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21 hours ago

Working on the Adirondack Waterfall challenge, we decided to visit Death Falls, aka Hidden Falls which isn't too far from our home. A little park-n-hike to a beautiful waterfall , at just about 3/10th of a mile, it didn't take anymore than a 10 minute walk to get there. Hidden in the trees on a small brook, this little GEM is a must for all ADK waterfall seekers.

22 hours ago

nice narrow path through the woods. lots of mosquitoes. hike up could be rough but after that its nice. good views of the lake.

1 day ago

Excellent view once you get to the top. Started off
Kind of ugly visually and it not too tough. Escalated to about 100ft elevation every 1/10th mile, but manageable. Did it with my 12 and 10 year old and they loved it.

scenic driving
1 day ago

It’s okay, small waterfalls but peaceful to walk along.

This was a great walk with the kids on 95 degree day. Cool and shady beneath the trees. The kids waded in the pond to cool off a little. I took a fishing pole out there just to see what I could catch. It wasn't much to catch but I caught a few and threw back. A great place for a short relaxing walk.


This is a nice, easy set of loop trails my family and I completed on 7/14/18. Unfortunately, this area has been very dry for the past few weeks to a month and the waterfalls are mostly dry rock with small trickles here and there. The trails are well marked and very well maintained- easy to follow. Due to the dry conditions, the stream crossing from the Blue Loop to the Orange Loop was on dry rock all the way across. We look forward to returning later in the season to hopefully enjoy the beautiful waterfalls this trail is known for.

Very easy hike that leads to a beautiful lake!

a very long 3 miles. there's alot of walking on rocks and many tree roots. very hilly terrain. allow 3 hours each way. The falls were ok. nothing spectacular

Great light to moderate trail, with added historical information along the way. I brought my dog and she loved it as well!

5 days ago

The word 'hike' doesn't apply here. However, this is a Firetower & if you're pursuing the patch, I recommend pairing with another for a nice day trip. (I personally did Hurricane > Poke-O-Mooshine > Belfrey tag session).

That being said, the view from the tower is Fantastic! Beautiful, especially at sunset, where its an easy walk back to the car.

(Tag this tower last & you wont feel so guilty for such an amazing view with no struggle).

Beautiful and easy. Great swimming possibilities. No bugs today.

7 days ago

Beautiful place.

Good one if you’ve got little hikers in tow. Our 2 and 4 year old loved it. We chose the lower, less steep side and just went out to Echo Lake and back. Sorry to the people living in the fancy house on the lake. My kids loved yelling “ECHO!” across the lake.

8 days ago

Nice hike. Took the short steep route up. I was worried a bit from some of the reviews since I consider myself a 55 y.o. beginner hiker and not in great shape. It was a little tricky, but not too difficult. Some nice views from that trail. Went down the easier gradual trail.

8 days ago

I absolutely love walking the battlefield. A great place to connect with nature and history while pushing a stroller.

8 days ago

Gorgeous. A good workout and the falls are an amazing reward.

Great, easy hike! The pond is fantastic and definitely worth the trip! The trail isn’t well maintained. One section is buggy and there is poison ivy. But everything is great!

10 days ago

Nice easy layout. You can access other trail systems and loop out and make it a longer hike. Well marked.

11 days ago

Cobble is fun. I do it regularly as a workout with a view more than anything. It’s fun that you can get onto a little mountain and in the woods right from main street in Lake Placid. A great starter hike to help get you in shape to do some hiking. I recommend doing it as a loop trail, up the shorter/steep trail (though it’s not that steep) and down the longer trail where you will pass echo pond. A fun mini hike that can take less than an hour round trip

11 days ago

Great hike, a couple good spots to cool off in the river near the forest ranger's cabin. Good hiking boots are a must. Took us about 4 hours total with a 45 minute rest at the river. the trail was nicely maintained. There is a $10 fee to park

Easy short walk to breathtaking views. Great hike with kids or if you are short on time.

Beautiful lake, bird and wildlife viewing. Have to keep a quick pace and run from the bugs!

12 days ago

Love this spot. Go several times a year. Beautiful.

We just moved here from Colorado (and yes, we’re spoiled rotten), so we can only give 4 stars because the views are really really nice, but not the awe inspiring vistas you get out West. The waterfall and the little mini-gorge it sits in area nice reward at the end of a hot 4th of July hike (90+ degrees and humid)...gotta give props to the hikers that can still have fun when they’re just big bags of sweat :)
Good tree coverage throughout killed the breeze but saved us from baking in the mid-day sun.
Don’t miss the beaver pond about a mile in...you can see the lodge about 120 meters from the bridge.
Not many critters other than chippies, but did see a couple of small friendly snakes.
Might be muddier after a rain but we didn’t have any problem keeping our feet clean — thanks to the folks that laid boards or branches.
It was a little buggy, but they were mostly the buzzy kind not the bitey kind.
The drive to the trail head? No challenge at all for a high clearance vehicle, slow down for potholes in a sedan.
Happy Birthday America!

15 days ago

Beautiful trail, very easy hike through a mix of terrain. Great for the family as we had 5, 7 and 10 year old's with us. Breathtaking views of the marsh with mountains in the background. An abundance of different birds and wildflowers to stop and identify. If you are in the area, this is a must do trail for any family whether you are a beginning hiker or an expert looking for relaxation. But, bring the bug spray!

Great little Hike, went with 2 young kids and they did the whole thing, Great views for a short hike

16 days ago

Nice network of trails that winds along the Hudson River and takes users out to Big Bay, with a bridge across a tributary. Nice place to take the kids and walk dogs.

Great hike, about a half hour. Water was super clear. Nice and refreshing.

on Peaked Mountain Trail

17 days ago

Everything you could want in a hike! Long enough to give yourself a real workout with a good deal of challenging climbing. Breathtaking scenery and variation in environment.

13th lake is such a scenic sight for the first 0.9 miles or so. Then a peaceful stream with a few small waterfalls borders your hike right after this. Then it's a pleasant walk in the woods, along with a few marshes. Your penultimate destination is the Peaked Mountain Pond, which is so serene and clear. Perfect to catch a catnap or lunch. The hike to Peaked Mountain from the pond will likely take you roughly 30-45 minutes, depending on your fitness and pace. We took our time and it took us 40 minutes from the pond.

The summit is a gem. 180 degree views, with multiple viewing points. The pond that you came from is below you, along with a small glimpse of 13th lake, Gore Mountain, and other peaks in the distance.

The hike is around 7-7.5 miles rather than 6.2. Also, while it would more appropriately be labeled as moderate in my opinion, still a great and very accessible hike if you are in at least decent shape and have hiked in the Adirondacks before. Our party had a total hiking time of 5 hours, with 1 hour for lunch and pictures.

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