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1 day ago

This place is beautiful. It's been years since I went, but when we were there the parking area and pathways were very clear no trash ect. The walk down to the falls is easy, but getting back can be a bit of a struggle if your not used to lots of stairs. There are plenty of resting spots every so often between the staircases to rest though. Will be visiting again soon!

Great trail with fantastic views. Excellent for walking so there’s no need to bring a hiking stick. Many stairs.

Found this to be a fairly easy hike through the woods with a waterfall, river and covered bridge as the highlights. I went on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t too busy, crossed paths with a few dog walkers and joggers. Missed having blazes to follow but they do have signs on posts at all intersections and path well groomed so no chance of getting lost. I would walk here again.

2 days ago

My son is named after this place ... will always be my serenity ...

2 days ago

Beautiful trail. Not too far and the elevation change is gradual so not bad at all. Hemlock Falls is beautiful and the hike up along Mocassin Creek is stunning. I will be hiking this trail again. We have seen dogs on some of the trails we hike and although they were dog friendly trails, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be on a leash. Other people don't know your dog and some people may be deathly afraid of dogs. Please consider other people when you bring your dogs.

Nice hike , haven’t hiked for about a year and it wasn’t bad.

Selected this trail since it had waterfalls and was the shortest looking trail on the map as we passed through. Did not consult AllTrails... lady at visitor center said “you know it’s 1200 steps?” And I said to myself ...”is that a lot? I can do 12k steps in a shift at work”...
What I didn’t hear was STAIRSTEPS. Lots and lots. Thank goodness for all the little landings to wait for my heart to slow back down. Well worth the journey, though!
And I agree re dogs and the grated steps... ours would not have made it very far had we brought him.

Hiking, Beautiful place. Waterfall.

This is a trail that I think anyone can enjoy. I would highly suggest going in the cooler months due to the fact that the trail length can start to get to you if you aren't in the best shape. Overall the nature that will be surrounding you is some of the best in Georgia and I would highly recommend this trail to anyone seeking a good fun workout.

This trail has always been one of my favorites. If you need some kind of reward to get out and go hiking this trail is for you. The waterfalls that you can observe at this park are some of the best in the state. The fact that you can camp at Cloudland makes things even better. If you aren't in the best shape then fear not. The stairs in and out of the canyon are filled with rest stops and places to sit and rest while you enjoy they scenery.

Quick and easy trail.

Great trail along the river!

Beautiful views on the way up and from the top!

Nice trail. Part goes through a parking lot but otherwise a good variety of hills and flat stretches and the views of the Chattahoochee are good but not spectacular.

Very easy trail but very nice! I went the first weekend of the new year so it was pretty muddy and slippery. Is definitely kids and pet friendly. Loved the paper mill ruins.

If you can’t do stairs, don’t do it. My dog had no problem getting down the stairs and she is a husky/German Shepherd mix. This isn’t my first time here but definitely do it during the winter months. I did it in June in 2016 and threw up from the heat, this time I had no problem at all. Had the falls to myself most of the time and loved it.

Short hike from the lower parking lot but very steep. Really gets the heart rate up. If your looking for a good 20 min cardio then go for it. Add a heavy backpack to make it more intense going up. The coming down part is a bit tough on the knees, but that just me. It's paved the whole way. Beautiful view from the top.
Happy hiking.

I started this trail at Mason Mill park (which was pretty crowded on the weekend) and followed it to Medlock Park. The trail was easy to follow, paved, and fairly shaded the whole way. It was a short walk (1.7 miles each way) but really nice!

Beautiful hike but can get crowded. Definitely plan to go early if you want more seclusion. My kids really enjoyed the trail as well.

on Dukes Creek Trail

9 days ago

It was a perfect time to see the falls since it had been raining a lot the past couple of weeks. The trail was a little muddy but not too bad. The water was gushing down the falls and was absolutely beautiful. Will go again in the spring.

This might be one of my favorite hikes. The water is so pretty and the trail is well maintained and marked

Nice trail in the city but a lot of street noise and by buildings most of the time. Great to get out and enjoy some inner city hiking if you just wasn’t to stretch your legs.

It was the first time to Georgia with my girlfriend, hiking being one of my hobbies, we went here for our first hike. It was absolutely beautiful!

The trail isn’t too rigid or hard for beginner hikers (my girlfriend), so she really enjoyed it. It’s always nice to see a waterfall.

Great short hike with excellent views. Due to over 600 stairs, I would not people with bad knees or hips to complete this trail at Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Great hike! Follows the river the entire way and offers gorgeous views. Definitely wear boots/no slip shoes. Terrain is moderate and can be slippery. Worth the time, travel and energy!

Nice hike. The road going up was washed out but we drove through the water with no problem. Also, there was a bridge out on the trail but we found a big tree laying across the stream a little ways up from the bridge, so we threw some logs in the water so we could step onto the tree and walked on across. There are two switch backs when getting close to the falls. Take the second one and it will lead you to the bottom of the falls. I suggest a good pair of boots and a hiking stick. Happy hiking.

11 days ago

Super easy and fun! Took a big group and everyone was super happy about the length and seeing the waterfall. We spent about 1.5 hours on the trail because we stopped at the waterfall for about 15ish minutes taking pictures.

11 days ago

Great short hike with a beautiful waterfall. Mostly pretty easy terrain but last bit before the top is more difficult to climb. Mostly due to how wet things were. Muddy and slick cause of rain in days before the trip. It’s one I will definitely do again.

11 days ago

Nice short easy trail with a great waterfall. It’s breathtaking! Very short hike.

Good views. Not to strenuous.

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