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This was the scariest thing I've ever done. I'm proud of myself for doing it because I'm terrified of heights but I won't ever do it again. We were appalled at the people hiking to the top with small children. Yes, it's beautiful but it's also dangerous. Be safe.

1/11/19 Incredible hike and views. Ice is present on the wiggles and from the first set of chains. It is possible to get past first set of chains without clamp one but would not recommend. very easy to slip.

Went up on New Years Eve, it had snowed about an inch the night before and everything was absolutely beautiful. The shuttle was running and we caught the second or third one out at 8:20. There were about 40 people hiking the switchbacks around us, but that number dropped to about 20 when we hit the chains because of the snow.

I would NOT go past the first short stretch of chain without micro spikes. Several portions were extremely slick, and the couple hiking ahead of us without spikes made me nervous. About 90% of people we saw that day had spikes on. Well worth the $20.

Took us almost exactly three hours total, from hopping off the shuttle to getting back to the stop. It was starting to get crowded as we came back down, which would have added a lot more time waiting for the narrow parts to clear up before passing.

It's a steep hike that offers really cool views of the Salt Lake Valley. Not one of my favourites as there's no waterfalls, rivers or lakes to look at. It is doable in winter and I enjoyed myself over all, but it is exhausting fighting all that snow and it delays you. Make sure you have more time than you think you need before sunset. It's dangerous with light-hearted sliding down the steep, slick trail.

One of, if not the most spectacular hikes I've ever experienced! Amazing view of the canyon and a thrilling trail that towers above the river below!

Did this on 1/11, the path to lower falls is packed and wide, a little icy at parts - microspikes were ideal, but not necessary for this section. Heading uphill after lower falls the path is much less used - snowshoes were pretty necessary, otherwise you'd be sinking 8-12" with each step. I couldn't get much past upper falls without sinking a lot, even with snowshoes, that section is clearly not travelled much in the winter.

this place fuckin sucks dick

Prolly the hardest I’ve done thus far. I got winded and had to stop a couple times. And the last mile and half was kinda scary considering holding on to dear life and it’s very heavily trafficked.

5 stars for the actual trail, 3 stars for the crowds. Did this around Christmas 2018 (no crampons here, as it was about 50 F!) and despite the shutdown, the park was packed, and this trail was probably the most populated. It is, without doubt, a singular trail in terms of beauty and terrain- there are few others trails that offer the same experience as this one (Kauai’s Napali Coast comes to mind). It is well-maintained and offers truly breathtaking views of the canyon, some of the best being before you even reach the iconic summit on the (extensive) switchbacks, and all of this in a accessible and manageable 5 miles out-and-back with readily available facilities nearby. The price, of course, is that you won’t find much privacy or serenity along the trail, as it will almost certainly be packed with fellow hikers (see aforementioned accessibility). This is probably most apparent at the beginning of the chained sections, where you’ll find yourself waiting in line as group passes in the other direction- we routinely found ourselves stationary for 5-10 minutes at a time. As long as you expect this going in, though, this is a worthy investment; you don’t do this hike for the peace and quiet, you do it for the view and the rush of climbing that spine. Zion offers plenty of serenity and solitude within a 5-10 minute, and I definitely recommend exploring so of the lesser-known areas of the park (Cockeye Falls!) after finishing with this beautiful trail.

Super trail . But go realy early

Did this trail 12/29/18 - has amazing views at the top and on the way up, light snow dusting the red rock was exceptionally beautiful. Trail is well marked and has a gradual climb up switchbacks until you get to the chains. Icy conditions on the rocks made holding tightly to the chain a necessity, make sure you have a good grip and wear gloves to avoid raw hands. We didn't have any traction devices but they are highly recommended for secure footing. Be cautious if hiking in winter conditions and enjoy the expansive view at the top down the river

Beautiful view

This was amazing. It was incredibly hot though, so you'll want to make sure to bring a ton of water. Make sure to go with someone who won't wimp out on you though. I came to Zion National Park to hike this trail, and my partner wimped out right before the end. You'll want to go all the way to the top. The view is incredible. This trail is very crowded, so make sure you are prepared to step out of people's way as they come down or up because you will not be able to pass each other unless you let them by first. Be very careful though, many have died from the fall. Hold onto the chain and you'll be fine. (Also make sure to check the weather, if it is going to thunderstorm, consider doing observation point or a different hike instead as this hike has metal poles and chains that could very easily electrocute you in the case of a storm.)

Be careful! The trail is worth the effort, but gets very busy as the day progresses. I’d suggest an off-season or early day plan. Spectacular views unparalleled by other hikes!

My wife and I did this hike Saturday (12/29/18). Great hike and very beautiful, but very very dangerous and can get crowded around the last portion with chains. If you do this in the winter you much have cleats to make it all the way to top due to icy conditions.

What an amazing place to visit!! The views are espectacular everywhere you look!! This trail was a little challenging,, the last part with the chains was quite scary as there are so many people heading up and down and it’s only one way.. so lots of waiting around as there are some high drops on both sides!! Enjoyed it much even though the chain part I did it alone because my bud Brian chickened out as he is somewhat afraid of heights but I still love him to pieces and he patiently waited till I got back down!!

Yeah I mean this hike is sick, the chain climbing at the end makes u feel like Indian jones and the view is nuts. Just do it

I had done this hike in the summer and it was cool and I don’t remember feeling nervous or scared. We went today (end of December) and it was cold (in the 20s and 30s) and the trail got quite tricky with icy and slushy patches. Going down felt more treacherous than going up. Those wearing micro spikes were really glad to have them. The view from the top is awesome. My Strava said we went 3.1 miles up and it took us about 2.5 hrs to summit (we were going a slow to medium pace). We caught the first shuttle (at 8am) and that helped us beat the rush (which is helpful so we were not literally climbing over as many people on the narrowest parts of the trail.)

17 days ago

WOW! This was one of the most amazing hikes I've ever done! We took the one of the first shuttles from the visitor center, so the trail wasn't too crowded by the time we were climbing up the chains. The first 2 miles are paved and easy on your feet, with a little bit of ice in the last few switchbacks. We brought along microspikes, which were sufficient to get us all the way up to the top of the peak. The views are spectacular, but definitely be careful as you make your way through the last half mile. Try to get here early for the best experience - we ran into a bit of a traffic jam as we were hiking back down.

Thanks to other reviewers, I knew to get to the park early enough to catch the first shuttle. It was completely full, and nearly everyone got off at the Grotto. I brought along my son who just turned five (he is a pretty serious hiker for a preschooler), and we went until we came to the chains at the top. While the hike was strenuous for some due to the intense climb, the trail is paved until that point so it was easy enough. The key to hiking with young kids is an infinite supply of snacks!

We had considered taking turns going out on the chains while one of us waited with my son; however, there IS ice and snow on that part of the trail and we would have needed cleats or crampons for our boots. Frankly, it just wasn’t worth it. Other than that, there was a little bit of ice on Walter’s Wiggles, but otherwise the trail was clear and dry.

Bring lots of layers, because the climb up may have you sweating, but as soon as you enter Refrigerator Canyon, the sun is gone and it’s quite a bit cooler. This might be nice in the summer, but on a winter day we were happy to have beanies and gloves!

Got to Zion early this morning and took the first shuttle to the trailhead. We only went to the bottom of the chains and encountered ice on Walter’s Wiggles. It was a gorgeous day and the trail wasn’t too crowded. We had a 5 year old in our group and he made it all the way to Scout Lookout too.

18 days ago

Has a nice view but hiking the trail is definitely the most exciting part. Watch your footing!

A must do in Zion. Winter time is nice, not nearly as many people.

Sooo nice !!! We were the first at the top! Take absolutely the first shuttle in the morning if you want to go to the end, it’s getting crowded very fast. In winter you have to wear tractions for the end, and don’t go if you are afraid of heights. Take your time for the last part, watch your steps and enjoy ! Took us 3 hours out and back.

I really felt the burn on Walters Wiggles, but it was so worth it for what I saw at the top. I’m shaky about heights but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

One of the most amazing hikes I have done so far

The trail is challenging at the top. However, view is amazing and definitely worth the effort

Is a hard hike but worth it. Beautiful views.

Excellent adventure hike with a beautiful view at the top! One of my favorites in the US! Good workout going out. Mostly downhill on return trip. Some exposure to cliffs, but chains available to hold while negotiating the trail. Do NOT try on icy conditions! If afraid of heights, find something else to do, such as The Narrows.

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