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Beautiful and easy day hike. Upper falls aren’t nearly as pretty and could be skipped if you wanted to do a shorter hike

Hiked 7/17: NFRD 90 is full of dips that u won’t see but will hear the bottom of your car scraping the pavement- 30 mph max! Hike: need a NW Forest Pass....well marked trail with Lewis River right next to you almost the entire way up to Upper Falls. No bugs and only saw 2 people on the way in. Great hike for a hot day!

Forgot to clock out of my recording so it recorded a bit of the drive out!
It was a beautiful clear day and we ended up dipping into the water. We arrived at lower Lewis and didn’t realize we could hike up to see middle Falls and upper Lewis. I highly suggest doing so, middle Falls was one of my favorite stops just because it wasn’t nearly as crowded as the lower Falls!
Great hike and would do it again!

I was here on 7/15/2018.
Gorgeous trail, well worth the drive.
Because I hiked this with a dog, I showed up at about 9:30am to beat the heat. It was pretty cool on arrival. I hiked from Lower Falls to Upper Falls and was back to my car by 1pm. I stopped at all three Falls to take in the view, so the hike could have been much shorter if I didn’t stop for breaks.
Not buggy at all, I even forgot to put on bug spray and didn’t get any mosquito bites.
The trail is well maintained and easy enough for beginners, but fun enough for experienced hikers.

These falls really are a must see. Just go. It’s an easy hike with decent mileage and views you won’t forget.

The road to get here is packed full of pothole-like dips, so take it slow. Also, a part of the road is all gravel. I drove a Prius and it did just fine, but I did need to take it slow.

My favorite falls of the trio is the lower falls because they are spectacular and offer great swimming options. The middle falls were very beautiful. I especially liked how the water ran over the top of a rock outcropping that was only an inch or so deep. Very beautiful!

Beautiful hike. Make sure you go down to the lower falls too, that was the best part of the hike for us.

12 days ago

This is truly one of my new favorites. Trail was awesome and in great condition! Went straight to the upper Falls, had lunch and a refreshing dip in water-less people at the upper Falls-so glad I read the reviews to go there. Returned back where son swam in the middle Falls. Breathtaking scenery.

The road to the falls was a bit washed away but seemingly managed. I'd suggest a SUV or pickup. It was worth the trip though because the falls were beautiful. You can't beat the fresh smell of a waterfall from the ice caps of a mountain. Precious and spectacular. The rumble of the falls is absolutely a sound I won't yet forget. Go and enjoy!

13 days ago

Lower Lewis Falls is one of my favorite places to camp! Unfortunately the pit toilets are horrible! On the other hand, it is a great base camp to explore the Mt St Helen's area. There are several waterfalls in the area.

My wife, and I hiked the trail to the middle, and upper falls last week 7/2/18. It is a beautiful hike. We like to pack a lunch, and eat at upper falls. What a gorgeous place. Safe for the whole family.

Beautiful trail. 1st time to upper falls and it was amazing. Have hiked to middle many times, glad we pushed on to the end

Loved this shirt hike! Great for kids and the water felt amazing!

Definitely beautiful and worth walking to all three falls. Trail starts in a campground so its pretty crowded. It is a very easy trail great for kids and pets.

One of the best trails in the park

19 days ago

Beautiful hike! This is definitely a dog friendly hike if you wanted to bring your pup with you. Make sure you take time to enjoy the falls — it’s gorgeous!

The road has a good amount of pot holes so if you’re going to go in your car (like me) just go slowly.


One of my favorites for sure!

Nice hike, amazing waterfall

Love this trail love fording the creeks hiked this trail and backpacked it wanting to go back and explore more.

This might be my favorite waterfall hike. It was really beautiful. Most people were doing the out and back trail so on the loop back to the parking lot, we were the only ones on the trail. Highly recommend!

Amazing place!!! All trails open however ROAD 25 to trailhead was closed. Take ROAD 23 to 90 if coming from east!!
Lower falls are the most impressive but don’t miss on upper falls. Definitely worth a hike

This was a long drive for us, coming south of Portland, but the trail and waterfall were totally worth it! We had a 1 (carried in a pack), 6 & 8 year old who did great on the trail and loved it. I would consider this trail heavily trafficked, but maybe because I'm not use to so many people. It's not like Multnomah falls, but there is a good sized lot at the trailhead for parking and it was full.

1 month ago

Came here a few times and still love it!

Great hike with a fantastic view of the falls at the top.

the falls were AWESOME. I'm asthmatic so trails with a lot of incline make me a little nervous but this wasn't too bad. my only qualm was with the road! the last 2 miles getting there is EXTREMELY hole-y. definitely have to take it slow to not ruin your car's suspension. (but it was also kind of apart of the fun)

short but steep on the way out. caught a couple trout. alot ot salamanders also.

1 month ago

Over Memorial Day weekend, backpacked the Lewis River Trail from Curly Falls to NF 90 and back over 3 days. 15.5 miles each way. This trail follows the Lewis River. There are a couple areas to camp along the trail in the beginning that have multiple sites and a few singles salt and peppered along the way. The trail is surprisingly hilly with a couple long flat areas to lengthen your stride. Of course water is plentiful. There are a few sections where the trail leaves the riverside but there are flowing streams in these areas.

There are 3 major falls along the trail that attract visitors. Upper Falls, Middle Falls and Lower Falls. These falls are beautiful. Lower Falls has a large campground great for a base camp then either drive or hike to the other two falls. This weekend was a particular busy weekend being a Holiday weekend, yet there were plenty of times when you were away from the crowd. Each falls can be driven to with a trail linking the parking areas to the falls.

The Lewis River Trail also attracts mountain bikers and they are allowed on the trail. A lot of mountain bikers seemed to start at the Curly Falls entrance and ride the larger portion if not all of the trail. They were all curtious to hikers.

This is a great trail to hike and the falls are a MUST SEE. The falls areas are popular and can be crowded. Families, kids, dogs and mountain bikers all enjoy the trail.

1 month ago

This is a great family hike for the out and back section. The grades are easy enough for even small children to make the trip. Mom and dad beware, there are a few short sections where the trail runs along a dropoff, not anything serious just an FYI. At the waterfall we ate lunch, kids climbed on the boulders, feed peanuts to the Chipmunks. When it was time to leave the kids reluctantly left the playground. Beware, info says light to medium use. I would say it's heavy use. get there early or mid afternoon to avoid parking issues.

On weekends it’s too crowded and too many dogs off leash and not controlled. There is a Leash law for this hike but not enforced.
During the week its fantastic.

Great hike! Kid friendly-ish. Wouldn’t recommend for new walkers.

Beautiful hike, lots of people!

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