so I was a bit concerned about going through the floating bridges area near Feldspar after dark. Yep... I was soaked up past the knee-both times. It may have been due to the recent rainfall but the water level even while on the bridges was deeper than 2.5 feet at times. Easy enough to find your way through it, just know you are going to get wet and (though I didn't use them) trekking poles would probably help.

I was on Gray during sunset and made it to Skylight just before the sun disappeared behind the MacIntyre Range. Sitting on top of Skylight by myself after 9:30pm as the stars came out was a magical experience.

The last 9+ miles back to the LOJ were in darkness. Eerily silent between Feldspar and Lake Arnold- no wind due to the surrounding mountains, no toads, no bugs, no birds, no streams- it was a natural deadzone. I turned off my headlamp at one point just to experience it with all senses and the silence was almost deafening.

I did not see any hikers out on the trails past 7pm (near Lake Arnold and they were descending quickly). Was nice to have what would normally be a busy trail to myself at sunset. It didn't start to rain on me until 1:45 am which was about 15 mins before finishing.

One of my favorite high peaks!

Not a terribly difficult hike, just very long. Bring plenty of water and a rain jacket!

The beginning is not too difficult, but the last like 5 miles to the summit is all uphill and climbing boulders. The way down seems never ending and our feet were absolutely dead by the end. However, although we found it to be very long and I would even say one of the most physically challenging things I’ve ever done, it was absolutely incredible. The views from the top are worth every step to get there and when I got back in the car after the hike was done I felt extremely accomplished and amazing. Would 100% recommend, just make sure you’re prepared (mentally and physically)! We began at around 6 in the morning and it was supposed to rain later in the day but only did for about a half an hour as we neared the top. Otherwise the weather held up nice. I definitely recommended starting early, because with the want to stop and take pictures it will take longer than maybe you’d expect. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Rained pretty hard and windy at summit. Got a little slippery, but other than that trail was not very muddy.

We did it in 6hrs total with two kids (6 and 9) and two dogs. Last third is very challenging. It kicked our butts but were happy to do it.

trail is heavily eroded but awesome views and a good challenge. Would recommend boots but I did in sneakers and in the rain.

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