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Great trail for our 2nd and 3rd 14er!! Definitely need an awd vehicle for the Rd to the trailhead!! Very big rocks, took us 15mins to go the 3 or so miles. We arrived at 430am on a Wednesday and were the 3rd car in the parking lot. Trails were very well marked and gorgeous views the entire time! We tagged Grays then Torrey's, some steep grades, but not technical. Highly recommend!!

1 day ago

Nice views with the leaves changing colors. The last 1/4 mile had some tough steep hills. Certainly got the heart pounding.

The road to the trailhead was a brutal hike, but we got lucky and hitched a ride part of the way from I70. We aren’t “newbies” by any means but we don’t get to hike often, so this was a rough trail for us. We made it about 13,000 feet before turning around, but even at this point the views are amazing. It was a great hike, and moderately busy for a Monday morning.

I loved this trail! It is a good workout but not too hard. It is well maintained. There are plenty of beautiful sights along the way and at the end there is a very big payoff in the way of a beautiful lake surrounded by an awesome rotunda of rock. I took a dip in the lake and it was exhilarating to say the least. Highly recommended

Amazing hike and just the right amount of distance to keep the rest of the day open for more adventures!
Got to the upper lot around 630am and there were about 4 other cars there from folks backpacking and also starting early. The first quarter of the drive from the lower to upper lots is the worst of the entire part but it is nothing compared to how bad Grays and Torreys road is. Just take it slow on the bad parts. Even though the lower lots were jammed up, there were a few spots at the top when we finished around 10am.
Great colors with the fall foliage change on the bushes as well as the trees. Silver Dollar Lake(middle lake) was amazing and Murray Lake was about 300ft of elevation gain from there. Dont skip the third lake! There is a rock formation on one side that can be hiked from the backside which will give you a great topside view of the landscape.
As most hiking at this time, start as early as you can! The next few weeks will be jam packed with folks looking at the changing trees. This trail would be incredible with a little snow on the ground.

Great day. Near empty lot at 5AM. Accompanied my wife on her first 14er to Grays. I continued on to T’s with a friend. Back in the condo with a drink by 1:00!! Beautiful hike.

Absolutely love this trail! The views all the way to the top were breathtaking, especially since the leaves had begun to change.

Couple of things to plan for:

- The first part of the hike and the last stretch up to the top are deceivingly steep. Be prepared!

- There are no trashcans, so think about what you are going to do with your trash/ dog waste prior to starting!

- There is less parking the longer you wait to get to the trailhead. The early bird gets the worm!

Can’t say enough good things about this trail! It’s a great workout for both people and dogs, with views that can’t be beat! Highly recommend!

Definitely need awd vehicle! For my first 14er, this hike was great! Did both grays and Torrey’s, started around 7:30 and was down by 2:30. Hiked closer to 11 miles including the hike from the car to the trailhead.

Started at 5:30 on a late summer Sunday and there were already 70-80 people on the trail. Parking lot was completely full - seems like it’s legal to car camp and possibly even camp on the trail, or nearby?

The road up there is insane: 3 miles of legitimate off roading; I almost destroyed my hatchback. At the road’s last mile is a particularly insane dip which only SUVs and trucks managed to clear. You will feel terrible about what this road will do to your car.

I did Gray and then Torrey and my Garmin said 9 miles, but you will have to hike more if you park far back. Took me 4.5 hours including 15 minutes resting at the top of Torrey.

By the time I headed down there were HUNDREDS of people on the trail. If you can do this one on a weekday I’d recommend it.

My car doesn't have AWD so I parked at the lower lot. When I arrived at 7:45am on Saturday there was still plenting of parking spaces. This trail packs a lot of great views in its short length. I found this trail easy except for the short but steep climb to the third lake, which is worth it for the views from the top. I recommend coming early to this hike, when I left at 10:30am the trail and the parking lots had become very crowded.

Nice relaxing hike with beautiful scenery, scenic overlooks and wildflowers. The second half of the hike is above the tree line.

Make sure you go all the way to the third lake.

This hike was beautiful. Challenging but totally worth it- the scenery was amazing. Definitely bring lots of water and be mindful of the elevation. It’s a popular trail so you will definitely be in company with lots of other hikers along the way. Our dog had a blast as well!

Absolutely beautiful! Beautiful people, beautiful scenery and beautiful goats! Very awesome day!
It was chilly before the sun came out but was very nice once it did. Take your time and enjoy it!

What a view!

Silver Dollar Lake was beautiful and definitely tested my lungs! Be careful because there are a few spots where the trail becomes slightly unclear, but thanks to this app, we did not get lost! You will realize it very quickly if you start veering off course anyways. There was a river at a few different points and three lakes along the way to the top! When you get to the second lake, you have the option to continue onto the third, and it is totally worth it if you are willing to exert your lungs! (I have asthma, so it was challenging, but definitely do-able!) This third lake offers a great spot to hang out for a bit and eat lunch! On our way down, we saw 4 wood peckers! I got some great up close shots of them that I will upload later. There are not a ton of aspens on this hike, but there are on the drive to the trail head. The hike also does include lots of bushes that have changed to an orange color which provide great fall color!

Hiked this trail yesterday. Arrived at 7:15 am and only saw a few people on the way up. I had the lake all to myself at the top! Steep at the beginning and steep again before reaching the lake. Nice views and fall color. No snow.

Gorgeous views and this trail has it all! A valley, a river, peaks and an alpine lake. Nice distance for a good workout. Decent amount of incline at beginning and end heading to the lake-- definitely a "moderate" trail but nothing challenging or technical. Within an hour of Denver and easy to get to the trailhead. We happened to arrive on a day where a trail race was taking place which was unfortunate, but obviously not a daily occurrence. Small rant: So many dogs off leash... which is annoying. Please put your dog on leash or call them close to your side when passing those who are following the rules and keeping their dog on leash (like me!) I am helpless in the case of a scuffle if my dog is on leash and yours isn't.

10 days ago

Gorgeous views. Easy to get to. Crowds of people though!

Beautiful hike! We went early which helped with the crowds. Uphill, somewhat challenging over rocky areas at times but overall the terrain is easy. Gorgeous views from up top!

11 days ago

Beautiful hike, the leaves are changing, but there is highway noise at the beginning of the trail where the leaves are mainly changing. Once you pass the first initial incline and hit the waterfall, the traffic noise subsides. The hike is steep and I would consider it hard, but not too challenging if you are in decent shape. The lake is gorgeous at the top, to get to the lake turn left at the top when the trail splits.

Gorgeous fall colors! I couldnt stop taking photos.
I parked at the lower parking lot and its probably 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to the trailhead, not 1/4 like the description says.
The hardest part is from the second to third lake but its short so definitely do it so you can say you made the whole hike!

We hiked Gray's and Torreys and as someone that has done several other 14ers, these guys were harder than expected! I think adding Torreys was the real kicker. Its a steady but slight climb through the valley with a few flat parts and then an uphill slog to the top of Gray's for the last 1-2 miles. Gray's has a beautiful view and we saw tons of mountain goats (with their babies!). We didn't get to rest much on Gray's since we were doing Torreys. Torreys actually seemed like the easier hike even though it was a class two. Do Gray's first then Torreys! For us, the downhill was worse than the uphill just because it seems to go forever. BE WARNED the hike was closer to 9 miles than the listed 7.7 and will be farther if the parking lot is full (we ended up hiking 11 miles in 9 hours). All in all, a beautiful and easily accessible hike, but beginners should perhaps stick to one mountain unless they're really feeling it. (fyi, as others have said 4wd is probably needed for the road)

Would definitely recommend awd vehicle, my 2017 Passat could not make it, so I had to park mid way. It’s a descent 14er with really good views. Hiking poles would help

11 days ago

Beautiful hike! The leaves are changing and the views are gorgeous : ) The elevation gain in spots can be tough, but the views are worth it! It took me 2 hours 30 min round trip. I consider myself an intermediate hiker. Plenty of parking and it was not crowded when I went on Saturday. I started the hike at 3. I will definitely be back!

Great hike on a beautiful day! Arrived at 7:30 a.m. and was back at the trailhead at 12:45 (5:15 hours). App said 8.1 miles. FYI - I only did Grays. Tired and had to be back in Denver by 4:00. Ditto regarding the access road - it's VERY hairy. I came upon what looked like an impassable section of the road and decided to park 1 mile away. Then I saw another SUV carefully navigate it and decided to go for it (I have an AWD Hyundai Santa Fe). Made it successfully to the trail head and was able to park on the road 100 feet away. The last hour was somewhat brutal, but well worth it. About the same difficulty level as Bierstadt and Democrat. Incredible views - including looking down on the Breckenridge ski slopes from a distance. Some not-so-smart people on the trail - blasting music (no headphones), no warm weather gear (it felt like 25 degrees at the top), and behind a guy who was navigating the trail on the way down with his hands in his pockets - obviously freezing, but if he stumbled he would face plant. Don't be "that guy" :-).

This was a great hike. We submitted Bierstadt the day before, and this was the perfect, relaxing, beautiful hike to enjoy after feeling worn out from that. Had some fun snowfields we had to cross, which my dog loved, and the trail was saturated and muddy in several places. We made it to the Silver Dollar Lake, which was beautiful, but an afternoon storm rolled in on us and we had to make our way back down, instead of continuing on to the second lake. Would do it again, if ever nearby.

Amazing hike! Hike up to grays was relatively easy for a 14er, up to Torrey’s was more steep but definitely shorter. So worth it!!!!

You will not get away from I70 noise and that is not why you do this hike. You do this this hike for the history! Park outside the coffee shop and walk up Silver street to the trail. You will not regret it, this hike is cool.

Make sure you get the QR Code Reader or preload the site stories from the web (https://www.co.clear-creek.co.us/index.aspx?nid=846) to learn even more.

Don’t be afraid to go off trail to explore the cool old mining stuff and make sure you go all the way to the 7:30 mine, don’t just stop at the memorial (it’s not much further)!

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