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3 days ago

Hiked 9/5/18 from shuttle stop. Apparently there's a new trail, because this is a shorter route than going from the car parking. It goes through a nice clearing with mountain views, but does not go by St Mary Lake. An easy, pleasant walk with both mountain and waterfall views. Be sure to look east (away from St Mary Falls) for nice views.

Hiked today and saw several areas at the beginning of the trail with scat and some bear tracks around the horse loop. Took almost 2.5 hours to get to the lake and a little under 2.5 on the way back down (average hikers). We saw two moose along the way and a deer. We didn’t see any bears until we were pulling out of the many glacier hotel parking area... on the cliff side .. saw several more up on the mountain on the drive out as well as one on the side of the road about .5 miles from the many glacier exit. Carry bear spray and be aware. In regards to the lake, it’s the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. Weather is temperamental on this side so be prepared for wind, rain, and shine. Bugs were not bad. 9/20.

Awe inspiring views from start to finish are provided by this half dirt, half boardwalk trail. Hidden Lake Overlook gives you a great sense of the alpine habitat without too much stress and features an absolutely stunning view at the lookout.

The trail has two staircases divided by a quarter mile of flat terrain. Given the boardwalk and short distance, this can be enjoyed by the entire family.

This is a trail that requires you to pay attention to the weather. The trail begins at roughly 7,000 feet, and when we hiked the trail in mid September, temperatures were 10 degrees colder at the trailhead than reported by rangers. Moreover, visibility can be a challenge because low-ceiling cloud cover can completely engulf this area of the park, even if it is bright and sunny in the West Glacier area (the trail is on he mountain that essentially “blocks” the clouds from moving down through the valley).

Words are insufficient to describe the beauty of the place.

Views plus being close to a glacier makes one feel as though one is in heaven!

Wonderful views and a very peaceful hike. I only saw a handful of people when I hiked in September. Is easy and short. Great hike if you need a light day after heavy hikes the day earlier.

Cracker Lake trail is very different from many trails in East Glacier. The first half of the hike in is mostly forested, many switchbacks and few great views. But the last half is gorgeous. The Valley seems to continue to unfold as you get closer to the lake. Very scenic valley and nice place to camp out or picnic.

Awesome trail. Only took it to the lake, but up the pass would totally be worth it. Consider breaking it into a couple nights at camp or pressing on LEW

Moderate incline the entire way, but nothing to shy away from. Horses had the first mile torn pretty good. Beauty of a hike with less of a crowd

Great hike, with spectacular scenery of the mountains. The first part of the trail was heavily trafficked, up to a lookout point that has a view of the lake below. After leaving the lookout point the trail heads down to the lake and the traffic thins out.

10 days ago

Great hike. Very popular in the beginning but head to the lake and it becomes less populated.

The lake itself is beautiful! The first couple miles are highly covered in horse poop, which is a little frustrating. Once you get past that part it’s much better. The views of the lake are incredible. It’s worth going to if you don’t mind the horses and horse poop!

The beginning of the trail is a little busy because most people just go to the look out. We went all the way down to the lake. It is slightly strenuous coming up from the lake, but it only takes a few minutes. We saw a ton of hoary marmots just past the lookout.

11 days ago

This was the first leg of a 5 day backpacking trip from St. Mary to Two Medicine. A fairly gradual uphill hike in the beginning with numerous wildflowers and thimbleberries along the route. Mostly without shade due to the fire, though regrowth is happening. The lake itself was very nice with good campsites and food prep area.

Great exercise, and the view at the lake is breathtaking! Lake is freezing, but there are plenty of deer and other wildlife to be seen on the way. Running shoes worked during the summer-
Busy trail with a lot of families, but still recommend

Great hike. Set some time aside to enjoy all the cut outs and views of the river. Saw deer and a Bear way in the distance. Great work out.

Truly a capstone event if visiting the park. The last waterfall is an incredible walk-up 60 foot fall. On the trail, we also saw 2 moose.

trail running
17 days ago

This is by far my favorite trail run I have ever done. It starts off with a boardwalk, that goes out to the lookout point, but you have to go down to the lake because it is amazing. The elevation gain is not too bad, once you get to the switchbacks it does get a bit steep, but always safe. There is a mountain goat that hangs out just past the lookout. The lake at the end is not too cold for a swim.

Get there early in the day, because the parking lot is mayhem!

We went later in the day, so there were not too many crowds. Easy hike, with a gradual climb.

19 days ago

Planning in Glacier is a bit tricky. With the fires and lots of trails having restrictions for bears, we ended up changing plans around while there last week which included doing the hike up to the overlook. Initially wanted to go all the way down to the lake, but it was unfortunately closed for bears. Overall, it was an easy hike up, with an AMAZING view of the lake at the overlook. Really loved the fields going up with small streams & bunches of flowers too. Saw some big horn sheep along the trail up as well. Bummed we couldn’t make it down to the lake, but I guess we will just have to come back. Also - recommend going earlier in the day as it was pretty crowded coming back down (we left to go up around 9 am)

19 days ago

The effort to rewards ratio is insane on this one. Beautiful views of the mountains all the way to the overlook and the overlook view is very beautiful. But the lake itself is something out of this world. And all this for very little effort.

21 days ago

Worth every minute, mile, and sore muscle. This was only my second hike ever, but will likely be my favorite for a while to come. Definitely doable, even for those that aren't frequent hikers or aren't in marathon-shape (like me!), just requires stamina and the mental will to keep going. The hardest part (and the longest) for me was the final mile to the end on the return trip. I'm sure that's probaly the case with most hikes, but I thought the trail head was never going to appear! We spotted at mountain goat, a beaver-like animal, and a few riders on horses. Oh, and tons of adorable little chipmunks! Didn't see any bears, but definitely knew they weren't far away as evidenced by their droppings. Recommend bringing bear spray and a bell, just in case. As previously mentioned, the water is a surreal blue, and the backdrop is spectacular. We didn't swim in the water, as it was quite windy and chilly when we hiked (September), but we dipped our fingers in. Plenty of places to pitch a tent or have a picnic. Additionally, there's a little out-house at the top, which is nice! Lastly, the trail was not too crowded, which was nice, seeing as in some spots the path gets pretty narrow. I definitely recommend!

22 days ago

Travelled from Washington State and spent the labor day weekend at Glacier National Park. Went to hike Hidden Valley on 08.31.18.

A beautiful trail, flowers are still in bloom. Prestine lake surrounded by mountains.

This was a pretty hike through the forest. Very easy but long. There are out houses along the way which is nice too. Make sure to go up to the waterfall before the bridge! Lots of opportunities to take pictures!

on Hidden Lake Trail

25 days ago

2018.08 amazing rewards for little effort. mountain goats everywhere especially on the trail down to the lake and on the lake shore.

lovely area, Victoria falls is beaut. unfortunately, Glacier is on fire and access is restricted right now, so be aware if u r reading this in the next couple of weeks

Great views. Beautiful underbrush at this time of year. Very close to water falls and St Mary’s lake. Since the pine trees were burned with no needles, there were Great Lake View’s.

Did not realize the Many Glaciers Hotel was right on site. Memories of the Fairmont in Banff!!! A nice warm coffee stop before we headed back.

Awesome views. Route has a 2.5 mule loop option as well as the longer loops which is súper conveniente with the family.

Bears and wildlife were all over the place...very exciting!!!

Got as far as the overlook. Great views!

Great and easy hike. I hiked solo and never felt unsafe. Also saw a moose and heard warnings of a grizzly up ahead with her two cubs. Rangers did a good job of watching and ended up closing off a few subsequent trails.

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