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off road driving
2 days ago

Mostly stock friendly, there's a couple rocky areas and mudholes that are not stock friendly. You will have pin stripes at the end. It's a good 3 hour trip. This was my second time out with HMMWVs. Trail is narrow with brush but no trees are in the way.

I was concerned about getting lost after reading reviews. Not sure how people got lost. There are signs everywhere. This was an amazing trail. The waterfalls are beautiful! Very peaceful fun hike. I even saw purple, bright orange and bright yellow mushrooms! I’ve never seen a purple mushroom or yellow and orange mushrooms that were so vibrant. Highly recommend this hike. When you come to first cascade, continue to walk over bridge and up many stairs to reach the waterfall.

off road driving
13 days ago

I was out with a group of jeepers For my 1st Ever Jeep trail run. This trail is A-blast. It is challenging but not so much to the point That is frustrating. I was the only Jeep Liberty in a group of Wranglers and had no problem running with them.
On a side note though. Beware the water crossings if it's been rainy they can get rather deep... Fun but deep. Happy trails y'all.

We did the Apple Orchard trail, Cornelius creek and a little part of the AT. At one point we got turned around. All in all we hiked 8 Miles. My husband and I did it with our two small children aged 7 and 5. Climbing back up to the car was a little workout. Definitely beautiful scenery and the falls on Apple Orchard trail are very nice. Perfect for a picnic

We were surprised to have the trail and falls to ourselves on a Sunday in mid July. Having the ability to approach from the blue ridge parkway or back roads off 81 made this a nice stop going from Roanoke to DC

Fun hike. Moderately difficult. Very nice forestry and wildlife. Diverse trail including flat and rocky areas. While getting a view at the top is harder than it’s twin mountain, Sharp Top, the top has 2 rock tops you can stand on to see around offering nice views. Definitely recommend for those who want a mountain hike without the intensity

Very strenuous, but totally beautiful trail! Stunning mountain ridge view overlooking the river valley! Definitely do out and back and stay on the main trail

1 month ago

Water was a little low at the Falls. But was a lovely hike. It’s the longest I’ve taken my 2 boys on, and they had a blast!

This was a good hike. We went counter clockwise and will do this trail the same way if done again. It was a little confusing at one point with the signage but we figured It Out with some help from the Alltrails map. We measured our loop at 7.9 miles.

off road driving
1 month ago

the jeep trail was amazing for my first time doing a trail run, lots of fun, and definately stock friendly.

2 months ago

Hiked most of the trail one way as a connection from Torrey Ridge trail back to Sherando Lake where we were camping last year. Nice trail. There are a few spots where you cross some streams, it is easy enough to walk across them if you are wearing boots.

off road driving
2 months ago

Our '91 XJ has a 4" lift and 33" tires
This trail was not very challenging for us but we chose it because we were traveling alone (no extra spotters or tow assistance) and had our 7yo kid and two dogs with us. We had a lovely trip and made it through in a 3-4 hours, while taking plenty of time to explore the creeks, puddles, and overlooks. Before we got there, there had been several days of rain, and a massive thunderstorm the night before, so the puddles were quite deep. Our XJ handled them all just fine, but there were a few I would not recommend trying in a stock vehicle; don't go right after it rains unless you have a lift! The 0.8 mile bypass/alternate trail on the north half of Bald Mountain trail was more challenging than the main trail, but not impossible (we were coming down the hill) for stock vehicles with drivers who have been wheeling before.
My husband's AT&T iPhone was able to get at least one bar of cell service for most of the trip, but there's very little connectivity on the way there.
Overall, this would be a fun trip for anyone who's been wheeling before, but probably not engaging enough for experienced drivers who are looking for a real challenge.
Camping at Sherando Lake Recreational Park was a dream, but there are a bunch of (free) campsites with fire pits near the Southern trailhead by the Blue Ridge Parkway where we will camp if we go again. 4/5 stars, will do again. :)

Downhill to the falls. Uphill on the way back. Not to difficult terrain. Beautiful falls.

Great hike with beautiful waterfall, we did the route counterclockwise which we would recommend for trail running as the footing was more stable for the descent. Coming back up Cornelius Creek presented some creek crossing challenges due to the volume of water.

The hike yielded incredible views of sharp top with a great spot for sunset! The trail never gets too steep and is clearly marked! Highly highly recommend this one!

Great all year...there is always something to see and in the winter you don't have to go far from the road to see frozen water falls. Great day trip with the little ones!

Great hike! It’s a nice walk up and the trail is well maintained. At the the top we hung out on a few boulders and had some snacks. I would definitely recommend it

off road driving
7 months ago

This is a great trail with anything from rocks to mud. However if you are concerned about scatching your vehicle I would not recommend this trail. As others have mentioned it gets very narrow in places. I have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma and it rubbed on both sides in many places. Didn't bother me since this is what I bought the Off road addition for (and white). One of the few trails in VA available to the public.

Amazing trail! Steep at times. Lots of rocks. But a very wonderful hike !

easy in and out. switchbacks most of the way.

Beautiful views and well maintained trail.

off road driving
9 months ago

Great trail. A Jeep trail for sure based on width alone. Based on these reviews I picked up some magarmor (Smittybilt) and waxed her the day before, it saved the paint. Highly recommend it unless you don’t mind the scratches. A few sections are rough but not overly so, enough to make it fun without worrying too much. Mud got a little deep in one hole but most of the deep ones have bypasses if you prefer. By the way, if it has a bypass it means that is a deep hole, came to that conclusion on the last deep hole (lol). Wife and I had a good day.

enjoyed this hike...nice views from little rocky row!...gets a tad difficult up top...nice river walk too!

Decent, short hike. The falls aren't amazing or anything.

off road driving
10 months ago

Great trail, only it could use some widening. Anything bigger than your little sister’s tricycle and you’re getting your ride scratched up. We did this trail in a ‘17 Taco 4x4 Off Road and it did fantastic! It was a lot of fun trying out different crawl control speeds and the MTS. Take the trail nice and slow and you’ll do fine.

This was our first trail in the jeep, definetly not for beginners. The "alternate" routes are a bit rough on stock suspension. the water was a bit deeper them it looks in some sections almost 1/4 way up the doors. I thoughti was going to need a winch in one "puddle". driving it in a manual transmission was a fun change though. love the trail. upgrade my suspension and I'm going back, I'm doing the whole 10 miles again.

Going do 10 miles Oct

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