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20 hours ago

Great short hike with some very good views of the jagged peaks that surrounded. just missed out on larch season but was still a solid hike. Not strenuous but a decent little workout

1 day ago

Very beautiful little walk year round!

2 days ago

Very easy hike up to the lookout before the loop - if you do the loop, start up the right side as you reach the waterfall sooner and it’s less steep/shorter than the alternative side where it’s a very strenuous hike up, especially with the loose terrain.

Great little hike close to town.

Currently the trails around both lakes are still closed at the top due to road construction above, but it's still a worthy short climb for a great view.

'Easy' and 'More Difficult' routes are clearly marked. Choose more difficult for a hiking trail that comes to a beautiful waterfall. Trail is currently clear of ice/snow.

Easy is a wider, all-gravel path. Ice for the top 1/3 of the trail, but nothing too worrisome if you're careful.

Nice hike, pretty easy going on the maintained trail. Once you get past that for the loop at the end it gets kinda sketchy, lots of snow on steep shale. There are a lot of big icicles that were starting to break off so would recommend moving as quickly as possible through the section that takes you directly beneath them.

Great little hike...slippery at the top with hard packed snow...beautiful scenery...recommend taking more difficult way up and road down... would go again.

6 days ago

Super easy trail - it’s perfect for a late afternoon if you want to get out of the city and see some nice scenery. Its perfect for dogs too I took my male dog and hiked up to the hoodoo and back. This area can get busy so it’s best to go at a later time in the day.

7 days ago

October 15 hike

**review below : found half of an ice climbing spikes pair, black diamond, on the way back from the final loop. Left them under the wastebin at the trail head.

30M/32F/8 months old toddler in harness.
Quite the great hike. Starts off with a slight incline in a regrowth area with short pine-like trees. This part was muddy on the way back after the sunny day. After that you reach a forested plateau and cross a stream of ice-cold water. A little while later a last climb brings you to the openvalley with the glacier ocerhead, and you can see a plateau overlooking the valley in the distance. That’s where you can (its the best part really) head if you choose to do the last little loop after the marker saying this is no longer a maintained trail. It starts with a steep open climb/scramble after a little boulder area, culminating in (iced over at this point in the year and with some falling icicles the size of a person’s head at some point) some falls and caverns behind them. It gets easier then and you soon reach the plateau, with some little streams behind, quite gorgeous. You then climb back down in a scrambly way.
At this time of year after 2 cold weeks, the snow covers the trail and makes the scrambles a little strenuous and a bit dangerous, so walking poles are recommended. For the way up crampons also efficient (on the way down it hinders you in open snow). The wife was actually scared during the loop with the baby in the harness, but i repeat that it it the best part!
Took us all in all without breaks a good 3 1/2 hours, and we are usually a bit faster than average.

7 days ago

Easy walk with the kids and family. Keep left on the bridge colors are better in the summer, very brown and dark in the fall. Pretty scenery and great area to picnic in. Kids had fun on the bridge.

7 days ago

NAFTA and dairy quota talks aside;Trump and Trudeau supporters alike would find this hike enjoyable. It is an easy to moderate hike; we went well past the waterfall and saw some gorgeous boulders in the creek. There was a RC car group driving their toys on the rocks, for whatever reason. One and done for me.

October 9
Cool hike, great views of the canyone and walking right above it on the path and grates. Very icy though, high fall risk, crampons suggested. The only problem with this hike being the amount of people there (high) and the amount of people falling and basically scrambling not to fall because of the ice.

So convenient from Canmore, but a respectable hike. Great views without all that much effort. The "more difficult" trail could be pretty dicey if there's ice.

Great first hike heading into Banff. Beautiful views and waterfall was amazing too.

Very short but worth the visit! Super easy walk, no spikes needed but it’s muddy so hiking boots best. Very pretty self guided hike with a nice waterfall at the end. Almost too short!

Lovely hike but you will want micro spikes especially for the trek up to the upper Falls. So many people slipping and sliding without them. Parking was no problem at 9:30 in a Thursday. Not crowded at all. But bring spikes!

Easy hike. Current snowy/icy conditions add a little more difficulty to get up to upper falls. Not as crowded due to overcast weather and trail conditions.

Did this hike today snow and ice on the last 1/3, crampons/cleats definitely required but worth the hike.

Easy hike but we had spikes and we were happy we did as many people were slipping on the way down. Second lake is closed but it’s still worth seeing the first. A good hike to start with!

Gorgeous views! Saw a big moose on our way up as well, definitely will be back to do this one again in the summer.

14 days ago

Easy loop with a beautiful view over the lake.

14 days ago

Went on Oct. 6, snow is packed down, definitely bring crampons. That being said, beautiful hike with larches still out. The loop was not well indicated as there were no more tracks in the snow so we did out and back. Loved every minute!

So muddy and hard for walk when it covered by snow but the scenery is very beautiful

Oct 6, 2018- Cool views

15 days ago

Absolutely beautiful and a lovely little Sunday hike. Did this today and there is a lot of snow but packed down. Easily manageable with winter boots (no spikes or gaiters). Still lots of larches to be seen. Paired this with Pocaterra Cirque which made for a more adventurous day. Highly recommend!

Recommend the “more difficult” trail, if you like to see a wonderful village view and a surprisingly pleasant fall which is surrounded by snow. The “More difficult” option is not difficult at all, but you may want to use something like crampons for the snow season just to prevent slips.

Great trail! Just very very icy. Only could make it up because of railings. If you don’t have spikes, very difficult with snow/ice. Otherwise would be very easy. Can’t wait to come back and do again.

18 days ago

Very snow covered / muddy. Arbour workers had drove machinery along the path so it was clear enough to hike their tracks in just boots. Beautiful fall colours, open water and beautiful snow coverage on the trees. Would definitely recommend for an easy, scenic, short hike.

Too bad the actual lakes were closed but easy hike with great view of the valley! Agree to do the difficult trail up! There's lots of running water streams so be careful.

22 days ago

It was a great hike with amazing views. Despite being cold and cloudy there was still a great view of the glacier. Up at the back of the loop we saw a family of ptarmigan, and on the glacial stream we met an ermine, and then on the way down from the caves we saw a friendly pika that even came out to meet our dog! Overall, a great day.

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