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19 hours ago

If you take the dirt road up to the parking lot, it’s only a 5 mile trail. Beautiful walk through the forest with Moss covered logs and huge cedar and hemlock trees. Nice picturesque lake at the end. The fall colors are lovely this year!

Great hike, majestic view. The last part of the hike was gorgeous, so steep you might have to use your hands to climb but definitely manageable with enough patience and courage. It was chilly at the top so definitely made sure you bring enough clothes. The slide down from the top was fun. Highly recommend if you want to see an overview of the lake.

4 days ago

Fairly easy hike. Only took us a little over an hour to go all the way to the top. Best bang for your buck on hikes since it’s relatively easy with amazing views you usually only get from longer hikes. Only downside is it’s a 3 hour drive from Vancouver. View isn’t as nice as garibaldi but much easier and shorter trail.

Great beginner hike, beautiful trail and lake. And NO dogs. :^) please. A couple off shoot trails if you want to go real big.

Really beautiful hike, lakes are stunning! Go to the last lake. It’s stunning! The mountains are amazing. I think some parts are on the hard side with the stairs and up hill, but worth the view. I clocked 10 kms but that would have been me exploring a little more. Was stunning!! I did it today. Soo many people though!

Awesome hike. A nice gradual incline with incredible views once you get through the forest. Did it in early October and it was quite snowy where snowshoes were needed for the last quarter of the hike.

12 days ago

We did this hike at the end of September and it was beautiful! We are unfit so the steady and sometimes steep incline up was a challenge but the lakes and waterfall were definitely amazing enough to warrant the struggle!

We arrived at 8.45 and there were barely any cars there so we had a nice and quiet hike. It got more busy later on in the morning. The lot was full when we left around 1 pm.

What a brilliant hike. Even in the snow it was peaceful, beautiful, and calm. We took the shortcut that was harder (turn left about 2.5km in, don't worry there's a sign!) and we survived without spikes on our boots or using our poles. That part was harder, but I wouldn't call it difficult. Stunning surroundings, awesome views, and light traffic. Bliss! We ended up bailing and turning back from the ridge as there wasn't an actual trail in the snow. Folks trudged up the mountain in all different directions in turn ripping up the vegetation, so we decided to go back. We took the fire route down which was longer but oh so pleasant. I'd love to come back and do the full route (we did 11 of the 13.5km in about 3.5 hours with tons of breaks) and it was breathtaking. Absolutely worth stopping to catch your breath on the way up only to lose it again with the views!

Fabulous hike with beautiful turquoise lakes and mountains with glacier above them. Entire trail was VERY icy and snowy on Thursday. Ice traction (e.g., yak trax) for your shoes or boots is extremely helpful as are trekking poles. Some people were sliding down on their butts in particularly icy sections (not for fun, but for safety). Highly recommend this hike! (In my 60’s and made it all the way to Upper Joffre despite the icy conditions thanks to my ice grippers on my running shoes.)

20 days ago

Beautiful hike but very very busy - this was a Saturday afternoon. Very muddy and rocky after the middle lane and on route to the third lake.

Loved the second lake

By far one of my favourite hikes! The scenery was absolutely amazing throughout the entire trip. Some of the switchbacks were intense, and the initial incline was a bit tough but overall not bad! I highly recommend this hike to anyone! I do suggest poles this time of year, when we were descending the summit it was quite slippery!

21 days ago

Parker Ridge is a trail I found to be pretty challenging even though I’ve seen it shown as an easy trail. On my visit in late September, the bottom section of the trail was incredibly muddy. (If you don’t want your shoes to get dirty, you might want to check the trail conditions or go elsewhere.) The next section was snow covered which made it a bit slippery. At the top of the ridge was dirt covered trail which was by far the easiest part of the trail. It is a short, but at various points, steep hike. You are awarded with an incredible view of a valley and mountains on the other side of Parker Ridge. Keep walking to the left, and a lake will come into view on your right. It is an amazing sight. As you proceed to the left, the trail becomes rather narrow, so proceed carefully. Not for the faint-hearted. The descent was possibly just as challenging due to the slippery snow and mud.

24 days ago

Done when snowing and this makes the trail a lot more harder. but views at the end are just stunning. And even better with the snow

This is a wonderful hike that I would do over and over again. The view from the top is amazing, but I actually enjoyed the hike itself more than just the view at the top. Several times throughout the hike you get gorgeous views of Lake Louise. Not to mention you pass by several other places like: Mirror Lake, Lake Agnes and Lake Agnes Tea House. We stopped at the Tea House for tea, wraps, and talked with some of the staff and other hikers. The next part of the hike was my favorite. I loved the hike around Lake Agnes and the switchbacks leading up to the beehive. Some of the best and most scenic switchbacks, in my opinion. There were other hikes, but it wasn’t overall busy. I’d say the hike was moderate. It took us about 5 hour round trip including the hour stop at the Tea House. We are in average shape. The incline at certain parts did get somewhat intense. It was worse in the beginning, for me, than at the switchback area.

26 days ago

Super gorgeous views! Very muddy and somewhat crowded but still worthwhile

Nice one through the woods. Quite easy as well, the trail is well maintained.

Gorgeous trail and lakes, but SO CROWDED. Even on a Tuesday in mid September.

1 month ago

Wonderful, easy hike up to the ridge and stunning views. Very windy, come prepared. Path is icy snow, hiking poles help. Please stay on trail.

Amazing! Day hike

awesome hike mainly due to the snow. the view of Lake Agnes is amazing as well

on Joffre Lakes

1 month ago

Amazing trail!

1 month ago

The most beautiful hike!

Nice hike! The wide gravel path up was nice, great view looking back. You have the option to cut up and take the trail in the trees, would definitely make it a bit harder(I would definitely take the fire road on the way up). We took the trail route on the way down for a change of scenery. Took my partner and I about an hour and a bit up. Pretty fast coming down. If your going at a steady pace wouldn’t take longer than 2.5 hrs, with a fair break at the top.

1 month ago

Great easy hike to expansive views of the Saskatchewan Glacier below. Switchbacks for about a mile up before the trail reaches the ridge and the views begin. The hike to the end of the trail gives the best views but the slope gets pretty exposed, with the thin, rocky trail passing through a steep scree field. Still, a good reward for relatively little expended effort. We got there relatively early (10 AM) and the lot was nearly full. Up and down in about 2.5 hours, with ample time to gawk at the views and take a lot of photos.

wonderful pretty hike

1 month ago

Sad to see this trail so crowded, can do with high heels on as the trail is much easier than years ago. Didn’t see any rangers , outhouses stink and even the area around middle lake near outhouses smells like urine. Overcrowded parking lots and the experience now “speaking for myself” is a major turnoff in the summer months.
Suggest going in the off season mid-week. Views are spectacular just minus the huge amount of people and slinky outhouses.

1 month ago

We arrived at 9.10 on Thursday morning and the car park was barely 1/3 full. The hike to Upper Joffre was moderately difficult for this 54 year old but certainly doable. It took my husband and I around 75 minutes to make it to Upper Joffre after stopping for many photographs of the spectacular lakes and surrounds along the way.

There are people coming and going from the car park so hang around and wait for someone to leave, it will probably only be a 5 minute or so wait.

A must do hike if you’re in the area - each lake is a beautiful turquoise blue colour.

Hiked to dolomite pass above Helen Lake.

Nice hike. 2 mile uphill to start, then easy fast long terrain to Lake Helen. Easy up to the pass and Cirque Peak above. Went up a little way but didn’t attempt to summit because of snow and the fact we really didn’t know the route

Best hike in Jasper. Nice views all along the way to the top. Be sure to go to the far back of the trail and climb to that top. Far best view of all!

1 month ago

Tackled this hike in the afternoon after doing a boat trip to Spirit Island. There’s a parking lot close to the trailhead (it’s on the left, past the big lot for the boat tours). The trail starts off in a forested area with a steady incline - it’s not super interesting until you get high enough for some views. As you climb higher, look behind you every once in a while.

The views get better as you get further up the trail. It was pretty busy, but everyone was polite and it didn’t feel as crowded as the hikes around Banff. The last portion was very steep and a bit slick/muddy, but we opted to go straight up. There was a mellower trail off to the left.

The views from the top are phenomenal - I’d recommend packing a lunch to eat up there.

The best part was that we saw a grizzly bear and three cubs off the trail! While it was very exciting, people traveling in smaller groups should exercise caution in this area.

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