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A tree took out a large part of the upper viewing platform, so you couldn’t see the upper Falls well, but besides that, it’s a nice hike. Wish you could get down to the water more easily but if you back track when you come down the stairs, you can access the river.

This was a very cool spot to visit. There is 175 wooden steps to the top of the falls which are the biggest in the state of Georgia. There will be plenty of people enjoying the falls so if you want to be away from people this isn't the spot. You won't forget some of the views and sights and is a must if you're visiting the state of Georgia.

The Little Grand Canyon nevera disappoints!

Beautiful hike. A little challenging but definitely worth it!

Did this trail in March 2018 and it’s a great day hike. The first 2/3 of the Trail ascends up Blood Mountain gradually with a pretty good push to the summit, then descends steeply over the finally mile and a half. The trail itself isn’t as established which gives it a very rustic adventurous feel as you hike the Blood Mountain ridge line. The second half of the hike loops back on the AT giving you a chance to run into AT through hikers. Not too difficult would definitely recommend.

Nice state park. 5$ entry. Very Family friendly and easy to access, hence it's pretty popular. Don't let that stop you from going. Good views. Caught a ranger giving a talk about Owls at the lodge. 15$ buffet, to stuff yourself after hiking. Great view from lodge.

$4 to park, so make sure you have cash or check. Great easy hike! The falls are beautiful but I can see this trail getting crowded in nice weather. Took my Shepard, great trail for dogs & from what I saw, easy for kids.

10 days ago

This trail appears permanently closed at the south end in March 2018. About 1/3 mile past the old "tollgate" landmark (falling down) on Kellum Valley Road is a locked gate marked Private Property with recently built houses on the other side. Bummer; worked hard to find it. According to previous reviewers it was a beautiful hike six years ago. (Also, it's not in the Cohutta WMA as described in the hike header. The Cohutta is northwest of this hike, and is directly north of Atlanta. )

The falls are beautiful! Our dog enjoyed it. The kids loved it. 5 year old walked down and up on her own. The 3 year old needed a lift back.

14 days ago

Went to ATKO today. Took the stairs to the top of the falls, which I highly recommend. It’s tough but take your time and it’s not THAT bad. Well work the views. Visit the lodge while you’re up there. Took the East Ridge trail back to the visitors center. Great weather today!!

love it

Great trail. Well maintained easy for kids. Amazing falls

A sweat breaker but worth it. The dogs loved the long swatches of sand and water. Definitely bring plenty to drink, both for you and dogs. As with most hikes, early means less traffic. By the time we came off we were passing folks every ten minutes.
Highly recommend the brewery especially on a Saturday hike-there are food trucks there sometimes more than one.

Such a great area, everything you would need for all ages. Because of this it is extremely busy, I recommend getting there as early as you can to avoid the crowds and kids. $5 parking with lots of available spots. Great for a quick workout or a full day of hiking and picnicking. My personal favorite, if you've already experienced the waterfall before, is taking the East Ridge Trail up the mountain and taking the stairs back down. Definitely broke a sweat and was ready for a break when I got to the top.

18 days ago

Brutal in the summer heat!

Stunning views! Couldn’t believe this was Georgia!

18 days ago

Beautiful views and massive waterfall

20 days ago

Wonderful trail! Took about 40 minutes, and the view was awesome. Very easy! At the bottom, one of the lookouts is closed (trail is broken), but on the other one, you can climb out and go in the rocks, but be careful, it is slippery. A radio attached to my pants fell off, and went into the river, managed to get it out though.

Beautiful falls. Lots of stairs that can be wet. Close to parking which makes it nice but also means many people.

My dog, Rezin, and I hiked the loop today, and I couldn’t be happier with how awesome it was. Weather was a little cloudy so it gave some nice shade. Great water access for majority of the hike. I didn’t need to get out my dog bowl, he was sipping from small creeks and puddles pretty much every time we took a break. The view from the peak of blood Mountain is out of this world! Decent amount of people on the trail, but all friendly and majority had dogs but they were friendly as well. Great place to also camp, so I plan on doing that next time! Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful and stunning hike!

Pleasant afternoon hike for Wife and I to Preachers Rock (approx 1 Mile to rock). Great views along they way, particularly from top of rock. Will do this one again! Moderate to Easy.

Loved this hike! I took my German Shepherd and it was a great mix of hills and flat area!

Beautiful views and waterfall. It’s easier if you hike to the top and come down the stairs but it’s more difficult to enjoy the waterfall that way. Your backs to it most of the time. Well worth the trip!

This trail is very nice and the falls are breathtaking. I recommend starting at the bottom of the falls and ending at the top. Some of the views from the top are great. This trail is awesome and I recommend it for all ages and this trail is defiantly for beginners. Plan to stay for around one or two hours. This trail is great and I would definitely go back.

Thanks to this app we found another trail that lead us up to one of my favorite things to explore a Fire Tower. We drove up the narrow well maintained gravel road to the trailhead gate and hiked up the wide gravel road to the top. We experienced a great butt and lung burning workout in a beautiful 55* weather sunny day. Was pleasantly surprised that you could actually go to the top of this tower and even explore inside the upper room, for most of the towers we have explored stop you just underneath those rooms. Great views at the top of Lake Burton and the many mountains that we have explored and have yet to. After enjoying the tower view, we hiked down to start on the other gated old road bed path a little over a mile and checked out a beautiful waterfall that flows down and over the path. Glassy Mtn trails gave us around 5 miles of hiking.

Great views of Atlanta and surrounding area at the summit. Snack and drinks at the summit as well. Bring the family for a fun time.

Best views and hiking you can get in South Georgia.

1 month ago

This is the trail from the Band of Brothers miniseries. Check out the museum at the old train depot while you’re in town

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