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Great hike with nice views - my family loves it. There is some decent birding here too. Can be heavily populated with people at times.

4 days ago

Awesome trail. This is an all season trail for hiking and running

Beautiful rugid trail during the winter hike. The south Ridge trail is a bit rough and has some slips. they need to reopen the west bridge which is only missing 3 planks.

Very enjoyable trail that goes through many different environments.

Great Hike. Lots of ups and downs.

The buckeye trail near the start was great, and brandywine falls was very impressive, but this route itself was only mediocre.

If you look on a satellite view, you'll realize it routes you directly through the Boston mills ski resort. During the winter this was seemingly impossible, and during the other seasons, it seems to me that it would be trespassing. Perhaps I'm missing something? We ended up doing the buckeye trail side of this first loop both ways, and it was the best hiking of the trip.

The next leg is on the canal path trail, a nice easy walking path. Or the other side of the loop was the bridle trail; this went through some flooded low land, and we ended up turning back and walking along the road.

The final loop was at brandywine falls. The falls were quite impressive, but the trail was very crowded, and we were here in the off season.

We got a good 8.5 miles in, but much of it was on walking paths or along side roads.

(Short Loop) Pretty solid trail! Nothing too crazy in elevation changes. Trail was extremely muddy from a lot of rain the night before, and the streams were higher than I would except them to usually be. Water-proof boots are a must!

Great trail with alot of history Im sure. Trail starts at an old farm that the park service probably made the people leave. Some old run down huts along the trail also. It got busier than expected but not bad. Has some options of getting on other trails also. You could also park at Crows Foot Gully and cross the street to access the trail.

Loved this trail. We chose to start going left and glad we did. Starts along the river and then ascends to a moderate climb along the utility easement. On way down it is steeper but has steps which are much more forgiving on my knees. Stumbled upon this trail and it is quickly one of my favorites. Looking forward to hiking it again in the spring.

This is a fun trail with lots of variety! Saw lots of Bluebirds which really surprised me here at the end of December. I started counter clockwise as another reviewer recommended. It was VERY muddy.

Great trail, I little wet this time of year. There are also a few downed trees between Cedar Falls and Ash Cave.

Pretty nice easy hike. I definitely enjoyed it! Did not record the whole hike because it really eats up the battery.

1 month ago

I did this trail a few months ago (August) as a first solo overnighter.

First off, holy hell the spiders! I saw another reviewer mention them and scoffed - you're in the woods, of course there will be spiders. This was not a normal amount of spiders. This was every few steps, right at face height, huge webs stretched across the trail spiders. I spent most of the 13 miles waving my trekking poles in front of me like an idiot, but every time I let down my guard, I got another face full of spiders. I had webs in my hair, webs in my eyelashes, I was brushing spiders off my pack every time I stopped. At first it was just really annoying, but by the end it was completely demoralizing.

Unless you're using some kind of averaging logarithm, this trail should be classified as difficult. The easy parts are really easy - there are sections that are actually on dirt roads - but the hard parts are really hard. I didn't expect it to be as strenuous as it was, but my strength might have been sapped fighting the spiders. I had been warned by a ranger not to drink the water due to heavy metal toxicity, and there were few places to collect it in any case, so you'll need to carry more.

All of that said, it's a good trail. The campsites were really nice, except for one where previous campers had left a lot of trash, too much for me to carry out. There is a lot of different scenery to see, and the rock formations are especially awesome. This trail is very remote and not well travelled. I saw no one at all on the first day, and only two guys on mountain bikes passed me the second day, taking on the burden of web-breaking. I enjoyed a glorious, spider-free mile or two before they turned off onto another trail (I know exactly where they turned off because I continued not 5 feet past the turnoff before I got another face full of spiderweb).

In conclusion, bring lots of water, expect challenging terrain, and go in the winter when all of those eight-legged bastards are cold and dead.

This trail was a great surprise. Secluded & scenic. Hiked with my dog this time, but can’t wait to come back for a run.

we've been going here for years! never knew it was considered hard

1 month ago

Long trail, but overall very nice and secluded. Signs can get confusing. Lots of different environments that you get to experience and walk through. A few pretty waterfalls. My pup and I take a nice nap after this trail. I uploaded a photo that is either at the beginning or the end depending on where you start.

This one quickly jumped to the top of our favorites list. We loved that within a few minutes of being out of the car we were already exploring caves. Really great trail!

Was a very busy trail, lost count how many other hikers and walkers we passed. The hike was well worth the views of the falls at the end. Don't forget to take a camera.

1 month ago

Nice easy trail that took 2 hours leisurely walk.
Only seen one other hiker and unfortunately a group of loud mouth cross fitters I could hear coming a mile away chasing away any wildlife that was to be seen.

Went during leafs weren’t on trails and now much to look at but definitely a tough trip and fun!

Great hike around the river.

This was a great trail ... 5 hours and done

Awesome hike with a great loop around Brandywine falls and the gorge itself.

2 months ago

If you get to the meadow, you’ve gotten off trail. I saw another review that said once you get to the meadow it gets confusing/is no signage. I made the same mistake while talking and hiking, just flying through.

Great trail. Short and an easy loop, but the inclines are nice and the few rock ledges are great for taking a rest and looking over the gorge. I take pups there AFTER we’ve gone for relatively long hike to cool off.

great trail and fun place to explore.

Great trail that changes scenery pretty often. Would recommend going counter clockwise when you get to the loop about .5 miles or so from the trailhead.

Clean, beautiful trail. Perfect in the fall.

2 months ago

Only my 2nd time our backpacking after doing 20 miles of AT in the Grayson highlands/mt Rogers. Some cool rock formations. Only saw 2 people in 2 days. Very enjoyable. Didn’t find it that difficult.

2 months ago

This place is very secluded with no cell service and no water along the trail. This whole area was strip mined and the water is polluted with heavy metals. The trail is rugged and not recommended for beginners, especially carrying all that water!
Lots of wildlife: owls, coyotes, tons of woodpeckers and birds. Saw a large black snake on the trail too.
Campsite was fine. Didn’t see much trash but there were many loud ATV riders in the morning which was a buzz kill.

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