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beautiful scenery. but be careful, it is very icy right now and very difficult to hike without poles or spikes. I almost fell twice on the way down.

Great trail wouldn’t recommend taking dogs on This trail it get really narrow and especially hard when people are trying to pass up and down the trail. Very pretty and shady. Inclined become more aggressive near the end. Good for older kids. Plan on hiking out with little ones on shoulders or packs

Tough trail if you’re not in shape — uphill the entire first half, and pretty steep. Also, the trail was already coated in ice, which made the going slow toward the top (especially on the way down). Poles or chains recommended. But the view at the top was gorgeous, the lake was so serene — and we had two wild moose sightings (from a safe distance)! Highly recommend, just be prepared.

Very much a tough trail if you are not in shape. The trail is very rocky and hilly but well traveled. Take plenty of water and take plenty of breaks to keep from getting winded.

It was steep but the view was pretty cool once you get there. We backpacked so we hiked at night and woke up to a beautiful fall view. Did it about 1.5 weeks ago

8 days ago

Really cool views. Pretty steep in some spots, but not too bad. Straight forward hike.

I would mirror Julie Kirby’s comments. Great trail for running, beautiful, but way too many people. Also way too much dog crap on the trail.

I wish I had more time at the top. Absolutely peaceful lake and views. Hike was very enjoyable. I want to go back in the fall!

12 days ago

Gréât hike

started at 0745 and the weather was great. cool with an overcast that lasted until we reached the lakes which was acheived at 1000. saw a bull moose in the meadow up top. absolutely enjoyed it and the wonderful scenery. i only had time to hike one trail due to being on a business trip and glad i chose this one.

15 days ago

The most difficult backpacking I’ve ever done. The quicksand type mud is incredibly dangerous and not something that is forgiving. Make sure to do this with experienced and physically fit backpackers as It’s quite easy to get trapped in the quicksand mud and fall forward into chest deep water (that happened to me). It is not an easily trail. Do not take it lightly. I’ve backpacked all over (Narrows, Mt Whitney, Iceland etc) and this was by far the most dangerous one I’ve done.

Make sure you follow the trail to the other two lakes next to Lake Blanche. A beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Well worth the trek.

So...I kinda had mixed thoughts on this hike, but still thought it was good. I was actually kinda underwhelmed by Lake Blanche...the actual lake. That being said I thought that the two smaller lakes on the backside of Lake Blanche we're alot more picturesque probably because of you look down on those two lakes....or at least you first do. The other thing about this hike that is pretty cool right now are the fall colors. I have to admit that I hit this hike a little too late. If I would have done it a month or two ago the lake would have been more full and the waterfall on the backside of lake Blanche would have been bigger. Last but not least this was a pretty good workout.....at least for me it was.

Gorgeous fall colors!! Start early (before dawn) because this hike gets extremely busy/crowded as the morning goes on.

Well worth it. The lakes are gorgeous.

18 days ago

I wouldn't call this trail "hard" at all, just a bit rough on the knees and the fact that you're constantly dodging rocks on the trail.

The fall colors and the wind rushing through the trees with this insanely nice weather is worth the trip in itself. The views are of course gorgeous. I saw a few Mountain Goats and Mule Deer along with some trout in the stream leading to one of the lakes but no Moose this go round.

This trail is tough to get to. You will off-road for at least 6 miles so make sure you got a vehicle that can handle it. Once you get to the trailhead you have to hike through a mile and a half of sand (we did it in June- I don’t recommend). There was tons of animal feces and you have to do assisted lifts to get over some rocks towards the slots. The trail is empty though and there are some really pretty slots, especially if you are there the right time of day. Beautiful views at certain points. But you WILL CLIMB. I would travel at least 3 deep with this trail. And bring plenty of water and snacks. You won’t want to carry much else though because there are tight points to get through and we did a lot of assisting.

I fell in love with this trail! I’m a bigger girl and it was very difficult but the most rewarding hike I have been on.

18 days ago

Hiked this yesterday. Beautiful fall colors. Although it was all uphill, there really weren't any super steep spots. We went in the morning so lots of shade in aspen grove almost to the top. Sunny on way down but shaded areas. Lake Blanche was beautiful. it was rather windy with strong wind gusts at the top so only cold there.

18 days ago

Hiked this today. Beautiful fall colors. It’s a fairly difficult trail but well worth it!

trail running
18 days ago

Second time up to Lake Blanche this year. Once in the summer months and today. I definitely enjoyed today’s hike much more, especially the Autumn colors. I saw two moose off the trail towards the upper portion right before you get to the rocky switchback. The temperature was great while hiking, shorts and a T-shirt, but I recommend bringing a light jacket/wind breaker for the lake area. The trail was very crowded, but everyone was very respectful and gave way to the trail runners...thank you!

18 days ago

Highly recommend going early in the morning before the trail gets busy. It will be chilly and may be breezy at first, so bring a light jacket. It is a challenging hike and few sections are steep. Make sure you bring at least 1.5L of water with you and a snack/lunch to enjoy at the top. Lake Blanche is a very beautiful scenic lake overlooking the Wasatch Mountains and you might even see a moose! I truly recommend going on this hike, it’s definitely worth it.

This trail is great for trail running. My only complaint is its popularity. Too many people. It thinned out after the first 2 miles. I clocked this at 7 miles to elephant rock and back.

Perfect time of year. Perfect trail to start trail running or get back into trail running.

Love this hike! And the mountain bikers are very courteous of the hikers. Beautiful.

Hiked today. 4 moose(had to wait 30 minutes for them to move off the trail), and some gorgeous fall colors. Id say this is an easier “hard” hike. Just make sure you plan enough time to walk around the lakes while you’re up there. They are spectacular. And go see all three

22 days ago

4 moose on the trail today! Pretty steep, but SO worth every single step I took. Fall colors are fading fast, so hurry!

on Lake Blanche Trail

24 days ago

Great hike with beautiful scenery at the lake.

Overall a very nice trail. I would say a moderate effort to the top as it is all uphill but nothing too bad. The lakes and mountains at the trail end are fantastic!

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