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Just wonderful. Take the lower trail if it's open!

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11 days ago

Love this trail and how close it is to my house. Nice trail, with a good overlook of the Cove in the Winter. I'm not sure you have to pay the $3 if you park on Hollins side and don't actually enter the Cove. It is a nice 2.5 miles to the top of the ridge and back down to the parking lot.

15 days ago

what a hike. coming back was easier its very nice

$3 land fee!! REALLY!?!?! Fucking va. Sucks!! Hate this state more than any other!!!

This was a amazing hike , hard but fun the stairs were challenging as well as the incline changes but I def recommend hiking early in the am less crowded

Challenging, fun, great workout!

Absolutely beautiful hike and location. This was my first hike in Virginia and it did not disappoint

Hiked this one today. Actually, that was my second attempt to climb the rocks all the way to the top. First time around it was drizzling all day long, boulders were slippery, and I did not finish it. Today was sunny - different story. Good traction, because it was dry, and spectacular views all the way up (if you are climbing the boulders). Very very challenging climb, and I have done some tough trails. Rocks are getting bigger towards the top, and harder to climb. I had enough brains in the end to take side trail down instead of jumping boulders back...lol. Highly recommend if you want entire body workout. Do not recommend if you have knees problem.

Our hike was cut short because of the ever fickle recent August weather. I still managed to enjoy and take beautiful photos though. My friend who goes to VTech recommended this place and I was sold immediately after I saw the photos she took this past winter season. Will definitely come back to finish the hike and see the frozen falls next year.

Great walk in the woods. The water is beautiful the only downside is there’s no swimming. There are a lot of segways to the water from the trail. The trail was narrow and overgrown near the power lines, which was very noisy. There are a lot of bugs so bring repellant! There also has been bear sightings so be aware and courteous. I would say this trail is closer to moderately strenuous, has some inclines. You can park at either end of the trail. Both $3. The other parking lot is smaller and it is pay by envelope.

Super easy hike and easy for anyone just beginning

A great hike! Challenging but well worth it. The view from the Cliffs is amazing! A black bear crossed the trail ahead of mean the way back down. That got the heart racing. It was a great day hike and part 2 of 3 for the Triple Crown.

Loved this trail. Diverse in meadow and forested areas, hard stair climb, AMAZING views. Got sweaty and enjoyed every second of it.

This is a nice, easy trail if you're wearing a toddler on your back! The woods are beautiful, the creek is relaxing, and I always see some sort of wildlife.

Tough hike. Trail is rough in spots due to heavy use. Gets a lot of use because it is the direct route to Tinker Cliffs.

Easy hike and great scenery.

did the hike with the family today. I do a lot of hiking.....this trail is WOW. the pictures do not do it justice. As you peak the first set of rocks, you're thinking you're done....and you look up and.....a LOT more scrambling. totally worth the effort and if you like scrambling you will love this!

Beautifully established, the cows and wildflowers made it great.

Do not go right by the fence uphill. Will redo the hike with family when they visit!

Great hike. Pretty good trail up to the actual Marble Yard. The trail that skirts the yard to the right is very steep and narrow but a good challenge. Beautiful views along the way if you step out on to the rocks, WOW.

great hike, great workout. not for dogs though, it is to rocky, my dogs paws were blistered(my fault I know). the view is really great at the cliffs. will do again.

We had a wonderful hike. We hiked on a Sunday afternoon so it was a little crowded. Overall nice hike for the family
16, 10, 8. Beautiful falls and fun swimming for the kids.

My favorite hike in this area. Has a fantastic view, varying terrain, and makes for an awesome adventure.

2 months ago

Great hike

I used this hike to test myself and my gear prior to hiking on the Appalachian Trail. It turned out to be a nice moderate walk. I still got winded. I am after all 66 years old. However, I've tried hard over the winter to get into shape. So far my knees of held up and I'm grateful. for that. I think. the view from Barney's wall is spectacular. It is great to watch the hawks soar down below. It's gorgeous.

This was a fun trail, completed with our 5,7, and 11 year olds. Note, if you are following this recording, the Marbleyard is about the halfway point, we did not spend much time on the boulders and headed to the ridge for a snack break.

Great view from the top! Well-maintained trail. Beautiful wildflowers along the trail. Hiked on a weekday and had the entire trail up/back and cliffs (during the summer) all to ourselves. Nice stream crossing and cows along the way.

Great hike for a beginner

This a 4⭐️ for uniqueness. This isn’t for the faint of heart. Definitely a challenge. This is the first rating of Difficult that was on the mark. If you do any climbing you’ll love it. I don’t so it definitely had me working for that elevation on the boulders. Saw so people making short work of it though. The pictures do NOT do justice to the view of the boulder yard rising up in front of you. Pretty wild spot.

I save 5⭐️ for Incredible hikes...so don’t think I’m being stingy with the 4 here:) This was a great hike! Very dense vegetation in the first mile or so. Very cool variety in the beginning. Was sketched out early on after reading the previous reviews about bears, but saw no sign. Once you climb the huge set of stairs, most of the hard work is done. Pretty gradual switch backs get you the rest of the way....and some smaller sets of stairs. Slightly muddy...find a good walking stick. I would really give this path a moderate, not a hard rating. Pretty views and not crowded. After passing some through hikers, I had the cliffs to myself.

Don’t go there. No where to park. Not a nice area and didn’t feel comfortable leaving vehicle.

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