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14 hours ago

Awesome trail! Well marked and super fun. We went up from the top of alpine way instead. Took us two and a half hours to get up (9km). Pretty easy sailing until the end which was really hard to get over the rocks. About an hour and a half to get to our car.

Nice Hike, but not breathtaking, may be because of the smoke blocking the view these days...
Lots of bugs.
The beginning is in the shade which is nice, with a beautiful waterfall at the start, it is worth the little detour.
The campsite is located at the following lake as the rainbow lake is Whistler's reservoir.
The hike is steep indeed but not super hard. I had lots of weight on my back and it was manageable.
An advice, wait for the smoke to go away, otherwise it's not worth the effort.

End of June 2018.
Incredible! The elevation was great, the trail well marked (once we figured out to follow the road all the way) and the views were outstanding!
There was still some snow but very manageable even without poles.

1 day ago

Great trail! The lake view is worth the hike. The trail is well marked, just follow the orange markers.

You climb the first two kilometers then it is mainly flat for about three kilometers. After that the climbing start, except for the short distance through the meadow, all the way to the lake. The climb through the boulder field to the lake is not bad.

Bring bug and bear repellent. There are a lot of bugs and, although we did not see a bear, another group did.

4 days ago

We went up on August 6th. The snow was gone, the flowers were in bloom, and it was hot as heck. Bring extra water!

4 days ago

Awesome and tiring hike, a little easier as a day trip while camping at garibaldi lake. Go early as parking is insane on the weekend. Class 3 scramble to the false summit on loose rock so be careful. Class 5 to the actual summit and looks sketchy.

Excellent hike! One of my favourites to date.

Tough but awesome hike. Bring lots of water.

Don’t miss checking out Niagra falls before heading up to the trail. It really is beautiful. Crossing the bridge is quite a rush! - Further on there is a second trestle bridge and beyond that a tunnel. It all made for a great afternoon.

Did this hike on August 2, 2018. Difficult drive to lower lot if not in a a four wheel drive vehicle. From the trailhead at the lower lot the first kilometer is tough (steep) but doable. The trail is marked with orange markers and fairly easy to follow. But some of the markers are on fallen trees. I would recommend looking at the description of this hike on Vancouver Trails for more details of the drive to the lot and the hike. Incredible views! Well worth it!

Just did this hike yesterday ! The view was worth it after scrambling up the rocks. Bring a helmet if your going to attempt to do some rock climbing on the tusk . Ton of loose rocks falling down . The hike was beautiful . Bring bug spray that will keep the horse flies away ! Tons of bugs , everyone doing the hike was complaining . Must go down to garabaldi lake after .

7 days ago

Beautiful hike and views! The lake is amazing, not an easy hike but very worth it!

Hard hike but the view is worth it, just watch your steps when walking on dry dirt, could be very slippery. still little patches of snow when we hiked 2 days ago.

8 days ago

Amazing hike with gorgeous views! We went back down by garibaldi lake and it’s was well worth the extra 2km

11 days ago

Excellent hike! The trail is well- maintained with numerous little foot bridges and a suspension bridge with good payoff at Rainbow Lake. The hike there was almost as scenic as the lake especially after you hit the 2.3 km gate. Before the gate the scenery is so-so but afterwards it’s impressive. Lightly traveled trail but heed others advice to bring plenty of insect repellent - mosquitoes are plentiful. Also be on lookout for bears; we saw plenty of evidence of bear activity but no problems. Highly recommend this hike.

Great trail, beautiful views. Hike it at least once every summer.

Very demanding at some points as it goes very vertical, but the panorama from the top was great and it has still some snow remains in July!

16 days ago

Very steep trail, including a scrambled for the last ~100m elevation, but well worth the view. Bring plenty of water.

17 days ago

July 26th. Freaking awesome. Made it up the chute to the top! 360 pano. Looks unreal. Know the basics of how to climb before you attempt. Love the wild flowers once you’re in the meadows. This is probably one of the best hikes I have ever done.

17 days ago

July 28, 2018 - great day out on the water and in the trail. Make sure you get to the canoe place well before opening to guarantee yourself a canoe. A lot of big groups come and take 4-5, so getting there as early as possible to get one is essential.

Canoe ride is amazing and so calm. Everyone is super friendly and relaxed. Takes around 60-90mins one way with the hike to the falls also taking a good hour to get to. All in all it makes for a great all day out adventure lasting around 5-6 hours depending on how long you take to cool off at the falls.

Amazing views, but definitely a hard few kilometres up to get to the views. If you like rock climbing you can get to the top of the Tusk by climbing up a little rock chimney to sit above the clouds. There are no ropes so you take your own chances with that climb. Did it this weekend (end of June) and there is still snow up there so bring extra socks.

If you had one day to live on this earth and had the opportunity to do one hike, this would be it. The meadows, black tusk, the lake, the mountain views - amazing. This park is an alpine paradise. The first portion of the lake trail was closed, so we ended up doing the detour with a total 16-17 miles. Took us 8.5 hours, so doable in a day, but it’s so hard to leave! A note on black tusk: if you do the chimney, test every hold and every foot before you trust your life on it. We did the chimney after watching bits of the approach trail flake off into the deep gully. Clearly the volcanic layers are peeling away, so when we topped out of the chimney only to see another 50 yards of scree between us and the summit, we were a bit dismayed. Chimney didn’t bother me, but trying to walk up an incline on marbles in an attempt to summit a 4th class, unstable rock feature seemed silly, so we backed down.

22 days ago

Awesome trail, stunning views. I went up and back in 8h, including 30min on the mountain.
Make sure you bring bug repellent, a bunch of snacks and it’s windy up there so a light jacket is a plus.

The view is gorgeous, during the hike and also at Black Tusk viewpoint.

23 days ago

June 23, 2018 - I love this paddle and hike! The paddle can take anywhere for 60-90 minutes depending on tides wind and currents. There were quite a few shallow parts today but it was worth the trouble to get up to the campsite and hike to the falls. Such a beautiful spot!!

The people at the canoe rental place are SO nice! A great local business to support :-)

Incredible hike!! To make it easier camp at either Taylor meadows or garibaldi lake. Don’t forget the mosquito spray!!

23 days ago

July 21, 2018 - Arrived at 8:15am and there was a lengthy line to rent a canoe (day rental $80 for 2 person canoe, $100 for 4 person). We may have been one of the last groups to get a canoe, so you want to arrive early if you have a larger group! The 1 hour canoe paddle through the Widgeon Valley was so peaceful and was a nice start to the day. After parking the canoe at the campsite, we took the option of Widgeon Falls via trail which is much nicer than the service road. Very few people on the trail and weaves through the serene forest and along the creek. Others say the service road is much shorter, but it only took us 1 hour for the 2.9km trail. The falls itself are beautiful, we spent 3 hours sunbathing and wading through the areas that were calmer.

24 days ago

Steep trails most of the way up but worth the views at the top! Used the AllTrails app as a couple of the trail intersections were a little confusing. Also came across a grizzly at the top in the meadow just below the lake. Lots of waterfalls and beautiful views!

24 days ago

Hard but so worth it. Make sure you go all the way to the top for a sweet 360 view! took me ~5 hours from the car to the top and back to the car but it was my first hike of the year so I was pretty out of shape. Boots are a must, the loose gravel can be slippery. I brought 2L of water and drank all of it.

24 days ago

Absolutely stunning views. The hike to the base of Black Tusk was surprisingly quick..3 hours.. but the scramble up looked like it would add another hour. Very sparse snow at the base. Beautifully maintained trail with mild weather. The only negative was the mosquitoes. Do not forget your bug spray or you will come back riddled with bites.

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