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The falls are very nice! Very short hike to see a great pay off.

9 days ago

Great little hike during the fall or early spring only!! Harder trail for kids and older hikers but an enjoyable one. Plenty of deer around the area and a nice little waterfall too. Recently an Eagle Scout added a nice midway seating area and a map to help guide you through. 10/10 would recommend

We really enjoyed the blue trail- tons of fun up and over large rocks. We did 10 miles in 5 hours, stopping for lunch midway. The disappointing part was the 3 dirt bikes that were on the blue-yellow trail the entire time. We didn’t cross paths with the bikes until the end of our hike but could hear them the entire time.

My husband and I are throughly enjoying this entire rigorous blue trail and are doing it in sections.
Agreed, intersections are many and if we didn’t have the app we probably would have doubled back at some point.
Beautiful, quiet, only saw two others in a full afternoon.

Nice and easy but still interesting hike. Would be good for families / walking dogs.

25 days ago

Very quiet and peaceful walking/running trail, there were cars on that huge parking lot but I didn't meet anyone there. The view was nice, really green grass and trees, couple of bridges. Good for peaceful walk in the nature, but not very exiting. Lots of benches so it's good for picnic

I do not recommend. Sketchy AF! It needs serious clean up and there is no waterfall ☹️ a vigorous stream at best.

Great hike! Took my 3yr and wore my 1yr old accompanied by another family with the same aged kids. All of them loved the waterfall, little bridges, and different streams, rocks and ups and downs. Will be revisiting this place again.

29 days ago

Besides the copious amount of bugs one of my favorite trails! Definitely worth going up to the second loop as well. Small incline and a few good views and other trails to branch off of if you feel like going off the main trail. Bring bug spray or you’ll get eaten alive!

30 days ago

I go here a lot with the dog. Wear lots off bug spray in the summer. Lots of poison ivy on the sides off some paths leading from the parking lot. The lower area with the waterfall is very nice. If you go around the back side where the sand pits are you can see the new huge solar farm or detour down to the CT river. Lots of ticks near the river. Path leads to an old nursery. Better to go there not in summer because it’s overgrown and the ticks. The trails around the upper and lower ponds are decent.

1 month ago

Very overgrown, I didn’t even want to walk in. Maybe I’ll try again in the fall or winter.

Loved the waterfalls! Wear bug spray next time. Easy

I'm sure the trail(s) are incredible. But with ZERO trail markers, I can't tell you. The trail map at the park is a piece of wood wolith no markings at all. Walked roadways for an hour and saw nothing other than the same cars and people apparently looking for the same thing.

2 months ago

Great easy walk for dogs lots of benches for rest

Went on the red trail around the pond with my 9 yr old . Was nice and easy and still long enough to feel like a good walk

trail running
2 months ago

hike and trail run this trail all the time! Always see deer here. The boyscouts recently build a small staircase down to the waterfall which they did a good job on. the two watercrossings could use better bridges and there is a steep hill I could do without, otherwise this trail is awesome

Super cool hike, with numerous blazes and trails throughout to make it easier or harder for what you may prefer. Castle Craig is unique to see, but the Blue Blaze trail offers some cool scenes of the reservoir.

Awesome place to relax and see the view. I drove up and on top is amazing. It overlook hubbard park and you can see i691 alot of green that is the best part check it out https://youtu.be/kyc615ImddE

Easy hike , waterfall , upper and lower ponds . Great for kids .

Nice easy trail, bring bug repellent...

Beautiful view once on the west side of the reservoir! Definitely a bit of a workout but not too challenging. The trail was well marked once on it but the trail head itself was fairly hidden once completing the paved walk on the east side. Definitely would do it again! Pretty rocky so wear sturdy shoes.

Nice trails, variety of terrain, fields, woods, stream crossing with no bridge.
Trails need much better marking. Many splits with no markings.
Dog came home with a dozen ticks and didn't even go off the trail.
Plenty of poison ivy. Watch what you touch.

It was easy, mostly flat. Saw a bunch of deer which was surprising considering how close to the highway you are.

Me and my husband went on a day hike to Habbard Park. I was very disappointed at the map of the park which was kept near the parking lot as there was nothing that can be seen on that board. Then I noticed people walking and then followed them to the white trail... After a 30 minute walk I took a sharp left on to the blue trail. That trail was narrow and desserted. When we reached at the top of the trail the view from there was outstanding... On our way back we were only able to see the blue tail and was forced to hike that back... But after a minute or two of descending we understood its very risky and again we went back up to search for white trail. I was not able to find and took help of another family hiking. As they adviced to take the paved road we took that.. But again after half mile there was an intersection saying castle and radio tower. There was nothing written which should be taken to go back to the park or any evidence of white trail. We were so confused and took the road down hill thinking that will be the road back. It took about 3 miles to reach back to the park. Later we understood the fact that white trail was starting from the castle Craig. Anytime planning to go to this park please try to have a map of the trails handy as the trails are bit confusing for the newbies.

Make sure and read reviews, a short (~1 mike) trip from trail end to car. Was a pretty hike, very easy going.

This is one of my favorite hikes in CT. It's only 10 minutes south of Middletown but when you're on the trails it feels like remote New England. The paths are beautiful with a photo-worthy view around every corner. All of that aside - if hiking the full 10 miles from Bear Hill to Seven Falls and back - it is legitimately rated hard.
1. Make sure you wear hiking boots for this. Many places on the trail you are traversing various grades of granite. Some mildly steep, some very steep and in three different places there are near vertical 8 - 10 foot scaling. Several of these places my dog would not have been able to get up or down - and she is a very athletic border collie.
2. Several people reference the intersecting trails. There are 4 main places and several minor where I hiked into an intersection with 3 or 4 path options. While I had this app and I was also recording my progress on map my hike, that still didn't prevent me from choosing the wrong path sensing I was headed in one direction only to look down at my apps 50 feet down a path just to realize I was heading back the way I came. I finally broke out my old school compass given the frequency that it happened.
3. The blue-yellow trails are far easier than the straight blue trails. If you have a dog or younger kids you will probably be safer staying on those trails.
4. Definitely wear and bring bug spray with you. What makes this hike so pretty in many places are the springs, creeks and bogs. But with water come a lot of bugs even early in the season when it's still cool. I wore a lot of bug spray and reapplied several times so they were not an issue.
5. This entire area is breathtaking when the mountain laurels are in bloom.

4 months ago

Nice place to take your dog for a walk or go for a stroll - there are two paths you can take. It’s a good alternative to walking on the bike path if that’s a bit further of a drive. It’s also a good spot to go snowshoeing when there’s snow.

Really beautiful trail and awesome views. Blue trail was steep and rocky. Great spring hike.

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