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Until the alternate descent trail is complete, I’m going to give this 2 stars (that’s generous) because of its disregard and degradation of a much more important and fragile trail- Barr Trail. The Incline was agreed to not infringe on or compromise other trails, yet clearly, clearly, it does.

If you’re physically capable of descending the Incline, I say do so. Some people have sited that descending puts some sort of huge amount of stress on the rail-ties/steps... well, big deal. It’s better than putting the stress on Barr Trail, which is a much more natural trail and therefore not as straightforward to maintain as the Incline is. It deserves much more respect and preservation than it’s been getting lately.

It’s winter now and we just got some significant ice so better bring your traction devices...

I understand that for safety’s sake (and for fear of being a bad lawless hiker) some hikers will choose to descend on Barr Trail. At least yield to those coming up Barr Trail who are there for Barr Trail alone. You really shouldn’t be part of a crowd coming off the Incline, degrading the Barr Trail... just saying. Maybe just stay on the Incline or wait for the new trail to open and hike something else for now... there are many great options. And definitely don’t be barreling down on Barr Trail travelers, with your speaker-backpack blaring 3 doors down. That is actually not cool.

Super fun with a bit of scrambling towards the top. The views are to die for.

off road driving
10 hours ago

This was my first time EVER off roading and I am so proud of myself for completing it in my stock '17 Jeep Rubicon at NIGHT (sunglasses drop). It was both fun and scary at times, an amazing experience. I learned so much on this trail and I can't wait to go back.

Took me 1:20 to the top, 3 false summits, great views.

Such a fun hike. Not too long, takes about 2+ hours, so I just carry a water bottle and I'm set. Beautiful view at the top is a big motivator to make it to the end. My favorite part is the way down, if you're sure footed you can fly down the trail like a staircase which I love.

The nicest trailhead I've ever seen.

Long trail. Gorgeous wildflowers! Didn't actually take the trail to Tom's Thumb but got a cool view of it. Took about 4 hours for 11 miles with a couple of breaks.

Got confused in the beginning, so ended up going backwards on the loop.

Hiking down seemed to be more challenging than the hike up, because of all the loose rocks.

Views were OK.

1 day ago

Great trail, plenty of switchbacks to help break up the incline but plan to go earlier in the day if you want the trail to yourself because it’s pretty popular and the trail can get pretty packed.

On 11/17/2018 (7am) l hiked to the summit. For being mid-november, it was an awesome weather day! There was very little to no wind at the Summit plus it was t-shirt weather. My guess it was a weather fluke (the mountain weather report had predicted strong winds and 8 degree wind chill factor at The Summit)
My advice is to bring crampons, they will be needed! If not, wear ice hockey protection and tie a pillow to your butt haha! but seriously, the ice in the last couple miles is treacherous. Yaktraxs are okay but I recommend Kahtoola Microspikes. They gave me excellent traction on the ice and also on the occasional bare spots. They cost $52+tax at REI and were worth it! Especially going downhill, where most butthurt occurs haha.

this trail is difficult if you have not been to many tough ones before there are some places where you have to use both hands and full body strength to climb if you want to get to the top. but view from the top will not disappoint.

Awesome, wear good shoes, bring water!!

Picacho Pek, nice hike, should use leather gloves for cables. Non technical but helps to have little upper body strength for the cables. Did 47 minutes truck to top and 33 top to truck, Be sure to bring water. Well worth the effort

This incline will test your cardio! I moved here a week ago from Florida and the elevation was ruthless for me. Made it to the top in 50 minutes and the view was immaculate. I highly recommend spikes for your boots this time of year, it was slippery at certain points on the stairs up and the same in the trail down. 10/10 would hike again.

3 days ago

It’s an amazing hike. I could have hiked this in five hours flat easy !!!! Unfortunately ran into a bunch of ice pass the tree-line which slowed me up considerably. Bring crampons if you decide to hike this in the winter. I busted my ass a dozen times lol. Bring ample amount of water at least 2.5 liters.
~Things you need ~

1. A backpack

3 days ago

Snow and ice on the incline, but still very doable. I would've liked my yaktraks on the way down the Barr trail. It took me 1 hr 26 minutes to make it to the top and less than an hour down the Barr trail. I've been in Colorado for about a month - the altitude was the biggest challenge.

Being a novice type of hiker, Picacho Peak on the Hunter Trail was difficult but very satisfying when we completed it in 3.5 hours. Spent about 25 minutes on top taking pics and enjoying the view. The two of us also had around 3 or 4 small breaks while doing this trail to take more photos and catch our breathe. Well worth it and will do it again in the future.

Awesome trail only got to 3rd mile marker will definitely start earlier next time!

Great as long as you go early

Insanely crowded. I felt like I was in a single file line going up.

amazing views continuously unfolding and changing all the way. only saw one otger person on this Trail and then a few more on the summit that I think came from the other side. a good steady climb most of the way.

6 days ago

Awesome hike with killer views! I hiked it this past weekend as part of my training plan for Mt. Aconcagua in January. I climbed it with ease with 40lbs pack weight and my altitude training mask setting at 12,000ft. My moving time was just over 4hrs. Will easily shave off 30min with knowledge of the route and better planning.

The trail is not difficult at all. The reviews make it sound much more difficult than it really is, which is probably due to the distance and wind people experienced.

Has a good mix of climbing- that is, forest trails, rock trail, and tundra.

This is not a technical trail. It’s a trek needing only minimal equipment.

Do bring:

1. Micro spikes (at minimum) crampons do nicely. -Throw the yak tracks in the trash.
2. Trekking poles
3. Be ready for heavy wind
4. Helmet is a nice touch if you’re climbing solo
5. Warmer gloves than you expect

I highly suggest climbers unfamiliar with layering to seek advice before attempting. The temperature swing from the saddle to the summit is substantial. During my hike there were 45kt (52mph) winds. I saw a few groups of people who were inappropriately dressed and definitely put themselves at risk for frostbite.

All in all, a great mountain to hike and train on. Will do again soon!

6 days ago

The trail itself is great, but it's heavily trafficked

Did the hike counter-clockwise, started at 1000 with about 40• F outer temp. Beautiful hike; the last 1/4 was perfectly timed for early afternoon.

Went off the trail somewhere in the first half mile; this app got me back quickly and easily. When I do this hike again I’ll post where the missing marker is (or just fix it lol).

Lots of people. Beautiful view!!

We took a high clearance SUV that we weren’t prepared to drive the last mile to the trailhead with as we were scared of getting stuck. The last mile to the trailhead is the most difficult part of the drive. That being said, this hike has it all, scenery, bouldering, crazy elevation gain, a creek, with the biggest payoff being the ruins. I will say that it is physically challenging and serves as a full body work out. The trail is fairly easy to follow and we did leave additional cairns for those future venturers. The 20 plus mile off road was worth it.

7 days ago

Hiked this solo on 11/10/18. Took about 2.5 hours up and 2 hours down. Definitely recommend downloading the map before you go as it can be easy to lose the trail. There were cairns set up almost the whole way that were extremely helpful and as long as you keep an eye out for them you'll be fine. I only saw 2 other groups once I split off from the Wave Cave trail.

The 6 mile drive once you turn off of route 60 is pretty much a dirt road. 4WD would be ideal but not necessary. My 2013 Hyundai Accent made it just fine but had to go pretty slow as it was real bumpy. Took about 20 mins. No water/bathrooms at trailhead. Good hike!

Fantastic! Awesome views south of Tucson and beyond on the way up. If you make the peak, a whole other vista opens up of Mt Lemmon and the Catalinas (as well as the western side of Tucson). While the trail is not that difficult, as others have commented, the ascent can be a butt-kicker (most particularly miles two and three) - have plenty of water if doing this in the heat. Some of the smooth rocky areas get slick in the rain; some degree of washout on trail after heavy rains - use caution. Great, challenging hike though!

Brutal but well worth the pain. It was awesome.

Arizona has some of the most beautiful and diverse trails in the Nation. Highline trail is no exception. This was an amazing trail; probably the most beautiful and most difficult trail I've ever done. Some friends and I hiked from PineTH to the Fish Hatchery (about 36 miles in 3 days). This was not an easy hike. My friends and I are in moderate shape and this trail ended up kicking our butts. We averaged about 12 miles per day going at about 2-3mph. The trail goes along the ridges of the Mogollon rim so there are a lot of steep hikes up and down those ridges. Altogether I believe you'll do almost 9,000 feet of elevation gain.
We were pretty exhausted by the end of the trip. As you go along the trail you see the topography change dramatically from forest to desert to prairies and back and forth. You'll also run into some areas that were hit by forest fires and it feels really eerie. There are quite a few clean water streams along the trail. I would highly recommend brining a water filter. (They sell water bottles that filter water). There are also tons of places to camp along the way, as well as plenty of places to rest. I would highly recommend bringing a GPS because there are parts where the trail is hard to find. Most of the trail we did have cell phone service and we ended up using the GPS on our phones when we got lost. (Google maps has the trail) We saw some deer, elk, wildcat and bear tracks along the way so make sure you bring some sort of protection from harmful wildlife (pepper spray).
If you do this hike, make sure you are prepared for a tough hike. I would say you should plan for it to take 4-5 days if you do the whole trail. Only do this trail if you are in good physical shape because doing a hike this long you will need food for 4-5 days and all your gear which will end up being pretty heavy. My backpack weighed about 70LB and was not easy to carry 36 miles up and down those ridges.
You also don't have to do the whole 50 mile hike because there are numerous campsites along the way where you can park a 2nd car to take you back to your 1st car.
10/10 would recommend to anyone up for this beast of a trail.

The trail is nice. It’s a good scenic trail with lots of cool places to stop and take pictures. The only bad thing is it’s a popular trail. Once you get to the top, you’ll be fighting for places to stop and take a break or pictures. We went on a Saturday morning and we were at the top with about 50 other people who had the same idea as we did today. The parking lot fills fast and people started parking on the street before the parking lot. So, we’ll definitely go back on a Wednesday morning or something so it won’t be so crowded.

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