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Great trail with great views of Lower and Upper Echo Lake. Just wish there wasn’t so many cabins along the shoreline.

I did this hike last summer it had a nice view when you get the the top but it was right next to houses and cabins and lots of people. Took away from why I hike. Beautiful yes and fun to swim because you need too considering this is VERY exposed. No shade. It was okay but I wouldn’t do it again . The boat taxi back though was fun. So that’s also an option if you don’t want to hike all the way back

Absolutely breathtaking views. Easy to moderate at times, but thoroughly enjoyed the hike. Would recommend you don't pass this one up!

Trail partially blocked.

I haven't been back here for many years, but it's still the same..and that is a great thing! (Considering how much foot traffic this trail gets)
Nice and easy trail to the Falls.

absolutely amazing!

Recommend starting from Beals Point or Granite Bay to avoid the congestion of the American River Bike Trail which is also paved and not to my liking. It's a solid 16 mile+ hike BUT... what's not accounted for on this map is that the last mile of your hike is Cardiac Hill to get up to Maidu, read the topo! This is where the elevation comes in, bring plenty of water!

on Echo Lakes Trail

9 days ago

Great moderate hike with awesome views. Go early to avoid most of the other hikers. We went mid July and there were plenty of wild flowers to add to the many photo ops. This trail has a lot of loose and uneven rocks so wear shoes with good solid soles and our hiking poles came in handy. There is a little store at the trail head were you can get lunch or a treat after the hike.

Clearly the trail is hard to find. I was off course a few times. Keep the river to your right as you go up and on your left as you come back down.
However, the scenery more than made up for that. The river flowing by on the right as you go up toward the falls was awesome. The sounds of this river flowing is hard to describe. As you get further up you will see the Horsetail Falls flowing from the top and you can hear that as well.

Beautiful! Where a good pair of boots

nature at its best!

11 days ago

Love this hike! We’ve been here twice in the past two years in early July and we absolutely love it! The trail isn’t marked all that well, but that’s part of the fun! The view from the top is amazing! We found a nice pool for the kids to cool off on the way down. Overall a great hike!

I hiked this early June, and while it seemed impossible the views were amazing. The terrain was a bit rough and I recommend hiking boots for sure!

easy to moderate trail
beautiful views
2 water falls

Great hike with really cool views. It is challenging that the trail is not marked. It is still fun though!

14 days ago

Very nice view along the lake. Not much elevation. can take the water taxi back for 14 dollars.

Nice scenic trail for an early morning but too crowded thereafter. A good cut-in to the wilderness/PCT/Aloha.

20 days ago

Didn’t get to finish the trail due to lack of time but from what I saw it is quiet and peaceful. Got to the bridge by the golf course and enjoyed the creek under the bridge. I would do this again. :)

21 days ago

The trail is not well marked at all (it's easy to lose the trail right from the start!) but fortunately there's multiple ways to get to the same point and you can follow the pink ribbons in the trees. Be prepared for walking on rocky terrain and the occasional log. The last 0.5 miles in Desolation Wilderness is the steepest and most uneven part but the view at the end is great!

Go as far as you need and then turn around. Fantastic views!

on Echo Lakes Trail

22 days ago

Hiked in mid-June. Cute lakes and cabins and pretty easy walking though rocky in places. Good for kids. Would go again.

worth the work. wear long pants, good shoes and hug the river on the way up. slower but amazing

23 days ago

Great fast hike. Nice to be able to choose granite scramble or waterside mellow.
Water is still moving fast and making a great waterfall to have as destination! Took puppy and did great! Strongly recommend.

23 days ago

Nice easy section of PCT but area is very populated and overbuilt. Much nicer once you pass the Desolation Wilderness sign.

nature trips
26 days ago

Loved the trial and would do it again.

I'm not sure that I ever found the correct trail. I took the road to the right that multiple people were walking on. there was zero elevation. It ended at the lake.

27 days ago

This was a great hike. The only downfall is the trail is not clearly marked. We ended up off the trail most of the way up. if you stay near the creek you should be ok. It would be hard to get lost. Took a lunch up and had a picnic end of the trail near the falls. It is beautiful.

Would be more enjoyable if marked at all. 'Trail' does not really apply here, you pretty much need to follow the running water to it's source, or use alltrails' map with gps as guide, it is made for places like this. As it was i was constantly checking w my phone, which kind of took the wind out of hiking in the first place. Nevertheless it is a nice area, easy, and pretty short distance to the fall's base as long as you stay on the 'trail' (good luck with that)

1 month ago

Beautiful hike in late May above the shore of Lower and Upper Echo Lakes. It offers a spectacular view looking back. We hiked to Tamarack Lake, but left too late to make it to Lake Aloha. If you want to do that, leave early, around 7, to get a parking spot and a good start. The water taxi offers shortcuts, but it’s $14 each way. On the trail and around Tamarack Lake, we logged 11 miles. We plan to return to hike to Lake Aloha.

It was beautiful and easy with kids.

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