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1 day ago

A very nice day with very few others on route. This is a bear active trail though, so make noise or talk as much as you can. Though we saw no bears on the trail we had a big grizzly Mum and big cub at the finish. Viewed them from the safety of our RV.
The track is easy with a steady gradient. The lake is spectacular and a nice lunch spot. Highly recommend.

Truly a capstone event if visiting the park. The last waterfall is an incredible walk-up 60 foot fall. On the trail, we also saw 2 moose.

10 days ago

Most of the trail is a walk through the forest with a fair incline, but near the end it opens up and you are exposed. During the year that we went, the start of the trail goes through an area that has experienced a forest fire, so all that's left is just burnt tree trunks.
There is no big ending at the lake, it just ends. If you are feeling adventurous you can bushwack and walk around the lake.
Its a good place to skip rocks, and just hang out.

We went later in the day, so there were not too many crowds. Easy hike, with a gradual climb.

This was a pretty hike through the forest. Very easy but long. There are out houses along the way which is nice too. Make sure to go up to the waterfall before the bridge! Lots of opportunities to take pictures!

19 days ago

- Well-maintained
- Gradient-friendly
- Spectacular views of valley and surrounding mountains
- Lots of fire damage
- Great lunch spot at lake
- No bugs due to high winds
- Good temperature throughout
- No bear sightings

lovely area, Victoria falls is beaut. unfortunately, Glacier is on fire and access is restricted right now, so be aware if u r reading this in the next couple of weeks

Great views. Beautiful underbrush at this time of year. Very close to water falls and St Mary’s lake. Since the pine trees were burned with no needles, there were Great Lake View’s.

Did not realize the Many Glaciers Hotel was right on site. Memories of the Fairmont in Banff!!! A nice warm coffee stop before we headed back.

Awesome views. Route has a 2.5 mule loop option as well as the longer loops which is súper conveniente with the family.

Bears and wildlife were all over the place...very exciting!!!

Great and easy hike. I hiked solo and never felt unsafe. Also saw a moose and heard warnings of a grizzly up ahead with her two cubs. Rangers did a good job of watching and ended up closing off a few subsequent trails.

This is a fun and fairly easy trail. Goes through a burn area that has now been taken over by the flowers. You still get great views of the mountains as you work your way through the woods. Keep going all the way to Virginia Falls, it is worth it! There are also several “mini-falls” between St Mary and Virginia that keep the light uphill portion entertaining. Limited parking- either take the shuttle, get there early, or be prepared to be patient for a spot.

Great trail that isn’t too long or too taxing. But it’s definitely longer than listed. Be prepared for about 4 miles there and back if you want to see Virginia Falls from the furthest viewing location. Lots of deer were on the trail, very tame.

Hiked on 8/5/18. Would definitely recommend stopping at the first lake, Fishercap lake, on the way in. Great spot to see moose. We stopped there twice and saw moose each time feeding in the lake. Additionaly, the waterfall and views from Redrock and Fishercap lake are beautiful. Good little hike.

do not follow this gps location/trail, it is a horse trail outside of the park, and you will absolutely will get destroyed by flies, horse flies, and mosquitoes.

1 month ago

Otokomi was a fairly strenous hike! It was our fourth day hiking so we were pretty tired and sore going into it! The hike has some burned areas leaving us pretty exposed so wear sunscreen and sunglasses! The hike is not frequently traveled so there are places where the trail is very narrow from bushes! We never had a problem finding the trail though! Lots of berries along the trail and we saw some bear droppings. The only bear we saw was near the end of the trail, down in the valley by the stream and it was walking towards the lake! Definitely bring your bear spray and be ready! The lake was very pretty and could see some trout swimming! There is not much for areas to sit down near the lake and lots of bugs! Bring your bug spray! We started at about 9am and there was only one other car in the parking lot. We passed by two groups of people going up and four groups on our way down! If you want some peace and quiet this is the trail!

1 month ago

Super easy, beautiful trail through a magical forest with exceptional views of lakes and mountains. The greenery was amazing - I’ve never hiked through anything that lush before. Lots of shade the entire hike. Glacial lake is beautiful. Easy to see Hidden Falls as well on the trail - look for the sign, only 0.3km from the main trail. The trail doesn’t require formal hiking gear or poles. Would make for a great trail run!

1 month ago

Spectacular! Was there about a week ago. Many hikers jumping off of the bridge below St. Mary Falls. Hike it to the end for the Virginia waterfall. It’s worth it.

Very pretty. Nice and easy. Lots of people though!

The Running Eagle Falls Trail is an enjoyable, leisurely 0.6 mile spur trail that culminates at a small waterfall. Parking available at the trailhead, fee required to park in Glacier. This pass can be purchased at the small drive-by ranger station by the Lower Two Medicine Lake road.

Having landed in Great Falls two hours prior, my father and I took a quick rest stop near Two Medicine Lake. The evening was upon us with sunset approaching quickly, so a long hike to Dawson Pass or Scenic Point would've been imprudent. This 10-minute walk seemed perfect. Running Eagle Falls sits a third of a mile past the trailhead; the present walk takes you through a nature trail along a creek. As another reviewer stated, it's a "walk in your backyard" difficulty that a toddler could complete.

The falls itself is normally comprised of two flows, one that tumbles over the rock formation, and the other that emerges from a cave-like area inside the formation. Low flow in August saw only the latter running. Fed by glacial melt, the stream is an opal blue, picturesque and perfect for photography. I found ample spots to shoot from, most of which required bypassing the wooden onlooker deck. My long exposure shot turned out beautifully.

Two Medicine Lake feeds this water source, so the falls should be running year-round. If you're making an exploratory pit stop- as dad and I did- make sure to venture to the falls for a quick Montana introduction. However, if you're spending a day near Two Medicine Lake, nearby Pitamakan/Dawson Passes and Scenic Point would be significantly more rewarding hikes. Little more than a decent outing, but quite glad I got to see the falls!

Popular out-and-back to two fantastic waterfalls. On the harder side of easy due to length and elevation gain. Don't underestimate the climb back up to the Sun Road. Also, very little shade due to recent forest fires: dress accordingly and bring water. Trailhead parking will be nearly impossible, so you will need to ride the free park shuttle from the St. Mary's Visitor Center.

1 month ago

Gorgeous! We took the 2 year old in a backpack, but the other kids (4-9) were exhausted by the end but did it! Virginia Falls are worth finishing the hike for.

Simple hike to an epic spot! Cliff jumps all day long.

1 month ago

This trail was alright. It was definitely moderate, not easy. There’s nowhere to park yourself near the trailhead, and taking the shuttle was a DISASTER. We waited forever and had to stand the whole way back to Logan’s Pass. The hike is pretty in some spots, no shade or anything because the trees are burnt. The two main waterfalls are HUGE they’re not the little ones you’ll pass. You’ll see 4 waterfalls, but the first and last are the main attraction. There’s other hikes I might go for before this one.

Grinnell Lake is a spectacular setting. We hiked it with our three teenagers. If you are reasonably fit, you can handle it. It is fairly flat and ended up being near 8 miles round trip. I had some trouble with distance combined with heat, but I overheat easily. The folks that said to take the north side of Lake Josephine were right. It is much more picturesque, but it is longer. The boat ride would have been a great way to shorten the hike, but we didn’t book in advance and when we got there at around 11 am, there were only 3 tickets left on the 4:30 boat. Also, know that parking is very limited and it is best to get there early. Not much wildlife, but we did see a female moose in one of the lakes from a distance and heard others say they saw a bull moose, they we never saw it. Lastly, we ate at the dining room of the Many Glaciers Hotel. Great hamburgers, nice wait staff and fairly reasonable pricing given the location.

Started at Sun Point, like another mentioned, because trying to get parking at any of the other trail heads was impossible. So this added about a mile onto the trail, well worth it, great views. All three falls are pretty, Baring, St Mary, and Virginia. Well worth the trip!

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this trail! Yes, there are a lots of trees, but still very pretty to look at. The wobble bridge, if you take the trail to the Grinnell Lake, very entertaining! The bugs were BAD this year, I ended up with lots of bites, my own fault for not wearing any spray. But hey, it's nature, not that big of a deal. The far side of lake was very pretty, not as well maintained but lots of wildflowers and cool trees to view.

1 month ago

This hike would be hard if you started it on a hot day after 10 in the morning as it is very exposed. However I would say its moderate. It is long but it is interesting and varied and not at all busy which is nice for Glacier.
The trail starts out steep and then flattens for quite a while and the last part is a bit gruelling but never difficult. The trail is easy to walk on but quite narrow in spots so it was hard to use poles for some of it as there are bushes on both sides (so don't hike alone).
Also when we were hiking back we could see the camp store for maybe 1/2 hour before we got there
All in all a good hike of about 5 hours plus the lunch stop. 2.75 hours in and 2.25 out at a brisk pace.

If you can handle 6 degree Celsius water, then pack your swim gear.

1 month ago

I would say the trail is easy to moderate at places. Every beautiful scenery and the lake is gorgeous. The fishing isn’t to bad.

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