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Steadily steep coming up the Slate canyon access road, loose shale in some parts, and breaks partially into pines near and after the fork. Pretty views of the backside mountains.

March 24th - hiked the loop today with my husband and 20 month old. It was a challenging hike but the views are worth it! We chose to park at Slate, walk the Bonneville Shoreline then up the Y then back down Slate. We were very happy to have snowshoes.
Also, we were grateful for this app and being able to see the map because part of the trail was covered with snow.

It's difficult but the views and experience are worth it. In the summer the sky is incredibly blue and in the winter it's so silent you can hear your heartbeat.

wide range of things to see. so much fun and by far one of my favorite hikes I've done. I did the glacier and back down the other side so it was a bit longer but absolutely incredible.

Catching up on some reviews, so note that I did this in early September. I know many people start around 2am to get to the summit at sunrise, but I just wasn't done for that this go around. Started the trail around 7am and got back to the car around 2pm. Lots of people going both directions. The log at the top was already filled with 200 names, just from that day!! Saw a mother moose and her two babies, as well as a mountain goat. Beautifil wildflowers filled the fields. Great time with some good friends--would definitely recommend doing this one.

I loved this trail up to the saddle. I must have done it on the busiest weekend of the year so it was a little treacherous actually summiting due to mostly a lot of boys jostling, and the summit itself was very chaotic with lots of people on it. But the part up to that was pretty mellow and had such spectacular views of the wasatch and was lush with flowers. When I do this again, I’ll just go up the the big meadow on the timpooneke side or the emerald lake, once on the summit was enough for me.

I hike this every summer. Top 10 most scenic trails in Utah.

So that hike is only good for if you want to go up a steep steep mile! The falls aren’t even falls! We were freakin lied too. I was deceived by the pictures that are featured. Those aren’t the falls. The falls featured are called Bridal Veil Falls. The water is barely trickling down the rocks.

Fairly steep climb, but fairly low traffic.

Jan 28th - I hiked from the Slate Canyon side with microspikes all the way up to the saddle that spills over into Slide (~3.5 miles). At that point, I would have needed snowshoes (north facing slope) to continue, so I walked back down Slate.

Perfect for a long run/bike ride, beautiful views if you start near the canyon where 189 meets 800 N (there is parking and a trail head here. Paved sidewalk the whole way with bike lanes and run/walk lane. Will definitely return. Not really a hiking trail.

Super steep but great views. Rock Sofa at the top is a must! Fun short hike. Watch out for rattle snakes

Did this Trail in October. The views are incredible. Each section offers more and more just insanely gorgeous scenery. This hike is steep and long. Be prepared.

although all trails mentions dogs on leash when you approach the trailhead you will see a no dogs watershed sign. biker city

3 months ago

This is double the distance and incline than what is reported. All trails has the info for only one way, not back.

Aside from the face of Y mountain and then the beginning of slate canyon this hike is very scenic. From the backside of maple mountain until the face of Y mountain is incredible green and in some places has foliage that grows over the trail at 7 feet tall. Very secluded and has little traffic. Definitely worth it, especially if you’ve already done the bigger hikes in the area.

Great trail for a quick afternoon outing! Beware in the summer lots of sun and some homeless people have set up camps at the base. Nothing to be worried about but it’s always a surprise to see a little shanty down there.

road biking
4 months ago

We took our bikes on the FrontRunner from Salt Lake City to Provo and entered the trail from the riverside park. We went past the Shops at Riverwood at Orem, turned around and got the FrontRunner from Orem and went back to SLC.

Kinda boring to be honest. It’s almost winter time, so come by on a Saturday to walk through the construction to get to the hike. The creek is pretty, but the falls at the end are literally water trickling down rock slower than my fridge puts out drinking water.

Great hike! Beautiful weather. Did hike 25 October. Some small icy spots lower down but not problematic. 2nd time up, much better experience than the first! Will do again.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Ann's is great for adventurous beginners to intermediate riders, or part of a longer loop for more advanced. Fantastic views from the southern section not shown on map, the best part of the trail!

on Provo River Parkway

6 months ago

This is a lovely trail, close to the river, paved (some bad root spots have been fixed recently), easy for littles. But it's not my favorite for riding...especially near Bridal Veil.

Trail is currently closed due to some kind of construction and heavy machinery passing through, we were asked politely to leave and to spread the word.

Lovely sunny day. Minimally icy. Summited in 3:35 without pushing too hard.
Route finding up on to the saddle a mile before summit a bit tricky.

it was actually pretty darn easy. I summited in under 4 hours while going at a slow pace. The neighbor to the north Box Elder peak is by far a harder hike.

Difficult yet rewarding hike. Best to do this hike in September or October when the temperatures decline. Bring plenty water and your camera!

Good hike with a pretty steep hike up to the falls but it was well worth it.

Beautiful hike! My husband and I did this hike on October 9th and the fall colors were amazing! We didn't summit because of time constraints, but we made it 5 mi in and 3100 ft up in about 2.5 hours. There was snow and ice on parts of the trail, which was a little nerve wracking because we didn't have crampons and if we had slipped, we could have fallen down a steep slope. We heard from other hikers that the trail is very icy where it splits to the summit. I would definitely recommend crampons. We met Ben on the trail. Super cool guy and he helped us through some of the icy bits.

Started at 6:00, summitted by 11:00, back down at 3:00. Easy hike to the saddle. From there it gets cold and windy, also more rocky. Very easy to lose the trail, pay close attention to switchbacks. A few scary spots but nothing serious. Bring warm clothes for the top. Super cold. Views are amazing and whole hike is worth it. Met Ben & hiked with him for a mile or two. Awesome guy.

Love this hike...it's hard but so rewarding

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