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We reversed this, starting at Neels Gap and ending at Woody Gap. It ended up being a total of 11.3 miles either way you do it. Usually all trails is a little heavy on the milage, but not on this one. I wouldn't recommend doing this on the weekend, just because Blood Mountain has become really popular. other than fighting the crowds, it was a awesome trip. Don't skip out on the first blue trail, it goes to preacher's rock. you won't be disappointed.

nice trail a little confusing but some great spots to camp

I have done this section numerous times and it has been a great hike every time. The water sources were scarce so make sure you fill up when you can.

easy and great short hike!

7 days ago

Nice late afternoon hike. We didn't see another human being. We measured about 5.5 miles including the approach and overlook. Some markers are confusing.

on Bear Hair Gap Trail

12 days ago

Great shade covered hike.

13 days ago

Attempted this hike a couple of weeks ago, but there was a wasp's nest on the trail and we got stung! Will be returning to try again soon, with longer socks and quicker speed. Everything was fine until then. Trail was quiet and pleasant on a Thursday evening.

Done the trails to Hurricane falls. Sooooo many steps down 560 so that means 560 up. Legs was quivering after this but well worth the hike. Breath taking views !
Loved it and will do this one again.

My wife and I hiked this trail for about the 10th time today. If you start from the main parking lot at Vogel it’s about 4.5 miles. Took us almost 3 hours and several stops. I like going clock wise on this loop. Very beautiful trail.

Amazing views! I got stung by a yellow jacket but it was no big deal. Totally worth it;)

Great for a moderate hike and a pretty waterfall at the end. Camped there a few times and will continue to go back!

21 days ago

Great little hike. Didn’t take but 1.5 hours to get to the falls. Pack a swimsuit as it a beautiful place to swim if the weather is right. Great because it follows the trail. Trail can get slippery when wet. Saw two snakes so best to be on the lookout.

21 days ago

This was a Super Hike! We only hiked to the Panther Creek Falls, which was plenty!
7 miles round trip and we had no desire to go beyond the falls. It was a warm day and there were plenty of people and dogs! We had lunch and waded into the water. Delightful! The hike was pretty energetic with so many uphills, and downhills with tree roots for steps and boulders to slide down or climb up. We will definitely hike this trail again in October or November. There are many visitors to these falls and it was pretty busy on the Sunday we were there. Next time we’ll go during the week.

Beautiful Gorge and great hike.

22 days ago

Very nice hike when combined with Preachers rock.

Trail is in great condition! Beautiful overlook, and as other reviews have said, lots of hills coming back! Marked well.

1 month ago

The hike was nice being right next to the creek the whole way, was soothing hearing the mini rapids. The falls was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, well in a sense. :)

Enjoyed this series of waterfalls and the deep gorge. Lots of stairs but worth the walk.

decent trail. clean. family friendly.

1 month ago

awesome hike! lots of spots to camp. some difficulties but just take it slow and practice safety you will be fine. most of the trail is an easy walk. enjoy!

1 month ago

My second time here. Definitely worth the drive from Orlando.
What I like about this trail is that you are hiking along the water.

This is a toughie. Some fantastic views, so it’s worth it, but it ain’t for the faint of heart. Sold almost 10 miler, all sorts of trail terrain, climbing, smooth running, scrambling, could use poles but not necessary, bare rock in spots, and did I mention it’s beautiful and tough?

Great hike with two beautiful overlooks (great place to stop and take pictures)! Trail is in great condition. It is a little hilly coming back but overall a great hike!

You definitely need to be in shape for this one! We kept going after the first waterfall which led to another waterfall. I thought it was a moderate hike but it was too much for my husband. I had 2 liters of water and he had 3, and we both ran out about a mile from the trailhead, making the last bit very difficult. I would recommend this trail in the cooler months; July was too hot and there were a lot of wasps

the amount of water coming from the mountain is based on the rain fall so sometimes this falls is pouring out water and sometimes a trickle but still a nice easy hike

1 month ago

I will say I liked this trail, but there are some things that people should be aware of. 1. Wear hiking boots/shoes. There are lots of roots and wet spots, you'll want a little grip. 2. carry 2 bottles of water per person. If you do this during the summer you'll definitely want it, if not a 3rd. 3. I took my mom. She's not a hiker and It was a trail I had never been on before. This trail was very difficult for her. She didn't get all the way to the end as she was worn out. 4. The last part of the trail is harder and more steep, just be prepared for it. It also has downed grab fences because of trees in that area. It's a very pretty waterfall and a good workout. I will be going back and enjoying nature there again. Happy trails all.

Live very close to Panther Creek. I have done the trail at all times of the year. It is always beautiful.

It was definitely worth doing for the beautiful views but is much more, in my option, a nature walk than a true hike. Lots of stairs, which woke up your legs for sure but not too challenging for someone who’s in good shape. Overall, a fun hour or two activity to see the impressive gorge and falls.

Short easy hike to a very pretty waterfall.

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