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Wanting to hike this either 7/29 or 7/30 and looking for a small group to join as I will be solo. Email jwesleyregan@gmail.com to coordinate!

Hiked to the lake with two seven-year-olds today, and it was great. Almost no parking available at 8:30 am, though. The kids loved being by the creek, and the lake is lovely.

Loved it! Had a great day, boat trip, beautiful scenery, waterfalls, difficult switchbacks, tunnel, scramble, and lunch at a beautiful lake! We’re not super fit but we’re able to get it done and back to wait for the boat for an hour. Loved the experience and Waterton National
Park is beautiful!

This is a really fun hike that is good for most ability levels. The views are incredible. However, it is heavily trafficked which can be frustrating.

1 day ago

Very scenic hike. Hard due to elevation gain, uneven footing and exposed narrow trails cut into side of mountain

Did this back in mid June when the lake was still frozen over, very cool to see in the bowl of mountains it was surrounded by, and the view of valley you walked up to get it is spectacularly beautiful.

Hey! Looking to go out on 7/23 and if anyone is interested would love to create a group. It’s always better in numbers. If you’re interested email me at Meagan.lewi9@gmail.com

on Cracker Lake Trail

1 day ago

As other reviews have stated, lots of horse droppings on the initial stretch of the hike. I didn't consider this hike to be difficult, the inclines are very gradual. There is also a lot of shade in the beginning which was nice. There was a lot of bear activity when we hiked on 7/17/18 so carrying bear spray and being bear aware is essential.

on Cracker Lake Trail

1 day ago

As other reviews have stated, lots of horse droppings on the initial stretch of the hike. I didn't consider this hike to be difficult, the inclines are very gradual. There is also a lot of shade in the beginning which was nice. There was a lot of bear activity when we hiked on 7/17/18 so carrying bear spray and being bear aware is essential.

Beautiful view, worth the hike!

1 day ago

I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone who wants to see great views of Glacier! Wake up early and park at Logan’s pass and start hiking on the Highline Trail. We Started around 7:30 and the trail was very busy already with groups of people. My fiancé and I just took our time and took a lot of pictures on our way. Just about 2-3 hours later the rush of hikers calmed down as they all got ahead of us. The trail was more enjoyable once they all passed. I would definitely recommend hiking up to Grinnell Glacier Overlook. It is very difficult as you gain 1000 feet of elevation in .6 miles, but the views are jaw dropping! Make sure to go all the way to the top in order to see everything. After that we hiked to the chalet for a bathroom break and down to the loop. From the loop we got a shuttle back to Logan’s Pass. Besides the overlook, the trail is relatively easy and mostly downhill, unless distance is an issue for you.

Hiked on 7/15. Best hike of the week! Moderate hike with great views and what a payout at the end!! Coolest lake with stunning views. Saw a group of big horn sheep near the end. Go out early to have the trail to yourself and bring bug spray

Busy trail, but the view of the lake is amazing! Not a bad hike, and trail was very well maintained

Beautiful as is everything in the Park.

Easy hike bring plenty of water. Views are priceless.

Hiked July 16th. Absolutely beautiful! Really wish we had hiked Iceberg before Grinnell though, instead of the other way around. Grinnell raised expectations that were hard to meet. As you'll read, the only steep part is at the beginning, and the rest is a gradual climb. As one would expect, the water is cold, but not as cold as Grinnell, so take the plunge! Water shoes tho! We didn't have water shoes to navigate over the rocks when getting in and the soles of my feet were bruised the next day. Other than a moose occupying the trail on our way down, we didn't encounter much wildlife (12pm-5:30).

Hiked July 15th. If you also intend to hike Iceberg Lake while in Glacier, I recommend doing Iceberg before Grinnell. We did Grinnell first, and I feel as though it lessened the Iceberg Lake experience. Grinnell Lake is easily the best hike we have done. The experience is worth every drop of sweat shed along the way. Signage at trailhead states 5.7 miles to the glacier, making this more like 11.4 miles round trip. Sunscreen and bug spray are highly recommended, as most of this trail is exposed. The trail is not closed at 3.5 miles, but instead a barrier is present warning of the snow hazard ahead. My 15 y.o. chose not to continue beyond the first snow pack and waited for our return in a populated rest spot along the trail (that's 2+ hours of waiting without shade and only rocks to sit on).
There are 3 or 4 snow packs to cross still in mid-July. Besides deer and a bull moose, only one grizzly bear was viewable from the trail, and only with binoculars, so don't forget the binos. We jumped in the glacier lake at the top, but 15 seconds is about all one can bear. I will return at least once more before my hiking years are over!

Hiked July 14th. This trail came recommended by a classmate who had done it in recent years. If you're staying on the west end of the park, it's a must hike. Yes, it's quite populated, and too many people feel as though they have to walk shoulder-to-shoulder when passing instead of single-file, but it's to be expected with this type of trail. It's gorgeous from the beginning of the trail to the end! This was our introductory hike for Glacier, and we were not disappointed. If you wish to hike to just the first beach access, it's just over 2 miles in, making this hike only 4.3 round trip. As many recommend, once you've snapped a few initial pics, it's best to explore the further beaches where the crowds thin out.

This was one of the most beautiful hikes I've done. Living in Washington, I am spoiled with beautiful hiking - but Glacier is one of the countries most incredible sights to see. I hiked with 12 of my friends and everyone could handle this hike. It's a gradual incline so it doesn't feel extremely difficult. The trail was blocked off at about 3.5 miles. Some of us kept going and walked over the snow patches. It wasn't difficult to get across and the glacier lake at the top was well worth it! We also saw a few mountain goats on the way. No bears though! Would highly recommend this hike!

Today was the first day when it was officially open all the way to the Glacier. Only small patches of snow. Unbelievable views. A must do.

We did this hike in a group of 7 ranging from 10 to 60 years old. This took us 8 hours that is including a 1.5 hour lunch break at the lake and some cliff jumping into the lake.
We didn’t find the incline to be very difficult at all the cable, cave and ladder just needed to have caution, everyone in our group did very well.
We had a great time jumping off the cliffs at the top! We all packed 2 L of water and that seemed fine for our group.
We found that by the time we were half way down the kids were pretty tired but once we took their packs they were good to go to the bottom.
This was a fun hike but it is a long one.
I would not consider this a technical hike but the length could be difficult for some people.

Great hike lots to see great views! Just have to put your big girl pants on when it comes to the ladder and the cable

3 days ago

We began our hike at 1:30 pm when the sun was high - it was warm but worked to our advantage on the return as there was shade our entire descent (5:30-8:00pm). The trail was quite busy on our ascent but quiet on the return. Several springs and Ptarmigan Falls offered relief along the way. The lake is stunning - well worth the effort with our 8 & 11 year olds! Many icebergs were in the water and we even witnessed a chunk fall into the water while there. Stunning views all along the trail - if you’re in East Glacier do not miss! Also, bring your bug spray, bear spray and sunscreen! The bugs were really thick in the afternoon.

Hike is good. Best part of it is the extra mile to Grinnel Glacier overview.
High traffic, start before 7:15am if you want to beat the crowd.
Not a single berry on the whole trail so bear danger is close to none.(mid July).

Awesome hike - beautiful views & good trail. It took us 7 hours to hike up, around the lake & then down & to do the Hell’s Canyon trail on the way back. This included shipping @ the top to swim, eat & admire the views. The cliff, tunnel & climb with the cable are not for the faint of heart. I used 1.5 l of water & my husband used almost 2.5 l.

Beautiful! Keep going to the beaches and see the most beautiful lake of cold water! Nice and shady the whole way.

4 days ago

Views are outrageous, felt constantly like I was going to fall off the side of the cliff. Switchbacks were rough but doable. The end finishes with four miles of downhill and that was the worst part. We are pretty proud of ourselves for finishing

Going to this hike Friday 7/19 or Saturday 7/20! Female solo hiker if anyone else would like company or dosent mind one more to add to a group feel free to text or call 9188431335.

Awesome lake in a bowl at the end.

Did this one 2 weeks ago. Loved this one. Great scenery. Only thing I didn’t enjoy was that it had rained the day before and the 1st km or so was walking through a mixture of mud and horse droppings.

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