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Loved this trail! Easy trail but must watch path closely lot of roots and rocks! Beautiful trail with nice waterfall!

Short but uphill hike to the falls. One bench about halfway up to rest. Path is well maintained. Falls are pretty but I thought they would be bigger. Lots of white rhododendrons in bloom first week in July.

Took the family. We went to the falls, then a bit up the Benton-Mackey for only a total of ~2 miles. Nice little hike. The falls was the best part.

According to my Apple health data this was 3.6 miles and 16 flights of stairs so lots of elevation changes. I agree should be considered moderate, plus it was 85 and very humid today.

Had a blast there this past weekend

Great little hike to the falls with the family!! My youngest is 4 and did great! But make sure you bring the swimsuit in the summer!

Nice trail obviously with it being a National Scenic Trail. The overlooks and bridge are worth the short walk, too.

Very pretty, good workout, but very crowded

Great scenic trail that parallels the lake not too far below. The tumbling waters are a great place to cool off or shoot a bunch of photos. The bridge is a sight as well.

Trail can be hard to find! Like everyone says I recommend a truck or 4 wheel drive to get through two creeks. Trail has a lot of fallen trees but overall easy to follow until you get near the waterfall. Follow the orange thumbtacks! We went a little off trail and ended up on top of some copper heads

Beautiful place to go to! Walk further down another trail and you can get to Martha’s falls and jump off cliffs!! Great adventure

28 days ago

While to waterfall was beautiful it was not a walk in the park. You have to climb down an unofficial trail to get to see the waterfall at all. Also it’s a loop style trail but everything past the rappelling wall was so overgrown it wasn’t possible to walk.

Easy, quick, nice waterfall

1 month ago

Nice falls, trail has lots of roots. Nice short hike. Wet your feet in the water.

1 month ago

nice little trail not real hard great veiws

The trail itself was beautiful especially by the river but there are A LOT of ticks. I highly recommend you and your dogs are treated for ticks before tackling this hike. The trail head actually begins in the state park just beyond the lodge and cabins.

Good short hike. Nice waterfall.

1 month ago

The first two miles you're going to wonder why it's classified as "hard." This hike will take you to the very top of the waterfall where it gets the most tricky. You really are climbing/scrambling and the trail can be pretty wet and muddy adding to the difficulty We hadn't realized it at first, but the trail is marked with ORANGE THUMBTACKS. These little suckers will be your best friend. You'll need a truck or SUV to get past the two creeks before the trail. There's another creek right at the beginning of the hike so you will start off with wet shoes! Great hike, but pictures will not do it justice.

beautiful waterfall .... easy hike .... too many people

If you click the Directions arrow through Google Maps, it does not take you to the lower parking area with the easiest access to the trail. The link takes you to the upper which is a 2 mile forest service road walk. The trail is beautiful once you arrive on it.

Very easy trail... but we was told from the man in the gift shop it was a half mile (which was wrong). That
would have been fine if we all had our hiking shoes on lol. Expect to get feet wet/muddy on this hike. We did see the Lost Falls which was small, there was a family playing at the falls. We thought we saw where Laurel Falls was but no water (if that was the right spot). We followed blue markers until we got to Lost Falls then switched to the lower Orange trail markers to head back. I thought the trail was nice but we had just got the wrong information.

Beautiful scenery, but due to rainy weather made it a tough hike. Had a lot of fun taking my children on the trail ages ranging from 4 to 19.

2 months ago

Difficult hike. Not super long but lots of huge fallen trees. Trail is not clearly marked. You will get your shoes wet. You will be on your hands and knees at times. Well worth it, however.

trail running
2 months ago

This is my favorite running trail! Runs along the edge of Carter’s Lake and is a lovely trail. I’ve seen deer multiple times and 1 bear.

2 months ago

Beautiful waterfall that’s attached to Vogel state park.

2 months ago

Great easy trail. Well travelled so no issues following. We are not the fastest but got it done in around 90 mins. Great views of Carters Lake for much of the way.

2 months ago

Beautiful views. Trails aren’t the most clearly marked but there are only a few ways you can go. Came across a 5 ft black snake in the path (no clue what kind) but it slithered out of the way no problem. Would love to return some day.

2 months ago

Amazing hidden gem. Definitely plan to protect yourself against the ticks though - we pulled 20+ off my husband and 12+ off our dog. They were in the dog’s ears and in between his toes!!! Like other reviewers said, I’d bring your 4WD vehicle if possible because you need to cross two creeks to get to the trailhead. If you don’t have one, you could always park further up the road and cross the creeks by foot. Recommend wearing whatever shoes you’re comfortable getting your feet wet in!

fun but challenging in places well worth any climbing or log jams

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