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15 minutes ago

slightly challenging but fun! it was muddy and humid when we went but nothing unbearable. Wearing dri fit clothing helped with that. There were about 5 campsites along the trail before the warerfall that I think would be great to stay at.

Short but uphill hike to the falls. One bench about halfway up to rest. Path is well maintained. Falls are pretty but I thought they would be bigger. Lots of white rhododendrons in bloom first week in July.

Took the family. We went to the falls, then a bit up the Benton-Mackey for only a total of ~2 miles. Nice little hike. The falls was the best part.

Loved the seclusion - very lightly trafficked on weekdays.

5 days ago

Awesome hike if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge. Lots of steep & rocky areas that make the trail more difficult, but the view is great! I don’t hike very often but would do you this one again!

Moderate is definitely what I’d use to describe the hike. The views of the falls are definitely something to come for! Unfortunately, as some other reviewers mentioned, there is a bit of a littering problem at the base of the falls. Besides that, it was great exercise with some beautiful scenery! I’ll definitely be back and bring some less experienced friends with me so they can get into it and enjoy hiking like I do :)

6 days ago

Decent incline .. I’m happy I didn’t bring my dog because there were spots I wouldn’t have been able to traverse.

Great little hike to the falls with the family!! My youngest is 4 and did great! But make sure you bring the swimsuit in the summer!

This place isn't anything special. Its always crowded too.

Very pretty, good workout, but very crowded

It was difficult but a lot of fun. Great to be able to let our dog off leash, it's also necessary, since there are areas that would have been near impossible trying to traverse them while dealing with the dog. Our dog did the climb fairly easily but she's a great dane and I can see where you may have to carry small dogs.

I guess I came on a good day! First off, 7 miles round trip from trailhead. First cross of the creek is a good halfway point. Very clean trail. Passed about a half dozen folks going in and another half dozen going out. About a dozen at the falls while I spent an hour chilling. Very well maintained and clean trail and falls area. Hiked alone but could've taken my dog and children. Only a few moments on the trail where a fall would've resulted in injury. The last mile or so is tricky with some maneuvering over rocks and across some water but overall very straightforward. Loved it. Reminded me of an Hawaiian trail with its vegetation, diversity of terrain and ultimate payoff of the falls at the end. It's a must hike if you're within 100 miles. Do not skip this trail!!

If you like a challenge with beautiful views, then this is the trail for you. 7.5 miles of pretty easy hiking, until you get near the end. The end has some pretty dangerous, risk taking challenges. The waterfall and beach at the end is worth every step.

Very challenging however worth it! Gorgeous views!

Great trail. Needs more markings on trail. But a very fun trail to hike. The quarry is a added bonus. Definitely recommend this trail.

13 days ago

I love this trail! I’ve been there four times in the past week. It’s clean, relatively not busy, and dog friendly. The quarry is beautiful to see and take a break at. My pup loves taking breaks in the streams along the way. This is my favorite trail in the area, hands down!

Didn't make it all the way to the Hike Inn but probably 4/5 of the way there. Beautiful forest, no water to speak of, not very crowded despite lots of folks at the falls. It's nice when the trail is for hikers only.

19 days ago

Gorgeous trail, beautiful falls. 7.5 mile round trip with substantial hills, rocks and roots. The drive alone (3 hours from Chattanooga) was amazing. However, I have never seen so many people on a trail in my life. Heavily trafficked is an understatement. We went on a Sunday and easily passed 100 people. The amount of litter was obnoxious too. I packed out 5 water bottles we saw just laying in the trail. And some jackass dropped trou and took the most ungodly crap right in the middle of the trail, complete with tp. Not sure how they managed that with people passing you every 2 minutes, but there you have it. We had a great day and I'm glad we saw it and can mark it off the waterfall bucket list, but we won't be back.

I loved it..challenging in places, but well worth it!!

a goldie

Very easy and scenic hike, great for all ages. Shaded trail makes for cool temps even in the late June weather. Free parking if you park near the Roswell Mills bridge, easy trail access, puts you at VC12. If you have younger children VC14 is a great area for the kiddies to play in the water, and VC16-17 is where the falls are and the best picture spots. When I went down to the base of the falls there was unfortunately a lot of trash, and even along that area of the trail it was littered with garbage.

I went early on a Thursday morning and did not encounter a single other hiker. Weekends are WAY busier, so I advise going as early as possible.

I love this place !

27 days ago

Beautiful day to be on the trail. Very little traffic. I went up the Hiked Inn trail and came back on the AP trail.

Easy, quick, nice waterfall

very challenging. my 8 year old son completed this hike! I'd do it again.

From our campsite and back was about 10 miles. It rained a bit after we left the Lookoff Mountain summit overlook and that brought the temp to a comfortable level. Was a very good hike.

Tough climb with amazing views.

Nice little hike, get there early for some peace and quiet. However I started from the Chattahoochee NRA ($5 parking) and hiked to the Falls only to realize there was free parking right there at the Falls and tons of families taking pictures, picnicking, etc. Not really what I was picturing. This is more for exercise than hiking.

It's actually about 7.5 miles round trip. Love this hike because it's an actual hike, not a walk. Lots of scrambling over rocks, roots, etc. but plenty of chances to cool off in the creek and the falls at the end are beautiful. Many campsites, would be a great overnight. We saw lots of dogs, but personally I'm glad I didn't have mine because she pulls and would pull me right off a cliff. Recommend in the summer for swimming!

Good short hike. Nice waterfall.

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