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Such a fun and easy hike. Great for the whole family. Breathtaking views

Beautiful hike through the old growth cedars along the creek, ending at a glacial lake with great waterfalls and thick plant life everywhere!

a long yet if your up for the 14 mile hike and XC skiing well worth it hike! amazing views from the start to finish! We thought we would be the only people up there, but there was about 6 other people behind us. make sure to start early, it took us about 12 hours, because of the road being closed 5 miles before the trail!!!

Amazing trail, we hiked it a total of three times. Bring plenty of water, sandwich and snacks. Make sure to pack a light rain jacket or a wind breaker, it gets much colder up near the top than it is on the bottom. We went through all weather on the way up. From hot to cold. Wear sunblock and carry bear spray, we saw grizzly and the rams were aggressive too, even though we gave them lots of space and never approached them. Try to stick with other people. Amazing views the entire time. It is a challenging hike.

Crowded but awesome trail

Magnificent trail. I’ve hiked all of New England- Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and a great deal of the West. Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho. Nothing I’ve seen in the States has come close to comparing to this trail. And it’s a surprisingly easy hike for how incredible the views are. If you live in the states it’s a hike you’ve got to experience.

First hike I completed in the park and the view you are rewarded with at the end is well worth it. Be sure to carry bear spray, even though it is a very popular hike and almost always crowded during tourist season you still have a chance at seeing a bear.

Crowed during tourist season but still one of my favorite hikes. There is so much beauty all along the trail. At the beginning there's not a lot of shade so it's easy to get sun burnt. Be sure to wear sun screen and if you get too hot you can always jump in the water at Saint Mary's Falls.

1 month ago

An amazing hike - we did it mid-July and the upper section of the trail still had snow in a couple of places and a waterfall falling right on the path. There was a warning about "snow danger" in place too even though none of the snow patches could have possibly been dangerous in any way.
The views are absolutely stunning throughout the hike, and the lake with the glacier at the top are just beautiful. We saw some bighorn sheep too.
Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes we've done!

My favorite hike of all time...so far! Accidentally took the ranger led hike down to the shore of Grinnell Lake, not knowing the glacier trail head was by the boat dock. Did see a black bear cub and we all were a bit nervous because we didn't know where the mother was located. Finally got back to the trail head after the 2-hour ranger led hike and started hiking up towards the glacier. Only got about halfway up the trail before heading back due to time, but the views were simply amazing! Moose, deer, bears, big horn sheep and other small critters are up there in late June. Beautiful!!!

1 month ago

First, Glacier National park is a treasure. Be prepared for sights and colors and sensational scenery!! This was the most incredible hike to a vanishing glacier. Start early in the morning. You will be stopping frequently to snap photos. Also, you will get wet. I hiked this in July and there was still snow patches and water to travel over and under!! Bring a water filter system so you can drink glacier water. I saw many animals... a Wolverine, for one. Bring bells and bear spray. Be prepared and you’ll have such special memories of this hike!

Absolutely stunning views. We went in June and part of the trail was still closed for snow.

A short and easy hike through the woods with a spectacular lake framed with mountains at the end and a nice stream with small waterfalls at the beginning. The chipmunks and golden-mantled ground squirrels by the lake are so used to human presence, you can observe them from closer up than anywhere else I've ever been.
If you have a half-afternoon free and happen to be in the area, this hike is an absolute must! Just expect parking to be somewhat difficult at peak season, as the hike is very popular.

2 months ago

My favorite hike of the visit
End of August 2017, a bit warm and some smoke due to fires but air quality during our hike to Grinnell was fine
Saw moose in lake Josephine , grizzly meandering across trail, and many big horn sheep !
The views are spectacular both from the trail throughout and also at the glacier/ lake This is a must do hike

2 months ago

Hike to lookout deck is busy and crowded but nice vistas. Was there end of August so air wis a bit thick with smoke . Trail after lookout is nice with long gradual descent until final 1/4 mile which is steep with many switchbacks . Nice hike.

2 months ago

Hiked May 2016. The view was worth the trip, absolutely beautiful! Many Glacier was my favorite area of the park!

we went around 8-9am and it was CROWDED. its a good hike if 1) you need recovery day from a long hike 2) want to do a "family" hike 3) you are older and have problems with some of the other moderate or difficult hikes. if none of those apply to you, i'd pick something else.

Nice shady moderate hike for our last day in Glacier after being beat up from all the other hikes of our trip. The lake is so pretty and the falls into it are breathtaking.

2 months ago

Views had my jaw dropping the whole time. Within the fist 20 minutes a Grizzly was spotted and we got to see him playing in the water with binoculars. We were unable to go to lake shore as it was closed due to high Grizzly activity. Mountain goats were all over the place unphased by humans and licking the handrails for the salt. waterfalls from the gorgeous glaciers everywhere.

make sure you go on a clear day or you will be disappointed. the view at the end is fantastic

Amazing and Beautiful

Busy trail, but the lake at the end is worth it!

4 months ago

A truly beautiful hike with amazing scenery. It's not a hard hike to do, however towards the end of the hike there is a serious amount of snow that made it basically impossible to make it all the way to the glacier. Still a great hike.

Nice and somewhat easy hike! It was extremely busy but that did not stop us from enjoying it. Once we hit Avalanche Lake we took a little break, dipped our toes in the water and enjoyed the beautiful scenery!

Easy hike with great views on the beginning and end of the trail! Avalanche Lake is well worth it!

Great hike, fast and easy. Lake was gorgeous. Fishing was slow but successful.

Hiked: Mid-October 2017
Weather: recent snowfall and VERY windy
Wildlife: goats, elk, grizzly, deer
Boats were not operating at time
Bathrooms and picnic tables at the trailhead

Arrived about 11am. Enjoyed getting the heart pumping with a brisk walk bc boats were done for the season. Lots of canopy coverage at this point. The trail becomes slightly steeper, but definitely manageable. This is about the time you look back and get gorgeous views of the lakes.

At this point in the hike, other hikers pointed out a bear much further walking up the trail. We continued on to warn hikers in front of us about the bear, which we thought was black. We were about 1.5 miles from the end when we viewed the grizzly bear at a safe distance. Waited about an hour before turning around bc the winds were supposed to be even worse that afternoon and the bear was still eating about 100+ yards from us, but about 50 feet off the trail ahead. Hey... a bear’s gotta eat and I can definitely relate! Still sad I didn’t finish a hike I had planned for so long, but the journey was still wonderful.

Will definitely be back to complete this hike in the future!

Hiked to St Mary's Falls early in the morning before the crowds. Saw only a couple of other hikers on the trail. Many varieties of wildflowers. Water is crystal clear.

5 months ago

Hiked this in mid/late June, by far my favorite hike of the trip. Parking wasn't bad - we got there early. Lots of people milling about, only about 1/2 actually seemed to climb through the snow to the lookout point.
Then you're fairly alone on the trail once you start heading down from the lookout. We saw about 5 other people at the bottom by the lake. The weather was warm, we ended up shedding layers after the hike. Definitely glad we brought poles through the snowy trek to the bottom.

on Hidden Lake Trail

5 months ago

I hiked this trail years ago when I lived there. it was beautiful!

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