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El Dorado county needs to start connecting the trails (either dg it or pave it ) and have it go continuously past Camino on into El Dorado National Forest, I love biking it, it's a good trail

6 days ago


loved this hike with my family. my 7 year old daughter complained a lot until she saw the water fall and got to swim. she also swam in the lake and that made up for her complaining. it was fun for the family! you can picnic in the lagoons, lots of boaters came in and picnicked on the shore. the water is beautiful and turquoise for a lake. just loved it!

This is more of a 'walking'/biking trail, not really what I'd call a hiking trail (Vibram soled boots/shoes not necessary), tennis shoes can be worn. While I have to admit I haven't done the upper part of it, which I assume is the dirt part, mainly just the lower part down by the water which is paved. The so-called 'closed' parts are not really "closed", but concrete barricades have been placed in two places where earth-slides have occurred. However, everyone, bikers & walkers, go over & around these barricades to continue on in either direction without any trouble, other than the inconvenience especially to bikers (you'll have to walk your bike a very short distance at these 2 places). The paved trail along the water is actually very nice for walkers & bikers. You can actually do much more than a 4 mile round trip going from Negro Bar to Hazel Ave. on the paved trail. If you want to avoid $10 parking, start at the Hazel Ave end. Get there by going north on Hazel from Hywy 50, go over the bridge past Nimbus rec area; right on the other side of the bridge, on the right is an entrance to a day use parking area. Walk or bike back to Hazel from the parking area & go back towards the bridge, you'll come to the paved trail; stay left to go towards Negro Bar. Be aware there are rattlesnakes in the area.

This is a beautiful hike. 85-90% shaded the entire way. My suggestion is to park along Emigrant Trail near the 2nd dam (parking option 3 shown on the map) and take the lake clockwise. You have to walk through some camp areas but it never felt intrusive. Not a ton of signage, but if you are not sure which way to go just take the path that keeps you along the lake.

Had a great hike to the waterfall.

We went on a Saturday (got there at 8am) and found parking pretty easily ($5). Luckily a ranger was there and gave us a map because this trail isn't well marked. You go through a few campgrounds. It was loud most of the trail. We either heard cars or the large amount of people on the lake. We had to move often for other hikers (large groups). The waterfall was VERY crowded. If you are looking for a trail that's peaceful and relaxing this is not the trail for you. It's closer to 10 miles as well. The trail itself is good for all fitness levels I would say.

25 days ago

Beautiful trail, but part of it is closed for repair and there's no warning signs until you get to it, there's a walking path that takes you up the hill and around it but not biking.

mountain biking
26 days ago

This is not an easy trail. Bring 4 quarts of water during the warm months.

Trail partially blocked.

Even though listed mileage is 7.6 miles our hike once around plus the side route to the waterfall and back was over 9 miles according to my GPS. Nice single path trail with easy footing. Shade most of the way. Restrooms along the way. Dog friendly as they can drink from the lake the whole way. The waterfall is worth seeing.

Gentle, well-shaded hike. I would also suggest entering at the southeast entrance off of Mormon Emigrant Trail and heading to the waterfall and back. This route is much more serene and less congested than doing the full loop; the north and west sides of the lake have many campsites and considerably more people.

1 month ago

Way too narrow, over grown bushes, thorns, no foot traffic, only saw 2 bikers, lots of ticks & saw a huge RATTLE SNAKE that scared us away about 2 miles in. Not coming back.

This hike around the lake is easily accomplished in around 3-4 hours depending on your pace. I would rate this hike as an easy day trip. You will need water, sun screen, and comfortable shoes. There are restrooms and the trail is close to the lake the duration of the hike.

This hike is full of great scenery. I would suggest hiking the eastern side of the lake starting from the main entrance and turning around from the waterfall, instead of doing the full loop. This side of the lake is less congested, offers the most shade, and you can track a 10 mile hike this way instead of 8 miles.

The waterfall is big and has a swimming hole at the bottom. I found a rope swing along the way and plenty of fishing spots. There are benches to take lunch breaks along the hike and make sure you are cautious for snakes. I almost stepped on one this second time around.

Some great views. fair amount of shade on the trail. bring water.
You can make a second loop, that is mainly a hill, for additional cardio, it starts out as a two lane road at the north end of Monroe Trail.
We will be back.

1 month ago

Easy but nice

1 month ago

Did this trail in the clockwise direction. This would be a good one to do both ways, and the fact that it is a full loop opens up that option.The trail has some sections with old wood fences as well as a few short stretches where you are walking on very well built and solid wooden stairs with railings. Overall this area is very well maintained. A little exposed as you stroll through the brush in some areas, and some decent elevation gain, so I wouldn't do this hike in the middle of a hot day over 85 but that's just my preference. No major vista at the top but there is an area with a picnic table and some shade near the top point with views of the surrounding Coloma area hills through the trees. Interesting history down in the park too, definitely worth a visit. One of the better hikes in this area for god workout.

1 month ago

Parking and access: Plenty of parking (because it's $10). If you are a frequent visitor to the park or Cal State parks I suggest buying an annual pass for $120. i bought in April It's already payed for itself by July . If you live in the Folsom area its nice to be able to just drive up to the lake and go for an evening stroll with the dog.

Trail: Speaking of dogs, and echoing the other reviewers, this and other trails surrounding Folsom lake are prime tick country. This is a narrower trail with thicker brush, and though I didn't see any bikers when I went, having to dodge them while standing in the brush with your dog is inviting trouble.

Overall: Nice views of the lake and variety of plant life as you meander along the shore with only short small elevation changes.

1 month ago

Great hike along the river with intermittent river access. Great for dogs especially if they can be off leash or like to swim. Very rocky in places with modest elevation changes. Not many people out on a cool July 4 morning except several mountain bikers.

1 month ago

Watch out there are snakes on the trail. We saw one hidden in the bushes and one on the trail. Kept warning people to watch out.

1 month ago

great trail for a mountain bike ride. there are sections that are a bit rocky, but if you're a technical rider, that shouldn't be a problem.

Really pretty in the Spring/early summer. Go earlier to avoid the few patches of sun. a very pretty trail. my partner and I did it and are at different levels. you could make it point to point it out and back. I did some trail running on the way back. CHECK FOR TICKS THOUGH!

Great trail (walking and biking). I have exercised on this trail, too many times to count. A very good hike, 5-6 miles round trip is very doable.

on Lake Natoma Trail

trail running
1 month ago

This could be a great trail (mostly for running or cycling), but there were several issues for me that led to my poor review. There are some really nice sections and the path along the east side of the lake was pretty nice. However, the west side was not nearly as nice. The trail is not marked well and there didn't appear to be many bathrooms and only one functional drinking fountain throughout the entire loop (a couple others were not working or destroyed). Additionally, there is a section on the west side that is closed and appears to have been like this for quite some time based on the level of debris and a path warn into the dirt from numerous people bypassing the barriers, There was no signage as to there being a closure until you are right up on it. The trail could also use some maintenance and it seems as if sections get ignored and are overgrown with weeds and have numerous cracks. I think if this trail had better signage and was regularly maintained, it would be much nicer. Until then, I would stick primarily to the east side of the lake where the better trail exists.

beautiful trail with dogwoods for a bunch of different kinds of flowers blooming. It was a Serene Trail all the way to the waterfall. we went late in the day and the temperature was perfect it was mostly shaded

Beautiful views of the lake. The trail was clear and easy. I didn't do the whole 7 miles but enjoyed it.

1 month ago

Good hike, but i would late the second half as moderate. especially in 88 degree weather. Strongly recommend this as an early morning hike and bring plenty of water. trail was rocky, so a good pair of hiking boots or trail running shoes are recommend. $10 Parking was limited, and we lucky to get the last spot.

This trail is good if you want a short walk and easy water access. There were benches along the trail for resting or just enjoying the scenery. Make sure you read the signs posted in the parking lot. There is a Tick Warning! We ended up bringing ticks home. I would suggest bug spray. It’s something I wish I would have thought about.

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2 months ago

NO 4 x 4, no off-road allowed, no motor vehicles.

Rad trail, plenty of shade, cool waterfall, lots of water access. Serene and quiet.

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