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This was one of my favorite backpacking hikes ever. We camped at Pearl and did a day hike to Dalton, well worth it. All of the lakes were gorgeous and the hike was moderate to Pearl, hard if you go onto Dalton because of the extra distance. I do not consider myself an avid hiker and more casual.

This hike was awesome in the fall! The colors were incredible (check out my pics), but the weather was a little iffy with sideways rain/wind. September was the perfect time with gorgeous fall colors. In October or later, I'd expect knee deep snow.

Pretty views, easy but wow, so much dog poop. It was really disappointing seeing as poop bags are provided. I felt like I was walking through a dogs toilet.

This is a really great trail especially now with fall colors! Trail wasn’t very crowded but has some spectacular views! Both lakes are really cool and you can continue to a third if you please! Lots of camping room by the lake as well! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

This is a great hike. The trails are well kept and maintained. The first couple miles are steep as are the last couple miles. There were 5 of us on this hike and we all measured 7.2 to 7.6 miles back to the lake. My watch said right at 15 miles round trip. When the ended. We also caught about 8 fish in the lake over. 30 min period.

2 months ago

This is not 9.4 miles. It is closer to 13, if you go to South Lolo Peak (the named one on this app and Google maps). The initial route shown is not to either Lolo Peak (North Lolo or South Lolo).

Once you get to the vista point, you can continue down to the lake, only if you want to scramble up the face of North Lolo Peak. Which is rather rough. There is a trail that heads west, above the lake but it is not marked, as of 9/16/18.

Once up top of N. Lolo Peak, there are great views of Missoula and Frenchtown. Atop S. Lolo Peak, there are peaks for days. Gorgeous views.

We hiked in to Peterson Lake as a day hike. There were great views. It was sad to see much of the area had been burned out. The hike to Peterson lake was 7.2 miles one way. The round trip was 14.4 Please note this was longer than it was shown in the app. There are 3 more beautiful lakes further up the trail. We didn't go further than Peterson on this outing.

Beautiful moderate hike. Good camping by lake.as well

The directions on here were wrong for me. They took me up an old logging road which ended up being closed when you can just go straight into superior and follow the signs off the exit to the trailhead. Getting to heart is easy and then getting to pearl and dalton is a little more intense. Heart to pearl trail is a little overgrown. Keep on the trail going around pearls and the trail to dalton is very visible. I did this as a day hike. Had some fish nibbles in heart, skipped fishing and pearl, and had big fish nibbling and jumping at Dalton.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. last mile in was the hardest, but with a few switchbacks it makes it very doable!! We base camped at heart lake 3 days and took day hikes up to Pearl lake and Dalton lake, and also to the state line ridge and hidden lake! it was Absolutely beautiful all of it! We camped at the south eastern end of the lake. Awesome spot!! fresh water near camp and goats to entertain us....although they did get abit too curious! Just had to clap and stomp and they scared away...

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2 months ago

Seeing this area the year after a major burn is wild. The trail currently still has a lot of ash and fallen logs, but it’s still gorgeous.

For reference on directions, Mormon Creak Road and Mormon Peak Road or two completely different things. To access this, drive about 3 miles west on highway 12 and turn left on Mormon Peak Road. Drive all the way up and you’ll find the trailhead.

FYI the final climb to the top of the peak is a bit tricky. If your ready for a major adventure, you can handle it though.

2 months ago

The best and nicest FSR I've driven up. From the Mormon Rd Bridge it is exactly 8.2 miles. The trail is open but this trail goes thru a sever burn area. Might not want to do it on a windy day. Trail is full of shiny pyrite flecks. Nice trail Recommend

Such a beautiful, shaded hike. Will hike this trail, again and again.

Beautiful, rained the entire way but still so beautiful

2 months ago

GPS route via Mormon Creek Road is inaccurate, you need to take HWY 12 route. 8/25/18, trail is open and accessible.

Beautiful trail. In and out views between the trees the whole way! The trees are cleared from the trail now and the burned areas are neat to walk through (pretty open view) also a lot of dense growth in between the burned areas! After mile 1-1.5 it’s smooth sailing as far as up hill hiking. We enjoyed it a lot! It pretty much right at 5 miles to get to the lake. So 10 miles round trip if you reach lake P!

great hike for kids!

This hike was amazing!!! It’s a very quick and easy hike up to heart lake (I am not a super frequent backpacker and weigh around 200lb so REALLY it’s an easy hike) the beginning is pretty much 2.5 miles of flat with about a 1/2 mile of elevation gain and then maybe another 1/2 mile to the lake. there are plenty of camping sights, we stayed at one at the very end that was fantastic. There are lots of mountain goats so pee far away from camp unless you want big, white, huffing visitors in the night. Great spot for first time backpackers or for a day hike. 10/10 planning to go back soon.

P.S. the map that this site gives you through google is kind of crazy. I would recommend just googling the hike, every other site recommends I-90 exit 47 for superior onto diamond match road and then you follow that 30miles to the hike, much easier!

8/7-8/9/18. Easy hike, 30 pound pack made it more moderate. Beautiful trail that is well maintained. Stayed at Heart lake for 2 nights, lots of great campsites. Day hiked to Pearl, its not as pretty as Heart. The Mt. Goats were awesome!! Had 7 of them come into our campsite, not aggressive, just hung out for a little bit. Lots of little furry creatures, my dog finally caught her chipmunk. Not too busy during the week. Bugs weren't too bad with spray. The hike to Pearl is easy to miss it goes straight up from the trail, if you hit the marshy section you've gone to far. It was only about .5 mile from Heart. 2 fitbits logged 4 miles to the site we camped. Only 1.5 miles to hit Pearl and back. 9ish miles total for both lakes.

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3 months ago

***July 14th, just late in posting. Awesome hike & run! I felt the trek through the first maybe 4-5 miles through the valley was a little stuffy. After that though in gaining elevation the views and terrain started opening up. The views of the lakes towards the top were incredible! And the scramble to the summit was pretty crazy but well worth it.

Beautiful hike, well maintained trail

3 months ago

Two important things to know:

1) the trail is CLOSED as of September 2017. It was still closed per a sign at the trailhead on July 28 2018. This is not listed on the USFS website for some reason.

2) as some others have noted, your GPS will take you to a dead end of private land with no access to the trailhead. Directions to the trailhead are: take highway 12 form Lolo West 3 miles to FS road #612 (signs for Mormon Creek). Proceed 8 miles up Forest Road #612 up to the trailhead

Will try again some other time!

Nice. Quick hike. But beware of no shade.

Nice hike this morning, mostly uphill until we decided to turn back

Great hike with well defined wide trail which made it easy to visit with my hiking buddy. Great tree canopy so you could do this hike anytime of day.

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3 months ago

Black bears on trail

A beautiful & scenic hike to Heart Lake! This makes a great day hike to Heart, or a fun backpacking weekend...several places to camp around Heart Lake, then day hike to Pearl & Dalton Lakes, or do an all-day hike on the ridge overlooking the lakes. Lots of mountain goats, wildflowers, & fishing!

4 months ago

Mostly gentle sloping trail that climbs through lush forest, with a few small creek crossings, and passing by a cascading falls. Steep parts of the trail were very short. We found a secluded, shaded spot to camp for the night, and saw a mountain goat in the morning! Will have to come back and hike to Pearl Lake next time.

4 months ago

Beautiful overnight trip with my granddaughter to Revett Lake. The creek crossings were all easy. The waterfalls and trail were exciting for a child age eight (and a child age 67)! I was saddened by trash left from previous campers....

Lake Revett is a tresasure!

Nice hike in town for a little exercise. Not much too it otherwise.

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