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1 day ago

Great hike. I’d call it easy but I feel a little more seasoned. Great view with all the leaves missing. Sunny day.

Found this to be a fairly easy hike through the woods with a waterfall, river and covered bridge as the highlights. I went on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t too busy, crossed paths with a few dog walkers and joggers. Missed having blazes to follow but they do have signs on posts at all intersections and path well groomed so no chance of getting lost. I would walk here again.

Stunningly beautiful. Lots of different trails to follow

Hiking, Beautiful place. Waterfall.

Awesome trail!

Such a fun, easy to moderate hike! The summit is well worth it, even in the fog!!! We had two dogs and made it easily. Went on a chilly Sunday and it was practically empty!

Take the western loop clockwise to avoid hiking down rocks!

First time on red trail, not the last. Cold with slight rain. Trails were empty.

I love this trail! Very organic! There were several trees to crawl under & step over, but it added to the hike in my opinion. Very wet from all of the rain & little sunlight. My GPS says we did 5 miles, however, the trail map at the trailhead says it’s 4.1 miles. We took the West loop to the quary loop, then the East loop back. It’s beautiful!

Fun hike. Doesn’t take long and trail is well marked.

Nice trail system that connects to Coopers Furnace Trail to the south. You can do some different loops and get in some decent mileage and elevation gain. There are also some side trails here and there that are fun to explore.

A nice bonus is that the sign says that the Pine Mountain trails are open until 10:00 PM. So could do some night hiking there as well if was predisposed. It could be a nice full moon hike or starlight hike.

This is an excellent trail if you are looking to get in shape. My dog an I run it on a regular basis and I'm glad that such a wonderful trail is so close to my house.

Nice trail. Part goes through a parking lot but otherwise a good variety of hills and flat stretches and the views of the Chattahoochee are good but not spectacular.

on Pine Mountain Trail

8 days ago

Nice hike! Enjoyable with kids. Clearly marked trail signs.

8 days ago

Great hike! Very enjoyable

great trail!

11 days ago

NOTICE ON DIRECTIONS TO TRAILHEAD: If you use the AllTrails app to provide directions, upon approaching the trailhead google maps will tell you to try and turn into a private drive on the left that is just past the parking lot for the trailhead. This is incorrect. Turn onto the paved drive to the left just before that indicated by the sign for the trail system.

Now on to the trail...

I will begin by saying that our overall experience was great. Plenty of parking, a clearly marked trail, certainly not lightly traveled but still plenty of “alone” time on the trail.

There is plenty of beautiful scenery with streams, a river, and the quarry. Ferns cover the valley floor between ridges on each side, there are fun rock outcroppings, several stream crossings on little footbridges that my wife loved. Pine also fills the air. It’s truly a hike for the senses.

With the recent rains in this part of Georgia, the initial approach trail to the west loop is quite boggy in spots. Lots of mud with shoes sinking several inches at points. Sometimes you can go off trail slightly to avoid but other times it is unavoidable. With the area being shaded and with winter temps I see it being muddy for a while. Wear appropriate shoes or expect wet feet.

We traveled left up the steep side of the west loop to begin. This is a narrow and steadily inclined trail. There are elongated switchbacks after an initial straight and slightly steep climb. Part of the way up you are treated to views of the mountains that might be blocked in the summer months. Beautiful in winter.

Once you reach the highest point, no views, you begin a steady decline back to the bottom where you eventually meet up with small spring-fed creek. As you follow the creek the trail levels out for a good distance until you meet the intersection for the east loop.

Stay straight to finish on the west loop, turn left over a small bridge to go onto the east loop and the quarry.

After a short approach to the loop, we went left at the loop. The rises and falls of the east loop are easy to moderate and definitely makes the simpler hike. The quarry is a great place to stop for photos and a snack. Beautiful scene. Looked like a small trail went along the left side of the water but we did not try it out.

We left the quarry and continued on the east loop and eventually circled back to the west loop intersection where we went left back to the approach trail and parking lot. This section brings you by a beautiful clear river before climbing up a rocky section of trail and outcroppings. Probably my favorite stretch of the trail.

It was more like 4.6 miles if you venture on the side trail to the quarry.

This trail has most of what I love in day hike:

• Good elevation changes to get the heart rate up and flats to cool down.
• Diverse botanical and geological features
• Water view’s and creek crossings (all on bridges except for one small crossing on the tail end of the east loop)
• Close proximity ridges that give sweeping views of the valley floor from one side to the other
• Well forged trails that are not overly manicured.

Definitely, recommend. Moderate is a fair rating. If you leave out the steep side of the west loop I would say it ventures to more of an easy hike.

Wear proper shoes! The footing is important especially when wet and the trail is covered in leaves. Plenty of kids and pets so no worries if that applies to you.

There are some narrow trail sections close to long and steep drops so keep kids and pets close during those stretches specifically on the west loop.

Awesome trail and beautiful waterfall

Very popular trail for folks with dogs and children. The trail bottoms near the trailhead are a bit soggy when it rains so some gravel is needed there. The initial climb on the west loop will be a bit much for new hikers but for more experienced folks, a welcomed blast of a start to this 4+mile trail. It took myself and friend about 2 hours to do both loops with
light packs so its not easy but doesn't drag you down to a 1mph pace either.

Maybe it's just me, but it's pretty easy to get somewhat lost. I ended up appearing in a neighborhood next to someone's backyard...

Great hike yet so close to the city. However, beware that 98% of people with dogs DO NOT keep them on leashes, which is extremely frustrating for those of us following the rules. Leashes are for the safety of the dog. Wish others understood that.

Did the yellow and orange trail loop, 4.8 miles together. A nice loop; although very muddy after the recent rain as it caused the Sweetwater Creek to spill over and made for a muddy mess during the yellow trail. Orange trail was dry although at a higher elevation created a lot of ups and downs throughout. Still an awesome place to venture around.

15 days ago

Took our 4 kids on this hike. The creek was a little high and we had to cross which was a little unexpected. We took the right side of the loop up and back since we had read that the other side was rough and narrow. Before the peak you can turn back and look out for a great view of the surrounding mountainous area. Near the falls was the most difficult part of the hike with kids. It gets very narrow and there are a lot of steps leading to the falls and overlook. The falls were beautiful with all the recent rain. I would recommend keeping a close eye on little ones near the falls. The waterfall was well worth the hike to us.

Very muddy. Very trafficked. Good hike.

Quick hike to see amazing view and a little history lesson.

20 days ago

I hiked this trail when the falls were dry beginning with the trail to the falls, continuing on to the Johns Mountain loop and then back down the other side of the falls loop. The right side of the falls loop is clearly the most traveled and maintained. The other half of the loop is steep, narrow at times, and requires some boulder hopping. Not for casual hikers.

Seems like this half of the loop is left unmaintained and the trail was a bit tough to follow. This is too bad because I believe it could be enjoyed more with proper care.

All in all it was a good scenic outing but the trails left something to be desired.

We have completed this trail on several occasions and is our top pick for places to bring out of state visitors if we want to do an outdoor activity.

This trail offers views of the ruins from a 19th century mill and awesome sights of the river with its many rapids. There are almost always people swimming in shallow pools along the river and hammocking along the banks in warm months.

There is little to no change in elevation but the difficulty rating comes into play about halfway through the trail as it gets narrow and VERY rocky. It can be difficult to navigate for small children or folks not in ok physical condition. Slippery when wet! Be patient and watch your step. We have had no problems.

Can’t lose with this one. Beauty, history, kid and pet friendly.

Used to stop at this trail after work for a speed hike workout and unwind. Probably the most lightly trafficked of the trails at Sweetwater.

Has a long flat approach trail that follows along the river and across a walking bridge over the river. The loop has a good incline to get your heartbeat up and then a steady decline through forested area.

21 days ago

Have hiked this trail a couple of times and really enjoy it. Quick and slightly strenuous hike with a view worth the trip.

The West Loop splits after a short approach trail. Both routes are a little steep and rocky but going to the right offers switchbacks which helps eliminate some of the incline on your way up. Parking isn’t a problem and the trail is moderately trafficked, heavy on nice clear days when the view is maximized.

21 days ago

Great hike with some good views that is also ITP! Also a good trail for dogs. Only complaint is that it can be very busy depending on when you go.

23 days ago

The back part of the loop, after you go under the waterfall is a bit tricky. Be prepared to climb down a large rock, and for lots of mud if we’ve had a large amount of rain. The trail is pretty overgrown in spots because it looks like it is not taken as much as the main path in. It was pretty fun since I love obstacles on trails. I ended up loosing my balance on a steep downward part and fractured part of my leg on a large boulder. My only advice is to watch your footing!

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