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Rating it as 4 star, not so superb view from look off mountain overlook due to the tall trees which were blocking the view but this is great hike for work out. We hiked blood mountain, freeman loop and mount Yonah but I will rate this one as most difficult among them as there were random ascent and descent throughout the trail and its core dense jungle. We ( me and my wife ) took almost 4 hours to complete the loop but its worth visit.

Complete Trail is marked with orange marks to help you not get lost in the jungle. There is beautiful lake ( don’t miss that part if you wanna have a great shoot for land, water and sun) slightly deroute from the trail (0.85 mile loop).

Keep climbing, Keep Hiking !!! Cheers

Very nice trail. If, however, you are like me and not in the best shape the final mile and a half will kick your butt!

Did this with the Big Canoe Hiking Club. Lots of fun. Great hike. Took the traditional route. Recommend this hike for the tremendous views. Good memories here for me...was on this mountain 41 years ago as a student in the US Army Ranger School (Class 10-77).

6 days ago

Views were great but its more of a moderate hike rather than a hard one.

7 days ago

Great views!! Difficult trail, recommend hiking poles. Rocks are slippery coming down. Few places knee high rocks to climb. Few narrow trail spaces too. As many have wandered around to get pictures lot of side tails have developed. Stay on course. I would suggest they add more trail markers towards the end close to the overlooks.

A bit of a tough hike but worth it! Amazing view from the top! It was uphill and had some steep parts. Took my German Shepherd with me.

7 days ago

Nice easy hike, pretty waterfalls, a bit crowded on a nice October day and hard to pass at points.

I appreciate the abundance of signs mapping the trail, but blazes would've been a lot nicer/easier than having to stop and check which one of the paths you want to go down. Also, some kind of marker for where waterfall overlooks are would be appreciated instead of just following the sound down different trails.

I'll be honest, part of me writing this review is because it was sitting at 666 reviews :p

Great quick and easy. Plenty of kids and seniors hiking it no problem. Pretty waterfall, definitely not huge but a great family hike.

Easy for family hikes

trail running
11 days ago

Great trail. I liked the figure 8 route. Many different options. The pond is beautiful. We saw a lot of fish and a turtle. Although the parking lot was full, we only saw two people on the trails. This is definitely a trail we will return to.

Moderate to difficult the closer you get to the summit. Well worth it! Awesome views

13 days ago

Nice hike, did the west and east loop but somehow could not find the quarry. Guess that will give me a reason to go back and do it again.

Best hike ever !!!

Other than the two snakes not a bad climb knocked one star trail not clearly marked in some places

Watch out for snakes. Follow green blazes otherwise you might end up taking a side trail. Difficulty moderate

My 11 year old son and I completed this trail yesterday. We are both in good shape, and we made it fine. Beautiful views at the top, and it was marked extremely well. There were many trees down blocking some of the ways, but we managed to crawl thru or navigate around. I will do it again some day!

14 days ago

Superb Hike I will call it ! Amazing trail ending up to the mountain view. For naive hikers, its little difficult, me and my wife climbed it in 1 hr. Definitely recommend it to hike this Mount.

The marked trail is between 5.8 and 6.3 miles (my wife and I both used GPS and they disagreed). It is 7.4 if you add an extra loop around the lake and hike out to the lookout mountain campsite, both of which are not on the main trail.

The trail itself is very well marked and there were only a few blowdowns. It's a relatively clear hike, and took us just under 3 hours to complete. The total elevation gain was around 1900 feet which isn't bad.

I would say it was a decent workout but too short to really be considered "difficult"

I would recommend this trail for fit to moderately fit people looking for a workout and some pretty scenery. Take 2-3L of water and a snack and this is a few hours of walking. Trekking poles are recommended to save your knees on all the downhill.

The best view is from the parking lot up at the visitors center though.

15 days ago

Bit crowded but it’s a good trail. We stared off from riverside st parking lot to achieve 3.8 miles trail. During returning we adapted a closed trail which we were not aware of and that trail was dam creepy but had fun and we were able to catch up the active trail. Plan to take extra pair of clothes if you want to get into the waterfall. Overall it’s a awesome trail.

16 days ago

Nice trail. Well marked. A little treacherous in spots. Just watch your step.

18 days ago

Attempted this hike a couple of weeks ago, but there was a wasp's nest on the trail and we got stung! Will be returning to try again soon, with longer socks and quicker speed. Everything was fine until then. Trail was quiet and pleasant on a Thursday evening.

21 days ago

Crowded, full of trash, and constant traffic noise from Grimes Bridge Rd.

Cool hike. Nice views

Quiet, easy trail , nice

22 days ago

Went today with my friends, nice day to hike and good trial.

Seen a couple of instances of folks not having their dogs leashed.

Great for a moderate hike and a pretty waterfall at the end. Camped there a few times and will continue to go back!

on Mount Yonah Trail

25 days ago

Not hard. Maybe moderate +. Watch the trail as easy to get off due to many ‘side trails’ and cut throughs.

26 days ago

Went on a Tuesday around 5pm, there was only one car in the parking lot and we passed that one person at the very beginning of the trek. We only did the west loop because it would've gotten close to dark if we had done both loops. The west loop has great up and down's and it's nice to be up on the Ridgeline. There was a huge tree down in the train and lots of overgrowth so carry a stick to knock down all of the cobwebs because you're going to walk into ALOT of them, but you're outside and it's lightly trafficked so it's to be expected. Really loved this trail and can't wait to come back and see the east loop with the quarry. Also, can't wait for the leaves to change because it's going to be gorgeous. It's only 40 minutes from my house and will be well worth coming back several more times.

27 days ago

Great little hike. Didn’t take but 1.5 hours to get to the falls. Pack a swimsuit as it a beautiful place to swim if the weather is right. Great because it follows the trail. Trail can get slippery when wet. Saw two snakes so best to be on the lookout.

27 days ago

This was a Super Hike! We only hiked to the Panther Creek Falls, which was plenty!
7 miles round trip and we had no desire to go beyond the falls. It was a warm day and there were plenty of people and dogs! We had lunch and waded into the water. Delightful! The hike was pretty energetic with so many uphills, and downhills with tree roots for steps and boulders to slide down or climb up. We will definitely hike this trail again in October or November. There are many visitors to these falls and it was pretty busy on the Sunday we were there. Next time we’ll go during the week.

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