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Beautiful! Stunning! Spectacular! Exciting to get through the tunnels! Loved the ride!

Long, steep climb up the summit of this mountain, with beautiful views along the way of the Flathead River valley. On the top, there are beautiful views of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

trail running
4 days ago

Excellent trail. It’s really just a moderate trail, with a little more distance. Overall the elevation gain is nothing compared to a hard trail. This is a definite people pleaser!

P.S. there is immense trail damage from dirt bikers so I’m wondering if there’s any local dirt biker coalition that would be happy to do some trail maintenance. I’m willing to help out if they come to terms with the trace they leave.

Park at the Huckleberry Mountain trailhead. The trail starts deceptively easy but then turns into a constant incline. Make sure to plan properly with plenty of water and take snacks and a lunch for the summit. There are great views along the way but I'm not sure the hike to the lookout is worth all the work to get there. The trail is narrow so you'll be going single file. I went Labor Day and Camas road was open. During the hike you could see some of the Howe Ridge fire.

This is one of my go to trail running spots. Most of the trail is runnable and the views along the way are amazing, however be super careful since in some spots the trail is very narrow so one wrong step and it will be your last. Most people turn around after reaching the Katwalk however if you keep going the lakes at the end are scenic and will tempt you to stay awhile. In fact the lakes are a fantastic place to camp. Since this is part of the PCT you won’t be alone, but it is not a crowded trail at all. Bring warm clothes because the area past the Katwalk tends to be pretty cold. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”, including the ones from this hike.

mountain biking
19 days ago

Awesome trail. Best ridden on a bike with suspension. First time I rode it was on my cross bike. Quite jarring. I've never taken the shuttle from the bottom back up to the top. The gradient is easy enough to ride back up. However, probably not recommended for pre-teen youngsters.

Purchased the season pass this year. Should get in a few more rides before they close for the season in late September.

Gorgeous views of Glacier. Tough climb up to the summit but worth it. If you’re hiking during fire season, do your research. If there’s a fire in the park, most likely it will be a smoky hike. Plan accordingly.

There are many incredible day hikes better than this one

im a flatlander, this was tough at the end. Inclined hike the whole way up. Narrow trail once you are past the parking lot. don't count on getting any shade until you reach the top.

Views at the top are good but not really breathtaking.

24 days ago

Visited 8/25/2018 Great hike. No smoke. Elevation gain is very gradual. I’d recommend hiking shoes/boots as the terrain changes from dirt to rocky to rocky with tree roots. Definitely worth the 14 miles!

Steep trail that doesn’t overlook much until the top of the mountain.

This was challenging for sure, but we hadn’t really prepared for it and do not normally hike in mountainous terrain. Views were OK and the trail was in good condition all the way up.

Hiked this a couple weeks ago. It had great views and was the most lightly trafficked trail we did. Overall, it's not terribly difficult, but the very last stretch is up a steeper incline. With how dry the air is, I recommend bringing lots of water.

1 month ago

I hiked a portion of this trail with my 2 sons as many of the West Glacier trails were not open. It was a decent hike and only a little challenging although we did not complete the entire hike. There was nothing to "ooh" and "aah" about along the way, but it was still a nice hike on a narrow path. We saw a handful of other hikers on the way. The path is shared with horseback riders although we were hiking late in the day and didn't see any riders. In order to hit the trail head you must first drive a mile or so on a gravel road.

Beautiful hike. Gradual elevation the whole way through. It really is 7.4 miles to the lakes for almost exactly 15 mile hike round trip. Totally worth it.

This was a great ride. Path is well maintained and there was a nice breeze off the water. It wasnt to crowded so you did not have to worry about speed (I was on a bike).

Beautiful hike, it was very smokey on 8/14 so the views could be much improved on a clear day but still a great hike. The hike itself is moderate difficulty, I think what may make it harder is the length.

1 month ago

Went up this past weekend; although it was cloudy the panoramic of the Cascades was still stunning! A favorite for sure. Quite a bit of bugs so bring some bug spray.

Smokey and can hardly see the West shoreline of Macdonald lake. Not much to see with the smoke. Relatively easy trail. My 62 year old mother made it up with many breaks and minimal complaints. Not much shade so much more enjoyable earlier in the morning.

Great hike. Highly recommend! Moderate climb; overall worth it! Didn’t see too many people. Hard to park as the Going to the Sun was closed and probably brought more people over to this trail. Lots of Hucks!

1 month ago

Not sure how this trail ended up being labeled as a “hard” trail - I would say it’s more on the easy/moderate end. Trail is clearly marked, flat, no scree, no scrambling, relatively moderate incline with a little bit of a more steep ending but by no means should this trail be considered “hard.” Could do it without proper hiking shoes even! No poles needed. Made it up 1:30, down in 1:05. Views are okay at the top but not as incredible as other hikes in GNP.

Great views, not too many people, very hot, bring lot's of water. Bugs

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I’ve been on! Absolutely amazing views at the top, had some rain come in but created some nice cover and rolling fog over the crest of the mountains!

The trail offers little shade, but my friend and I did the trail super early in the morning so it was a nice cool hike up. That part of the forest actually burned down about 15 years ago and all the trees are now the same height (around 7-8 feet tall). Some really awesome views even though it's pretty smoky this time of year. It only takes about two hours to hike up, but I would definitely recommend getting an early start to avoid the heat.

we did the hike today. We really appreciated its quietness (we just met 15 people along the whole trail) and sighting at the top. I would not classify the hike as hard as it does not have any technical difficulties. The path is easily accessible to all but it is just long (19k). Moderate would be more appropriated. I would definitely recommend it.

1 month ago

Hiked this Sunday 8/5. Started at 7:30 am and it was a long beautiful hike. We ended up going past the Katwalk to have lunch by the lakes (total miles ended up being 15.2 miles). We stopped at Ridge Lake, the smaller of the two. There were some amazing places to camp for a future overnight trip to venture further on the PCT. The trail wasn’t too difficult nor was it too crowded. The bugs were pretty aggressive and after 3 applications of bug spray I still came home with 20+ bug bites. I definitely would do this one again.

Very fun hike outside Seattle. I went on 8/6 and started at 9 am, stopping at Lake Ridge and heading back. It took about 6 hours. If you plan on stopping, make sure to bring bug spray.

Great hike up but the down....

Hiked this yesterday 08/04/18. Definitely recommend, it’s a beautiful hike. It took us 3 hours to the top and about 2 down. It’s pretty steep for the first 3/4 of the trail so it holds up its difficulty rating. Saw one black bear in the brush on the way up, and came across more people on the trail than I expected we would. Bring bug spray! The mosquitoes and flies in the beginning are a bother.

1 month ago

Did the hike last weekend, only two small snow patches off trail were noted. Snow balls were thrown.

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