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Very beautiful. Very long trail but worth it! There was patches of snow starting a lumber pine. At the peak it was icy but ok to cross.

Anybody who has hiked San B last weekend seen any snow on top ? I am thinking to do this coming weekend.

This hike was amazing. It's along day, so give yourself about 10 hours. Also, I highly recommend sun protection for above the treeline.

I actually did this hike via John's meadow. A little longer but less people. Great scenic areas!!!

A monster of a hike but well rewarding. Give yourself plenty of time and start early.

I enjoyed the entire hike in and out. the canyon and falls are beautiful and nice to see in person.

Great cool day to go to the summit. The trail Limber Pine Spring had water at the second location at the corner of the switchback. It was covered with Ice, but the water was flowing. There is also packed snow and ice patches about 1/2 a mile to the summit. I ended up using microspikes for the last 100-200 meters due to the ice and steep grade. You might not need them, but I didn't want to risk an injury that far from the trailhead.

Best hike ever! Totally breathtaking and worth it. But good gear and it will be all smiles.

Does anyone want to buy my reservation? Oct 21-23 weather isn’t looking good and I’m not willing to take any chances. Did this hike last year and was reallly looking forward to it. 4802905744

This is one of the most beautiful trails that I have hiked in SoCal. It was not crowded at all. There was snow and ice for the last 2 miles on the trail. It took me 4 hours to hike up and 3 hours to return. I highly recommend some microspikes or poles because of the ice and snow. Hopefully with the warmer and dryer weather over the next week will melt everything before next weekend for the next round of hikers!

Great experience! Must do!

We hike the Vivian Creek Trail, yesterday October 13, 2018, it was rainy, foggy, and cold: time 7:00AM to 3:00PM. The storm came in. Once we got to High Creek Camp Site, there was snow - you will need your snow chains and dress warm. If you need water, there are creeks and streams near Halfway Campsite at 8,285ft; High Creek Campsite at 9,400ft, but bring a water filter - use the flowing streams/areas to filter water. Bring waterproof clothes. Good experience, but be careful. It is still one of my favorite hike. :)

One of the most beautiful trails in the So Cal peaks. not crowded

We started our hike in the morning around 6 and arrived at the village around 1. The hike was beautiful! The water is a beautiful blue or even crystal clear in some parts. We were expecting the water to be in the 70’s but it wasn’t due to the fact that we went in October. If you’re going for perfect weather hiking then go in the earlier or later months. If you want to go when the water is just right go during the hotter months.

Fantastic hike! Quite hard if you are not accustomed to the altitude. About 2 feet of snow up there right now. Oct. 12th 2018

sweet trail would do it again.

esta hermoso lo recomidiendo

Arizona’s own piece of paradise ❤️ it is a very tough hike. Mostly the distance. But well worth every ache.

One of the most perfect hikes in the San Bernardino wilderness.
Dont tell anyone about it.
Long and tough.

Absolutely loved this hike on a perfect fall day! Hiked first weekend of October...do be aware that temps towards the peak are definitely in the colder range...bring layers...I found I didn't need warm gear for the first 6 miles and then swapped in some warmer gear for the last two to the summit and an additional vest and hat for the first two miles back down. Also note this is a solid 16 mile trail not the 15.1 the description states. Yes the road in to the trail head is partially washed out/not in the best shape...was able to drive it fine with a Honda Fit just took it slow and had no problems.

4 hours to get to the top lots of rocks but well worth it hard run down

Beautiful views, though physically challenging. Hiked the trail last Saturday. Went through five liters of water.

20 days ago

Excellent trail! A fairly easy one to bring first-time backpackers on. I was surprised we had issues with coyotes in the area. They usually keep to themselves but there were three that were testing us the whole night, walking through our campsite and later in the early morning, we had one yelling outside our tent.

This is known as the shortcut to the cactus to clouds but it’s still pretty intense. I loved the scenery on this hike. I did this one about a month ago (early September) and it was about 100 degrees in Palm Springs but it’s about 30 degrees cooler at the top of the tram in the park so pack accordingly. I tried to get a ticket for the tram on the website but they were out so I just showed up 30 mins before the first tram at 8am and was able to get a ticket no problem. The hike is pretty easy to follow and shaded most of the way so it helps. The last 10th of a mile requires some scrambling but nothing too crazy.

Overall a good experience.

best trail I've done so far, so worth the long hike to see the waterfalls

The best of the 6 SoCal peak challenge.... also my friend’s and I last one too!

Anyways, the views are worth the barriers of wind or incline (switchbacks and vertical at the end). BUT we had flash floods towards the river bank due to HAIL/RAIN/THUNDER as we descended down around 2pm, also the forecast said sunny and 20% chance of rain.... but not DOWNPOUR.

Bring waterproof clothing just in case or else you’ll be walking drenched through the camping sights where most of the water starts rushing down on the trail itself.

Make sure to get out of the hike before it gets dark especially at the end of summer season

Still my favorite :)

Great hike, very worth it. The climb to Little Round Valley is the hardest part. After the valley, the final assent isn’t much farther or as hard.

If you approach the highest point from directly below, there’s an easy boulder problem ;)

Great escape from OC. Cool breezes, sometimes really windy, and fresh air. I came unfortunately unprepared as it was a spontaneous trip- I brought 1 liter of water and forgot my main bottle at home. Definitely need 2+ liters if you want to make it to the top. With photo searching, carrying my camera bag and tripod, and using trekking poles, at just a leisure pace it’ll take 6+ hours to get to the top. Love seeing so much trees, and all of the hikers I crossed were very friendly. Gets really windy at the top and at times freezing. I’m excited for my next trip and hopefully go around closer to November or December. I had also seen people who just go jogging up and down with just a hydration pack.

Beautiful day hike especially for those who are willing to take on a challenge while avoiding crowds it’s very rare to see another person on this trail don’t forget to stop about .7 of mile from the summit for a exceptional view and a cool make shift bench out of stone that is excellent for a photo to compliment the adventure you just took

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