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17 hours ago

pretty intimidating incline off the bat. google says to make a right. don't make a right and park on dirt on left. there is a wood that says Dalton and Poop out. if u go to the tipy top u get a 360 view. kicks ur butt.

1 day ago

Starts off very steep then it's all downhill on the way back on Mystic trail. Poop out trail lives up to its name, as you will be pooped out. It will give you the workout you need for lower body and legs strength. It will also help develop endurance uphill. When you reach the top, it's all worth the amazing views.

3 days ago

very good exercise trail.

4 days ago

Poop Out to Punk Out and down to Mystic. Wow. This is my favorite hike to get a 2hr workout. You get 1500ft elevation gain in the first 1 1/2 miles so expect to get worked. Once you get to the top it's a long 3 1/4 miles trekking downhill. I'm thinking of starting at Mystic then to Punk Out and that will give me a longer time climbing up. Check out Potato Mtn for a nice 4.2 mi 1100 elevation gain 80min workout.

5 days ago

The trail humorously lives up to its name. For all that work it's not as gorgeous as I'd hoped, but I was looking for more of a work out and didn't care too much about the vistas, which were still solid in the big scheme of things.

This hike is pretty easy compared to its rating. I did it at night, while recovering from a cold. Going uphill sick wasn’t a joy, but the views are worth it! Most of the trail is well maintained with little rock issues. Once you get to the last half a mile it becomes lose, but still walkable. If you are looking to work on your cardio or sweat out a cold, this is a good hike. I didn’t see “shortcuts,” but from the map, they look similar to the path. The part that would make this rated hard would be the uphill motion, but it’s not difficult. It just pumps your heart. This is good practice for anyone looking to strengthen their heart.

Hiked this on a Tuesday as a part of a long loop from the Visitors center of 12 miiles. No water in the pools but lots of scenery and views.

1 month ago

First .7 of a mile is steep steady incline. You’ll reach a flag once your there. The push to punk out is also steep and steady incline. There is a flat break between the two challenges... the hardest trek is the first 1.5-2 miles from then on is quite peaceful. great place to work on incline for more intense hikes like iron mountain by bridge to no where... I’m here every morning... love this challenge. No matter how many times I do it I still have a great work out from this challenge.
P.s. there’s a cool flat cement stand big enough to workout on/ or hang with a group.. it’s after passing the flag walking towards punk out sign.. it’s will be on the right hand side right as the mountain dips before ascending again.

It was beautiful when I was there and I was so lucky to have such a wonderful friend

it was a nice little Trail that really did poop you out when you got to the top.

on Colby Trail

1 month ago

upper Colby trail is awesome experience..

Love the scenery! Difficult but worth it.

1 month ago

Great hike. Gear for beginners and kids.


I absolutely love this trail!!!

This is a nice short urban trail. I started near yellow gates, that read "Not An Entrance".
- Easy Parking
- Well lined trail
- Limited # of people
- Nice views
- Good workout regardless of fitness level.
- Dirty
- Heat
- Dusty
- Short length
I highly recommend this trail for anyone. Bring enough water, hat, cooling towel, and a potato. Do not leave your potato :).
It can be steep in certain parts if you're not used to trails. Also, do not go during peak heat times if you are not accustomed to the temperature.

best part about this trail is the free parking! Clairmont P.D let me know to put away any valuables in my trunk to help avoid any thefts. so far so good.

on Poop Out Trail

trail running
1 month ago

First time to visit this fun place. steep incline will definitely swet your short workout. You might need your pole stick so pls bring it just in case you needed. Watchout for bikers going down. best place to visit would be weekday it's not crowded. I'd love to visit again and run sometime.

Came here at least 3 times a week over the summer with my dog. Easy trail but I love it! Once you get to the picnic area, it’s sometimes fun to go down below the bridge and walk through/along the edge of the creek until the end. Makes it slightly harder and gives a different perspective, your shoes will get wet though so come prepared.

Hard.. very inclined but beautiful trips



So, for my tips about this trail. Bring about 1-2 liters of water, a hat, sunscreen or get ready for a tan. 3/4s of your time here will be in the sun. There are two shortcuts on this trail. Yes, there 2 shortcuts because they are SHORTER. That is a short cut. The East side shortcut is about a mile less than the trail for those who aren't aware. The West side shortcut is about a half mile shorter. It is also harder than the normal trail but not for long. It's about a mile less than the paved trail but not for the fragile. It is much much steeper and I recommend nobody to take this side DOWN at night. I usually push up the paved trail and run all the way to my car down the paved trail down about 3-4 times a week before or after my gym sessions. I know this trail very well and can say anybody who has the will CAN do this hike with enough time, water and some good hiking partners :)

I do this trail often, its a great workout. There are 2 ways up to the actual top of potato mtn. Several trails extending into Claremont Wilderness! I opt for the steeper less traveled better view side. (People like to say its a shortcut but it isnt maybe a few steps less but a lot steeper forsure If you don't know the trail I'm talking about then you can't comment on it being a shortcut like that guy ^^^ that just left his review commenting on SHORTCUTS he has no clue about! ) I've clocked both trails in distance. Slightly west of the actual trail after the left turn up just past where the bees used to be. (broken down fenced flat area before the final climb up) To the right it's only a few steps shorter. You can see the path up to the top. The ones that call it a short cut are usually old or out of shape or have no clue what they're talking about but still no it alls are out there! No offense to anyone. Wish it was less crowded like it was a few yrs back but nothing lasts forever. Holidays are definitely to be avoided.

I made the mistake of bringing my bike on this trail and I am not a serious mountain biker. I did not intend to take my bike to the top but to leave it at the saddle because I had plans to chase geocaches on the west side of the saddle. Seeing that side was steep too I ditched my bike at the saddle and walked down a couple miles before turning around and coming back to the saddle then made the climb to the summit. After that I descended to get my bike then road slowly and safely down to my car on Baldy Road. This August day started off cool and overcast at 7am. Between 9-10am the overcast burned off and it got hot fast as I was ascending the summit. Good Labor Day exercise!

2 months ago

Easy hike for beginners. Loved the bridges that you cross along the way, would have been a perfect setting if there were water in the stream. The road up to the trail is very easy to drive through with almost no incline while driving.

Good combination of shade in the beginning 1/3 and awesome scenery of the surrounding hills in the second 2/3. It was overcast today so the view wasn’t as spectacular as I’m sure it is on a clear day. It is a good strenuous workout but I wouldn’t put it in the Hard category. Don’t be afraid of it if you’re just starting out. I would recommend a knee brace for the downhill back if your subject to knee issues. Should bring a potato and a sharpie.

Definitely worth it for the view at the top. Not recommended for a beginner unless you like a challenge. It is all inclines so unless you have already been conditioned to withstand miles going up, beginners beware you will tire out.

Loved the trail. Great workout. Lots of inclines. If you like a strenuous hike with great views and wildlife. This is a hike for you!!!!

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