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Beautiful trail that runs along the creek for the first half and then thru the forest and ends up at spectacular water falls.
Trail marking is a little confusing as it is signed John's lake, but just keep walking by the creek. After the forest keep going all the way to the end, past where people stop at a viewing area on the other side of the creek and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view.
Spotted deer, and a mama moose with a baby swimming across a marshy area before the forest.

Lake was nothing special, barely even visible really. The part of the trail on the south of GTTSR (which is where the lake was) was pretty boring, just a bunch of felled trees, and that is where the majority of the incline on this trail was. I would just do the north portion, which is also the beginning of McDonald Creek Trail. Very pretty hike along the rushing water. Horses also use portions of the trail. Make sure to have bug spray! There is a sign for the trail head on the south side of GTTSR, with room for about 6 cars to park, or you can turn north just to the east of that trailhead for more parking (and the better part of the trail). Got there around 0830 and we got the next to last spot on the southside, I assume there were still plenty on the north side. The 13 and 15 year old were pretty bored with this one.

The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. My favorite trip was at sunrise.

1 day ago

For your very beginner or family with kids or older adult with decreased endurance or activity level.

Of all the places I have the opportunity to drive this has to be on the top of my list. The views are unbelievable from the top. I’ve had the chance to not only drive this road but I’ve been able bike and snowshoe this road in the winter.
Pro: unbelievable experience with both scenic and wildlife experience.
Con: large crowds during summertime, very steep, limited parking.
Best time to visit: First two weeks of October just before they close it for the winter.

This one was neat. We saw several mountain goats right near/on the trail. There were also bighorn sheep near Logan's Pass Visitors Center. Up to the overlook was very wide open, this was the only trail I that I wasn’t super stressed about bears on. (However, the continuation of this trail that leads down to the actual lake itself was closed due to bear danger.) As I said, very open, so make sure to have relief from sun if needed.

Now for the BUT... I read this one as being "easy" and Avalanche Lake being "moderate" This one was WAY more difficult for my husband and I with our toddlers on our backs than Avalanche Lake Trail. This one is both shorter and has less incline, but the incline being spread over so much less of a distance meant the incline was much steeper. That alone made it more difficult, but to top it off even mid-July there was still snow covering a LOT of the trail. Definitely would not do this one again with toddlers on our backs. Our 13 and 15 year olds said it was their favorite trail of the trip though.

Do not forget bug spray. Also, hiking poles would probably be very helpful.

Great hike, I highly recommend this one!

There is no better road in America. Don’t believe me... try it.

Excellent hike for the entire family here. Likely see some people cliff jumping at Mary falls either off the rock or bridge. Great waterfalls

Great hike! Take your bear spray and camera!

Biking this road before the season opens for vehicle traffic was the best decision we made while visiting Glacier. June 2018. We parked at Avalanche Lake and biked to Logan’s Pass, one of the most amazing things we have ever done! I have walked the Cliffs of Moher, climbed the Sydney Bridge etc etc BUT this trek was THE best!

This trail was good for doing with our children but overall I felt it was like a trail you could do in any forested area (but maybe I was just spoiled by some of the breath-taking from hikes earlier in the week)

We did this hike on Tues 7/10. We were completely surprised by and unprepared for so much of the trail being covered with snow but we hiked it anyways and were certainly glad we did. We did this trail with 4 of our children ranging in age from 1-8. The older two were able to complete the hike easily on their own with exception of one very small part of the trail (about 15 yards) where we were on a dirt hill between 2 snowy spots. I’d imagine this part will get easier and easier as the snow melts. The view at the overlook was so beautiful it was certainly worth it and we saw a few mountain goats. I highly recommend this trail

We did this hike on Wednesday 7/11. It was perfect for our family which included our 5 children ranging in age from 1 to 8. Definitely bring bug spray. We hung out by the lake (which is more like a pond) with the mountains in the background and enjoyed the peaceful scenery. I believe we crossed onto McDonald’s Creek trail too because we also walked along the river. It was really enjoyable.

Make sure you hike to Virginia Falls - spectacular!! Not as many people

Went in at sun point nature trail was about 6 miles round trip to Virginia falls. definitely worth the trip waterfalls all along the way. dropped in at sun point due to lack of parking at the other trail heads but still a great hike. easy for all ages took about 3 hours with short stops at the waterfalls.

5 days ago

Easy shaded loop with great view of falls and a bridge crossing.

Very fun for all ages. Pack a lunch and mosquito spray.

Nice, fun trail. My husband and I took the round trip boat tour with a guided hike to Twin Falls. The boat ride is 20-25 mins. The guided hike was 45 minutes to the falls. The guide (Nathan) provided great information about the history of Two Medicine lake area. We highly recommend the guided hike. The hike was slow with the 25-30 people but the info provided made it worth it. We hiked on our own to upper Two Medicine lake. We did not see any wildlife other than squirrels (no bears!) heard birds. Nice views of the mountains at the upper lake.

Easy hike to nice falls. We literally stumbled upon a deer near the trail head.

We hiked from the sub point parking lot to Baring Falls, St Mary Falls and Virginia Falls. All three were beautiful and different. The views along the way were spectacular. Bring lots of water and a camera. It is a must to go to the top of Virginia Falls!

Nice and easy. We hiked it with 2 toddlers. The scenery was gorgeous. Plenty of shade and close enough to touch the river in some places.

Amazing view at the end! Definitely still lots of snow even in mid July. I was amazed to watch people in sandals and tennis shoes trying to make it up the snow. Several mountain goats and bighorn sheep along the way.

A good easy hike, a well traveled trail two beautiful water falls, I enjoyed the second part of the trail the most as you follow the creek up to Virginia falls, also take a plunge into the current off the rocks at St. Mary falls, (at your own risk) and if you want to extend your hike, park at Sunrift Gorge trailhead and walk an extra mile past the baring water fall and along the banks overlooking St Mary lake.

This trail is almost entirely snowed under!! Only spent about 10% of the time on an actual boardwalk, the rest was very thick snow. In saying that, it was definitely doable (I had poles and hiking boots, but I saw people struggling in their thongs or sandals!). As everyone else says, it’s also crazy busy.
The lake isn’t super visible at the moment either as there is still a lot of snow around, so I would love to come back and check this out in a month or so, as I think it would be a 5/5 trail and view!
Saw a lot of mountain goats, and one beautiful grizzly bear that wandered over to the trail to scratch itself on the boardwalk! There was another grizzly floating around too!

13 days ago

Beautiful trail but very busy! A bit steep at times. If you are looking for views away from the crowd, this is definitely not the overlook for you.

Hiked 7/5. Parked in Sun Point (lot of spaces) and hiked along lake to St Mary Falls. Pretty and easy hike. Caught shuttle back to Sun Point lot so didn’t have to do the entire hike back since had some older hikers with us. Total about 2.5 miles

Easy hike with beautiful views.

good hike with kids. relatively flat and easy. gorgeous scenary which includes a forest and large lake.

Beautiful waterfalls and a relatively easy hike.

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