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4 days ago

Just count on getting your shoes wet. Have a spare pair in your car (size 9-1/2) or carry them in your daypack if you want dry shoes. Otherwise, this is an excellent workout and coordination trail! enjoy. (study map before embarking, as most of the "fords" are diagonal.

Love this trail. The top of the West loop is a more rigorous climb and good to start the hike with. Trail is well maintained. Very few trees crossing the path and most are easy to cross. Bridges are in good shape. I will return to the trail for sure!

be prepared to go up alot of steps. beautiful falls . crazy busy

18 days ago

Nice trail. We took the west loop over and around the mountain, then connected to the east loop to go to the quarry. We took the east trail out. The west loop is definitely more challenging and longer. Next time we will just do the east trail and back out the same route. The quarry is a good payoff for the trip, nice spot to stop for lunch.

19 days ago

Excellent trail if you can get your dog to cross the first bridge! Also has a nice area around the old CCC quarry.

Absolutely beautiful trail!

We went the wrong way up by mistake but it was a good choice. Trail is not easy but was fun. The view from the top is a great panoramic one. The view of the falls from the bottom of the steps was the best. Great day.

Beautiful trail very enjoyable hike

Took the AT approach trail to walk the steps up. The steps are not for the faint of heart. The views of the falls on the way up are great. And at the top is awesome. Took the East trail on the way back down. Very rocky at the top. Watch your footing so as to not roll an ankle. The trail itself is nice, wooded.

on Iron Hill Trail

22 days ago

Great views and fairly easy trail. Overall super easy. Enjoyed it a lot and a nice trail to do with young children. Great for beginners

Beautiful day for a hike and great local trail. Well maintained and plenty of parking.

I would say there is enough elevation and enough places you had to watch your step to make this moderate. My heart rate got up a couple of times. The description says lightly trafficked, but felt more like heavily. But I was also there on a beautiful Sunday at noon. The fall leaves made it absolutely stunning. I'm glad I was able to catch it before they fell off the trees. There has been enough rain in the past week that the creeks were flowing, very pretty, and provided clean water for my dog to drink and play in. One of my favorite trails near Atlanta so far. I completed it in about 2 hours, but I was taking my time.

24 days ago

Beautiful hike east to the Quarry and then around to the west loop. Water was crystal clear and high. We went early and saw no one until leaving the trail. We loved all the bridges. The trail was well maintained. Perfect for families!

Loved this trail. Great scenery. Walked along a creek for quite a bit and over at least half a dozen bridges. Only draw back was a guy w 4 noisy kids. Nice sized parking lot.

there are more trails at this location than the .07 mile loop, but finding trail maps for these areas is next to impossible, i will continue to search and will update when i find more information

got confused by the .9 loop.

Hiked to the Quarry and back. Trail is easily identified and well maintained. We live in the area and it rained a good bit a few days prior, however the trails were in great shape. The Quarry is awesome!

Everything about this hike was perfect. The drive to get there is a little longer but beautiful. We had no trouble approaching from Doublehead Gap, then the dirt service road to the trail, which we found to be well maintained. Beautiful hike with ample stream crossings and change of scenery as you cross over the ridge. We had enough energy to also hike to Long Creek Falls afterwards which added another two miles to our adventure. The falls are beautiful and worth the effort. A full and satisfying day.

it's a regular for me. my dog loves going

gorgeous waterfall!, took creek trail up and and it wasn't a bad hike at all. going down we went down east ridge trail which was pretty sketchy. lots of loose rocks and erosion. I would def do this again...

We did the west loop. The rock quarry pond is on the east loop. We will see it next time.

1 month ago

Awesome trail! Steps were a good workout. Beautiful views of the falls. Not that crowded of a trail. Very rocky in some places so watch your step!

Wonderful trail! The rock quarry is beautiful and peaceful and there are several great spots with easy access to the creek where the dogs love to play! I was a little disappointed that the top of the west loop is so grown up right now that you can’t see the summit views at the bench. The wildflowers and pretty fall colors still made it worth it :)

Trail starting behind the visitors center to the falls is the best direction to take due to the condition of the trail and rocks.

Went on a week day afternoon, so the traffic was very light. It is a beautiful trail but a little intimidating since the main trail is crisscrossed with smaller tracks. Would have been more relaxing and super helpful if the trails were more clearly marked for us newcomers. That said, it is an experience to be had.

Loved this trail. Parked at the visitors center and took the trail behind it, up to the top of the falls. It was a very steep climb and very rocky in some parts. There were a couple of lookout points along the way that offered spectacular views of the surrounding area. You can’t see the falls from the top, so we decided to take the hundreds of steps down to the base. The stairs wrap around the falls and the view gets better as you go down. There are many spots to stop and rest or take pics. The stairs can be a bit daunting for someone who has a fear of heights, such as myself. However, it was absolutely worth it! Once at the bottom, we walked back to the parking lot. The signage was not the best and we ended up street walking for a good portion. There were some trails marked, but we weren’t sure where they would end. Overall, Im so glad that we visited.

I absolutely loved this trail! We did it at dusk, which was probably a bad choice considering how steep it is, but it was lovely anyways. Plus we got to catch the sunset. Other reviewers are right about the stairs. They can be brutal. But the views are so, so worth it.

1 month ago

A must hike!

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