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A good trail. nice scenery

Excellent trail! Definitely difficult and I would not have packed my own water because there are plenty of water spots along the trail if you are camping. Beautiful views and a really awesome camping site at about the halfway mark.

Me and my husband did this as a day hike on July 27th and fully expected it to be challenging and long based on the reviews we read here, and it was that! We started at Reeds Gap and went clockwise, leaving Mau Har for the end and were happy with that decision as the scenery of the falls made you forget about all the climbing. My Garmin also came in over 16 miles for this loop but I believe that is because in “hiking” mode the miles keep adding even when you’re standing still, I noticed this when we stopped to eat. Regardless, the entire hike took us just under 8 hours to complete. The scenery was beautiful with a couple of gorgeous lookouts and the wildlife a bit scarce; worms, butterflies, squirrels and a snake. I would definitely recommend this trail to others but probably wouldn’t do it again as I’d prefer to see other sections of the AT.

Did this hike July 13th with great weather for a rigorous hike. I followed the AT Trail up and then looped back down following the Mau-Har Trail. Took me about 9 hours to complete- stopped for breaks to enjoy the scenery frequently at the stunning lookouts this trail has. It’s predominantly canopied, thickly wooded forest- but has a surprising amount of biodiversity on the ground. This loop definitely earns its “hard” rating- long sections of uphill hiking with 4 distinctly difficult 1/4 mile stretches. But the views on top of the ridges makes for a very rewarding experience. Will have to come back soon and do the opposite direction.

1 month ago

I hiked this in one day with my friend, who already mentioned that that was a terrible idea. It took about 20 hours with few rests. One of the biggest factors that made it difficult was that this trail is NOT 38 miles as listed here. We measured it out at 46-48ish on our GPS devices, which is even less doable as a day hike than the 38 would've been. It's a nice enough trail with only a few tough parts, so overnight would probably be more enjoyable than our hellish day hike.

1 month ago

Did about half of the loop during an overnight trip. Started at right off of Moose Head Lane in the northern part of the trail and finished where the AFT intersects Clay Mine Road. The northern trail is clearly blazed and offers really rewarding views from Ralph’s vistas (Ralph’s Pretty Good Vista is definitely more majestic than Ralph’s Majestic Vista) after a challenging section of mountainside ups and downs. The southern trail isn’t as clearly defined in some areas and is extremely boggy, so waterproof footwear is a must on the Moss Hanne Trail. Will definitely be back!

My first backpacking trip ever was on this trail around 1994, and my last time on this trail was 1997- I was hooked on backpacking because of this trail and the Cohuttas in general. 20 years later I took my 14 and 12 yo sons on this trail trying to recreate the wonder. No joy. Trail had changed and was unrecognizable. Overgrown and and unkept. Further, I discovered you could no longer camp between beech bottom and jacks river falls. This trip, other than the family bonding, was unpleasant. We left early to head to Red River Gorge.

This trail is rated as hard. Mostly because of the distance. Pack more water than a normal day hike.

We did this in one day which was a very very bad choice. It took 20 hours

Great Day hike if staying at the Wintergreen Resort as TH is only .5 miles from entrance. Drive down to Devil's Backbone brewery for a nice finish. Trip took me 5.5 hours total with just a few short breaks for water, food and change of clothes as it was very humid. Nice views and running along the river with waterfalls was nice. Typical canopy hiking on the AT.

My first backpacking experience... not sure I would have picked this trail for a first timer, but I survived. The scenery definitely made all the hard work seem worth it. Trails are very clearly marked and everything looks pristine despite the many hikers. It might be a little while, but I would definitely do this again. The rangers were very helpful and friendly.

Did the loop in under two days during a snowy period a day after a few inches of rain. The north section was excellent minus a few very wet areas above Benner Run. The south loop was extremely boggy and flooded out near Shirks road until I left the Mosh Hanne area which was very poorly blazed. The rest of the trail was extremely pleasant and easy to navigate. Choose camping in the south section wisely as there are only a few areas. I would definitely hike the aft again in a more dry period!

My son and I started at Reeds gap and hiked in to the Harper’s Creek Shelter. Due to some slight rain and all of the boulders on the AT side it was extremely slippery, but a beautiful hike. Even if it did take eight hours to hike in. On the second day we hiked back to the car by completing the loop. The waterfalls were absolutely wonderful. This was the first backpacking trip for my 18-year-old son and I. I now understand the labeling of difficult as this trail was. It will make you sore, but the views are very much worth it. We had a great time.

We started our hike Friday March 30th from Reid’s Gap and hiked the top of the first peak where we set up camp. It has a beautiful view and great site for setting up. The temperature was around mid 60’s during the day; however, the temperature dropped drastically getting down to right above 30 at night. The next morning we began our loop beginning at Maupin Shelter and going clockwise towards three ridges. The hike was difficult with steep inclines. One you hit the peak of three ridges you descend over several areas of boulders, not easy on the knees. After a couple of miles we landed at our second camp site Harpers Creek Shelter. The camp site is great with a great water source. The next day you start off by doing a pretty hefty incline followed by steep descending trails to end up by some fantastic waterfalls. Take you time and rest because the next mile was grueling. Maybe not as hard but just as challenging . Ascending in short but steep inclines combined with rocks along the river was definitely challenging but very rewarding. We finished our hike and headed to devils backbone for much needed meal with beverage.

6 months ago

Finished in 2014 what I started in 2012. A "must do" for any backpackers' bucket list

Take bear spray with you. I was about 2 miles into the Sunkota Ridge Trail from where it begins when you do it counterclockwise from Deep Creek when I hear loud rustling, look up, and see a momma black bear charging me from 50 yards away with two cubs following behind. I stopped, she stopped, we stared at each other for a little bit and I backed away slowly and went back the way I came. So much for the reviews on here that say there was no wildlife to see. Ten minutes later I heard some more rustling, soiled my pants again, and then saw two deer feet away from the trail.

Great workout!! Gets steep at about 7 miles out and you keep going up for about 2 miles. But then you get a very cool payoff by following the ridgetop for about a mile of the descent. Beautiful foliage this time of year (end of October) and still managed to get flurries for about 1/3 of the hike! I was glad we downloaded the map because there were a couple times that we were a little confused when reading the signs and would have gone in the wrong direction. Beautiful falls at the end of the hike, which was a pleasant surprise! It took us about 5.5 hours and we are active adults (run, cycle almost daily).

Hiked this loop twice now and loved it both times! Went with a couple buddies and split it up over 2 nights for fun. All I can say is be prepared if you are doing the loop counter-clockwise, that elevation gain is no joke. Doing it clockwise is much easier.

We didnt do the full trail. But great place to see some cute creeks, streams and swimming holes in the summer. Also great place to see leaves.

Great downhill spots and rock formations

10 months ago

I really enjoyed the trail. I did the entire loop in two day. It was my first solo overnighter.

Did this as a day hike and its very hard...there is very little water to he found on the AT section..plenty if water in Campbell creek on the Mau Har part...some steep inclines and lots of rock fields to hike across...very nice views along the top and very dense forest in the bottom...be prepared for some tough hiking if you do it in a day..split overnight it shouldnt be too bad

I enjoyed this trail! It was dynamic in that both sides of the ridge had different vibes along the trail. The trail follows water a lot, which is nice. I do wish there were more open views/overlooks but the views on the trail are still pretty. Can be steep at times but mostly not too bad or gradual inclines. It's not marked very well though. We went backwards (according to how the app shows) and off trail, going a way that seemed obviously correct, but it wasn't. It did, however hook back up with the regular trail at the top without too much extra hiking.

Great loop, extremely hard, not much water on the Appalachian side but tons of water on the Mau-har side. Stared at Route56 and followed Appalachian trail to the start of Mau-har, spent the night at the shelter then finished the next day. about 10 miles first day 5.5 second. Great hike.

10 months ago

We loved it. I really loved the sections where it was ferns in all directions. Would have liked a few more established camp sites in the later part of south western quadrant. Took 3 days 2 nights to walk clockwise. Would love to do counter next time

11 months ago

Well marked and lots of different scenery to see. Campsites seemed plentiful on the first half, but not nearly as many on the second half. We started at 504 and went counter clockwise. Great campsites at approximately 5 - 12 - 17 - 20 - 21 mile markers. Didn't see many "pre-made" campsites after that. However, we did not end up completing the entire loop because we did 20 miles both days, and it only got us to beaver road the second day. According to our mileage, this loop is more like 45-46 miles and we were mentally done at 40. We had the GPS tracking us the entire time and weren't even close to being done at 39 miles.

I really enjoyed this hike! Both trails require about the same amount of effort, but I recommend heading to the top first. There are a couple vistas you can hang out on, they're worth a few moments to soak it all in. Have fun!

11 months ago

Spent 5 days hiking the full 40 mi loop! Started at 6 mile rd and PN 504 and headed clockwise down the trail. Was beautiful and the trails weren't too difficult for having 60lb packs on our backs. Seen some wildlife here and there, but nothing out of the norm. You can choose where you want to camp if you want or there are existing sites that you can use as well. There are plenty of small creeks to grab water from while on the trail and lots of trees for hammocks. At the top of the mountains there were a couple of good vistas but a lot of the time there were just too many trees in the way to get a good view. It was still beautiful, just wish they'd trim a few trees so you could see the beautiful expanse that lays in front of you. Bugs weren't too bad, few spots the mosquitos and flies were bad, however other then that, pretty easy trail. I'd rate the trail as an easy/moderate one.

We backpacked this weekend. Since there has been no rain, there was no water resupply sources at creeks that were dry. Also, no waterfalls. We had to camp back by Tye river to ensure we had necessary water. I'll go back in the spring or fall when water conditions improve.

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