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Physically taxing hike, but well worth the effort once you reach the top. Coming down was just as bad as going up!
Beautiful views of the valley & lake Macdonald.

Did this trail last weekend. very nice trail, its a climb but worth it, great views.

1 month ago

Steady climb up, steady decent down. Saw a number of other hikers, but no wildlife except a crow, a grouse (Ithink) and some ground squirrels. The climb to the top was worth the effort. We ate lunch on top sitting on the deck of the lookout tower. I felt like the cell tower at our feet competed for attention and was out of place but that did not stop me from texting pictures to friends back home. Once on top there is a fantastic view of Lake McDonald. I met some locals on the trail that had used the trail many times. Back on Columbia Falls I talked to anothe local who had traversed the trail on three occasions. If I do it again I will wear better socks or shoes and a cap with a bill. There is almost no shade. But The leaves a a brilliant yellow and falling along the lower trail.

great hike. snow towards the top but we had a nice fall morning. not tough but constant incline for most of the way up.

beatuiful colors and amazing 360 views! an all seasons hike in early october--summer sun and winter snow!

1 month ago

A good hike up the mountain and my wife and I did get to the tp and it was a spectacular view we didn’t anticipate. Those of you who gave up before the top missed it. Oh, I’m 71 and headed to east glacier tomorrow.

Long, steep climb up the summit of this mountain, with beautiful views along the way of the Flathead River valley. On the top, there are beautiful views of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

The smoke was not a problem, even though it was just over the hill.

The trail showed obvious signs of heavy usage, but was also well maintained. The signage made the path obvious. There was very nearly stairs all the way to the top. I saw plenty of folks over 60 doing the trail, even all the way at the top. Most folks turned back about halfway, but there were a ton of people. However, it was not too crowed. We found a parking spot at the bottom without waiting.

I think that this late in the season it is less busy and crowded.

The views are incredible, even with smoke. All the way up, there's an un-blocked view of the granite peaks. The glacier at the end is awe inspiring.

Park at the Huckleberry Mountain trailhead. The trail starts deceptively easy but then turns into a constant incline. Make sure to plan properly with plenty of water and take snacks and a lunch for the summit. There are great views along the way but I'm not sure the hike to the lookout is worth all the work to get there. The trail is narrow so you'll be going single file. I went Labor Day and Camas road was open. During the hike you could see some of the Howe Ridge fire.

Gorgeous views of Glacier. Tough climb up to the summit but worth it. If you’re hiking during fire season, do your research. If there’s a fire in the park, most likely it will be a smoky hike. Plan accordingly.

There are many incredible day hikes better than this one

im a flatlander, this was tough at the end. Inclined hike the whole way up. Narrow trail once you are past the parking lot. don't count on getting any shade until you reach the top.

Views at the top are good but not really breathtaking.

Steep trail that doesn’t overlook much until the top of the mountain.

Hiked this a couple weeks ago. It had great views and was the most lightly trafficked trail we did. Overall, it's not terribly difficult, but the very last stretch is up a steeper incline. With how dry the air is, I recommend bringing lots of water.

2 months ago

I hiked a portion of this trail with my 2 sons as many of the West Glacier trails were not open. It was a decent hike and only a little challenging although we did not complete the entire hike. There was nothing to "ooh" and "aah" about along the way, but it was still a nice hike on a narrow path. We saw a handful of other hikers on the way. The path is shared with horseback riders although we were hiking late in the day and didn't see any riders. In order to hit the trail head you must first drive a mile or so on a gravel road.

Smokey and can hardly see the West shoreline of Macdonald lake. Not much to see with the smoke. Relatively easy trail. My 62 year old mother made it up with many breaks and minimal complaints. Not much shade so much more enjoyable earlier in the morning.

Great hike. Highly recommend! Moderate climb; overall worth it! Didn’t see too many people. Hard to park as the Going to the Sun was closed and probably brought more people over to this trail. Lots of Hucks!

3 months ago

Not sure how this trail ended up being labeled as a “hard” trail - I would say it’s more on the easy/moderate end. Trail is clearly marked, flat, no scree, no scrambling, relatively moderate incline with a little bit of a more steep ending but by no means should this trail be considered “hard.” Could do it without proper hiking shoes even! No poles needed. Made it up 1:30, down in 1:05. Views are okay at the top but not as incredible as other hikes in GNP.

3 months ago

The trail offers little shade, but my friend and I did the trail super early in the morning so it was a nice cool hike up. That part of the forest actually burned down about 15 years ago and all the trees are now the same height (around 7-8 feet tall). Some really awesome views even though it's pretty smoky this time of year. It only takes about two hours to hike up, but I would definitely recommend getting an early start to avoid the heat.

3 months ago

Horse Ford, about 1.3 miles in, is absolutely beautiful. That’s a gradual downhill for about 1.3 miles until you get to Gunsight Trail. Gunsight is slightly overgrown but follows St. Mary river and is nice. The Florence falls 0.6 mike (1.2 our and back) Trail is VERY overgrown, so much so that it was tough to see my own feet at times. The falls are beautiful though.

we did the hike today. We really appreciated its quietness (we just met 15 people along the whole trail) and sighting at the top. I would not classify the hike as hard as it does not have any technical difficulties. The path is easily accessible to all but it is just long (19k). Moderate would be more appropriated. I would definitely recommend it.

Hiked this yesterday 08/04/18. Definitely recommend, it’s a beautiful hike. It took us 3 hours to the top and about 2 down. It’s pretty steep for the first 3/4 of the trail so it holds up its difficulty rating. Saw one black bear in the brush on the way up, and came across more people on the trail than I expected we would. Bring bug spray! The mosquitoes and flies in the beginning are a bother.

3 months ago

I loved this trail and the unique beauty it exposed!!!! We were downhill only. My legs did take a beating but totally worth it!!

3 months ago

Excellent trail. Hiked it on 7/27, hitting the trail at 7:15a. We didn’t see another person until the fire lookout at the top. Gorgeous 360 views, although a bit hazy from wildfires in Oregon/CA. The fire lookout was friendly and showed us around his station. Hike up took about 3 hrs and down about 2.5 hrs. Lot of shade going up due to the time of the day, and about 1/3 shade going down. Probably passed a dozen people on the way down. Great alternative to avoid the crowds on Going to the Sun Road.

So hot trail. No shadow all The trail.

horseback riding
3 months ago

Very narrow. Not that enjoyable. My husband very experienced and he did not enjoy.

I felt bad for the hikers always having to off the trail to get out of our way.

4th major trail we have attempted in the past ~7 yrs. Avalanche/ Danny On nearing 10X each. Birch Lake 1x. Apgar was easy to rank at the bottom of this grouping. No shade, payoff at the summit was solid but not what you get at Avalanche or Birch. Great workout and a good climb for sure. Parking was excellent. Horse poop was plentiful

A mostly steep, strenuous hike and we had to dodge horse poop all the way up (guess I shouldn't have picked a trail frequented by horses, huh?). We hiked on a day that started off overcast and never cleared up until much later than anticipated so I can't say what the view is like at the top. However we did hike up to the tower. Lots of mosquitoes so bring your big spray. We made it up in 1hr 24min, down in an hour but it definitely was an exhausting hike. Parking lot full by 10:30am so get there early.

It was cool

Great trail, amazing views!! Only reason for four stars is that the trail is overgrown and marshy (so...mosquitos!!) and the way back out is frickin STEEP! But definitely do this trail!! More than worth it!

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