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I've hiked to Stuart Falls from the trailhead by Aspen Grove. But, I've wanted to hike to Stuart Falls from Sundance. That's a tough trailhead to find. Luckily, I stumbled on it. There aren't any signs -- just a little trail off a road through the Sundance community. I suggest asking the Sundance crew at Ray's lift for directions to find the trailhead. Definitely find your way to the trail. I prefer this trail to Stuart Falls over the one that starts just past Aspen Grove. Enjoy!

Harder than expected, got lost for a mile even with maps, lots of cows that forced us to go around in unique ways. Otherwise, absolutely gorgeous and fun for the dogs! Was mostly in shade which was very nice. Wasn’t too much fun hiking back down using the road with no trail with cars, would recommend avoiding that.

10 hours ago

Be prepared to pay to get into the Uintas Park. The trail itself is pretty but it's heavily used by both downhill mountain bikers and motor bikes. My dog and I just about got run over several times.

The trail itself is beautiful right now. Lots of shade and wildflowers. It is a steady incline the whole way to the falls, but is very manageable. The falls themselves were a bit disappointing due to the lack of snowpack from this past winter. Like others have mentioned take timpanooke trail and stay right at the fork with the log. From there it’s a few gradual switchbacks to the falls. Word of caution, getting to the actual falls requires you to do a little bit of climbing up some rocky area ensnared with tree roots and the falls themselves are on a somewhat sheer cliff face.

Easy paved trail along the Provo River but the waterfall at the end of the trail is worth the hike. Be prepared for a busy trail though

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1 day ago

it's a pretty difficult hike that isn't all that pretty. it's just straight up on a gravel path for a while. it's worth doing it at least once while you're in Provo, but if you want better views and hikes consider going up slate canyon and hobble Creek.

that trail is death. no way to go it...

A great hike! The trail is definitely overgrown about 3 miles in, as others have said. Watch out for stinging nettle! All 3 of us that did this hike got some on us. Beautiful views from the summit and a really green and pretty hike once you get past the ugly and steep Y trail.

Great trail and unique way to view both Utah valley and Heber valley (incredible views!). I’ve always enjoyed breaking up the hike into two parts: hiking up and setting up camp, then summiting early in the morning.

Trail is well marked from base to summit. After reaching the saddle, there is some exposure to both sides of the mountain so be careful with young hikers and keep them near (not as intense as angels landing, but you can get an idea).

Be prepared to see several people as the trail is very popular! Full moon and no moon nights are the most popular amongst other hikers.

the falls had little to no water and the trail wasn't well posted. have to be careful you don't continue on the timp trail.

Great little walking trail. It's flat -- my 4 y/o had no problems. Completely paved. Lots of bikes on this trail, too. The bike trail is longer and on the west side of the river.

Do this hike from the Battle Creek trail head. It's a little longer (10 miles) but maybe my favorite hike I've ever done.

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3 days ago

Beautiful scenery with a few fun spots to maneuver on the trail

pretty difficult hike but well worth the views.

Went on this trail with my wife and her younger brother. The views are breathtaking of timp. the first part of the hike is a steady incline, but becomes more even near the top. There were insane amounts little fuzzy caterpillars once you reach the second meadow on up. We had a couple of deer nearly run us over near the top!! there's plenty of shade to be had and besides the bikers, this was one of my favorite hikes I've been on!

I love this hike. Watch for stinging nettle.

Not a hike but a great walking loop with pavilions and pretty plants and flowers and flushing toilets clean drinking water and picnic areas. We will be coming back again.

Did this as a night hike, on a moonless night. If you can do this at night I highly recommend it. This was easily one of my favorite trails, this close to town. We left at roughly 1:30 am. Got to the top around 4:30-5:00. Watched the sun come up and got some great pics. I went with a friend and recommend you don't do this one alone if possible.

The trail is very steep in spots and has a lot of rocks in it, but it's not so bad.

On the way down we got to see all of the scenery. It's absolutely beautiful. We also saw a lot of deer, an elk, and tons of cows. At night our headlamps lit up the eyes of the cows, it was quite unnerving to just see their eyes.

There are bears in this area so bring some Bear Spray.

Bottom line it was one of my favorite hikes, so far, this summer.

I Made a bad decision dropping down into Lake Hardy instead of following lightning ridge while doing “The Beatout” so I had to scramble and boulder through the north ridge to then go to south thunder. The view from the lake of the majestic carved out granite is unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before. I plan on returning here this summer but this time going through Alpine. Where plenty of bug spray for the lake and if your doing “The Beatout” DO NOT go down to Lake Hardy cause that exhausted me to the point of dehydration and added what seemed to be an extra mile to my trip!

Hiked this trail by myself yesterday morning from 8:30-11:30am round-trip with a few minutes to enjoy the view and eat a snack at the top. As the previous reviewer mentioned, the current vegetation/undergrowth makes the trail very hard to find in some places. If I hadn't hiked this before, I'm not sure I would have been able to find my way. Though the mountain is quite green, the wildflowers are mostly all done blooming by now. I think the hike is prettiest during the middle/end of June. Also, according to my GPS, the trail is actually 7.3 miles round-trip. Overall, I think it's a nice hike with some beautiful views of Timp and the valley. Great workout. Would recommend!

Amazing hike. Starts a little slowly, but you'll be grateful for it on the way back! The first waterfall is maybe a mile in, and is the perfect way to refresh after the first incline. Watch out for stinging nettles though! Great trail for in-shape dogs. I loved letting my tiny herd of canines play in the crystal clear mountain water. Best hike I've done this year!

This was our first hike in Utah. We just moved here from New Jersey and this trail was a warm welcome to Utah. It was perfect for my 11 ya old daughter who made it to the top. My 9yr sold loved it too. Definitely bring some shoes for both hiking and water play for the kids. They had a ton of fun. Definitely will go back.

9 days ago

You can park just on the other side of the river from the waterfall if you want to shorten this trail.

Did this hike yesterday July 8 just for the “workout” and it was a workout! Started at 12:30 pm temp was around 90. That afternoon it hit 103! This hike has VERY LITTLE shade. The going was normal until I got 2 miles into the hike where the vegetation had completed covered the trail. The plants were 3-4 ft high, it was like trail blazing in the jungle. I was the only hiker past top of the Y. I gave the hike 4 stars for the workout value. Best to go with someone who is familiar or it would be very easy to loose the trail.

Fantastic trail. Beautiful, family-friendly while still being a bit of a challenge. Beautiful falls at the end. Can get crowded, but if you go early it's just you and the wilderness! Watch for wild life; I saw a mother moose and 2 calves with her!

Very strenuous. We hiked this on a Saturday, busiest day. We arrived at the trailhead parking lot at 5 am and the lot was half full. I started off in pants but changed into shorts about 1 mile up the trail. I suggest shorts on a warm day but bring a hoodie for the summit, it gets windy and chilly. We summited at 11:30 am. We all had 3 liter water bladders in our packs but that wasn't enough for a hot day. We all ran dry on the way down with 6 miles left to go. My GPS said 15.4 miles total. There was a little patch of snow, about 100 yds, on the talus pile between Emerald Lake and the saddle. The last mile from the saddle to the summit is the most strenuous. It is very steep and involves climbing stepped rocks on the steep western face of the slope. We arrived back to the trailhead at 4:30 pm (11.5 hrs total). We saw a moose with 2 calves and 4 mtn goats. The waterfalls helped us keep cool on the way back down.

10 days ago

We went up via Slate Canyon and it was gorgeous! It adds an extra mile or so but well worth it. The final ascent is about 2500 ft of elevation gain over the last mile and a half so prepare yourself! Drink lots of water the day before to avoid cramping like I did! I’ve done around 15 peaks in Utah and this is by far the hardest. That being said it was absolutely gorgeous and worth the effort

Great hike. Read previous reviews to follow the 7.7 mike hike and to stay right at the log so it worked out well! Lots of shade. Great for dogs. Proved to be a good workout!

Beautiful! 5 and 6 year old did it with no problem.

I wanted to scout this trail out knowing I did not have time to the top, but I was curious how hard it was, etc. I walked on this "trail" for 2 hours and it is a the most dry boring service road, and looking at Google maps.it went a lot father before changing to trails and something better. I think when I hike to Lake Hardy I will go up Dry Creek canyon on Alpine and then walk the trail that connects that trail to the Lake Hardy trail. Check out my blog post for more info.

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