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Beautiful trails! You can turn at Hood Mountain and call it a solid day or continue to Gun Sight. Highly recommend.

Great views. Just hard enough to make you feel like you have had a good hike.

Pomo Canyon part is very muddy right now! Still a great hike.

1 month ago

I did this hike a few years ago, the first section was bunch of switch backs up a steep ravine, once you break free of that, the trail isn't so clearly marked, but you do end up pass into several large rock groups, you even should find a few rock mazes (human made) and then another decent into an lava flow across barely marked area to another climb to the end of the trail.

Beautiful hike! Make sure to do the little steep out and back section to the campgrounds. It was very lush and green with all the fern.

Great views from atop Redhill, but we did miss the right hand turn and walked through the forest then looped back around to find our error. No signs, just a small Cairn. The best views are stop Redhill. We then continued on to Pomo and the small campgrounds. Turned back and did the bottom loop which doesn’t have the views like the top section. 12 kms all up, from Shell Beach Trail head. It’s a good work out too.

This is a tough, very rocky trail with lots of vertical. Footing is tricky. Views are restricted to a few spots on the trail. Not recommended for kids! One highlight are the labyrinths along the trail. Table Rock is a bit of an anticlimax but does have a very nice view over Calistoga below. Overall a decent hike but not spectacular. There are other better choices in the area.

1 month ago

Great hike, lots of rocks and steep but great views

great hike, beautiful view at the top

Beautiful views. Love the foggy view and all the birds around!
The beaches is considered very dangerous in this area. Be careful!

2 months ago

Gorgeous hike through the forest. There are NO ocean views despite the photos here, so please keep that in mind. It was beautiful anyway and we were almost the only ones hiking on a Saturday.

A great trail! lots of variations in the terrain. the views were amazing and was perfect with some up hill and down hills. will do this one again maybe running it. 6.7 mile loop.

We parked on willow creek road and hiked up Pomo canyon and back which was awesome. We hiked up through the redwoods, through the golden valley to enjoy vistas of the ocean as we neared Shell Beach. We stopped off at the rock overlook and enjoyed some snacks before heading back the way we came. Next time we’ll check out Red Hill; it was getting close to sunset so we stayed on what we knew to ensure we hiked out with plenty of light.

Challenging switchbacks but totally worth the effort for that vista. I loved this trail and resting at the rock for a bit before the easy breezy downhill.

3 months ago

Making it all the way out to Table Rock and back may be hard/difficult for those that aren't in athletic shape. My wife and I are weekend warriors when it comes to hiking and while we enjoyed our hike, we found that the trail was pretty rough from the Table Rock overlook marker (around the half way point) on to Table Rock. If you're looking for a great view spot with minimal effort needed, then the first outcropping of rocks just past the overlook marker would be a great hike for those that aren't in the mood to scramble down (and then later back up) washed out trails on often loose rock. Lots of ankle twisters and I wish I'd brought my trekking poles.

Overall still a great time, but it wasn't an easy hike for us. We saw families coming up the trail thinking that it was going to be a breeze for their young kids to make it all the way out and back too, and I can't help but to think it's due to a lot of the reviews on this site.

You only have a shorter section of rock scramble to go down if you're wanting to see the rock labyrinths, but it's still a bit of a hike for young ones.

Great hike! It has a variety of challenges, but nothing too strenuous. Views are tremendous all the way.

3 months ago

Fern Canyon Trail is by FAR, THE MOST beautiful forest I have ever had the pleasure of walking through. Breathtaking and magical are the words to describe these enchanted woods. I’ve gone twice, one on a clear sunny day and the other when foggy and rainy. Hands down it was so mystical being there in the fog and light rain. I was waiting for a fairy to jump out at me from out of the mist! Nothing short of a mystical fairytale awaits you when visiting this dreamlike forest!

Nice hike with somewhat challenging elevation. Cool rock formations and some nice views. great for a short hike

A Nice hike. The stone formations were interesting.

I’m a beginner hiker this year ramping up to bigger hikes with elevations. That said, I was hiking solo on this trail and after a couple miles I decided to head back due to lack of experience. Will try again when Someone else can join me.

4 months ago

I would suggest to go counter clockwise starting on the fire road because there is no shade, it was not too hard seemed more moderate to me, you must cross the creek 20 times and some of the crossings are 20 feet of water to cross even in the summer, in the rainy season you will have trouble and will get wet.
I did not see any other hikers the whole trail. My Fitbit showed over 10 miles not 8.5.
My time was limited it took me 3.5 hours I would have liked to stop to enjoy the views and animals but rushed through it.
Overall a nice private trail.

Brutal is a good way to describe this trail, but what did I expect for climbing a mountain? I started from Los Alamos and worked my way up Hood Mountain. I decided to take the Summit Trail rather than the fire road. It was nice and shady and kept my mind occupied with technical challenges. Sometimes you are climbing rocks and at other times you almost lose the trail. I slowed down as I got tired and the ascent got steeper. Made it to the summit and took a break. You can see evidence of last year's fires higher up. I wanted to go to Gunsight Rock but my legs said, "No more!" so I returned via the fire road trail. It was easier, but also more exposed to the sun. Later I turned off the app to save phone battery (I brought a portable charger but no cord


Fabulous walk through the coastal woods of Little River. Worth the trip! We started at the coast (free parking) then walked through the campground to the trailhead. After walking to the first Y in the trail, we chose to hike the 1.2 miles to the Pygmy Forest, this incline was pretty steep. After viewing the Pygmy Forest - which is too cool! - we walked the 2.3 miles back which was much more gradual. There are 20 beautiful bridges to cross over creek.

Dont kill yourself on the ascent, the last quarter mile is some of the most brutal trail you can find in Sonoma County! Completely worth the hike, and you get to experience tons of the wildfire land to feel closer to nature. So sad, but the regrowth is insipring

5 months ago

More meditation than a hike... Wild flowers of every color, seals on the rocks, multiple deer, turkey vultures, and almost no humans...

Short and chill... but don’t booze up here... it can be dangerous if you are careless

5 months ago

Parking is $7 fee to enter Armstrong woods, drive through the woods and up a significant elevation to the very limited parking at the trail head. Gets hot and about half the trail is in sun so bring plenty of water. The trail goes right by Bullfrog Campground which looks like a lovely spot to pass the night.

5 months ago

We did this in reverse-starting down Gilliam Creek and ending on the fire trail. We had an early start, but still ended up doing the uphill fire road in full sun. The last few miles were very hard and unenjoyable. The stream crossings were no problem this time of year. We saw only 3 other people and enjoyed the solitude. A few turkeys passed our way. Bring 2 liters of water per person!

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