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Did this today with a light dusting of snow on the ground. A little more slippery near the falls/tubs, but able to navigate. Lengthened the hike to 4 miles along the yellow trail by crossing the train tracks and following down falls. Was able to go along the tornado path from this past summer to see many downed trees...very crazy to see. Have done this hike in the summer, but was very enjoyable in the winter. Trail well marked and quiet.

Traffic wasn’t too bad. Not a lot of parking though. Very muddy at some points. My GPS tracked 4.07 miles.

Nice hike. I think I did the blue loop trail which is blue and orange much of the way. I started to the right of the pavilion. it was muddy early on. About mid way you have to cross the creek a few times. This would be difficult to do without getting your shoes under water. I took my shoes and socks off for 2 crossings I wouldn't have been able to do without getting my shoes wet so I was able to finish with dry socks and shoes. About 4 miles. Moderate uphill at the end. Rest of trail was not too difficult except trying to keep from getting my feet wet or muddy.

Great trail for my daughter and me. Took our dog on his first real hike today and it was great for him. The rocks made it a little rough to navigate when he was pulling (excited) to keep feet from sliding, but he caught on quick.

Shout out to the person below me that said Glen Coco

Very pretty vistas but a lot of dull inner forest trail before getting there. Worth it if glen coco is frozen over and you’re in the area.

Short hike with friends—the water made it scenic and so did the hidden gnome!

Great trail. But without this app I would of been lost. Sometimes the markings were sparse enough ( especially along the creek) that I thought I missed a marking. Trail criss crosses across a creek which can be very confusing. But, nonetheless I had a great time exploring the landscape.

Great trail, just wish it was longer and less populated. I had a desire to bushwhack off trail to other areas.

Wonderful scenery and decently well marked trails. just make sure you look up every so often to not miss the trail markers. We followed the yellow markers for a bit until we reached the train tracks and the open river. Almost missed the continuation of the trail that turns blue right after the white train track bridge. Many skinny portions to the trail and lots of rocks to climb up and around. Towards the end we got a little stuck and had to cross the creek to make it to the road. Overall the trail was a lot of fun with some sketchy parts that are a little slippery. Parking lot is a little small so be careful.

It is not to hard even for me and I’m 10 years old I want to find one a little harder

Easy Flat gravel trail, missed the turn to the overlook and over shot by 0.25 miles. Muddy once on the turnoff, but view is worth it. Is game land so wear some orange in season.

Nice trail for younger children.

we had an awesome time time hiking here, it was just rained the day before, so the water was really moving for the water fall.

1 month ago

A nice walk along the river with a damn waterfall halfway through. Some parts you have to step over roots/trees but for the most part it’s fairly flat. The end section is anticlimactic, you hit a road and then turn around, but the way there is very pleasant.

1 month ago

Fun trail! I enjoyed the rock scrambling, it kept things interesting! Best view is at the section where the trail splits and you can either climb up the rocks or go down beside them. Go up!

Great trail hiked 46 miles of it in September and finished the last 13 a few weeks ago. If you plan to hike the entire trail the maps and guide from the alpine club of williamsport is very helpful. A few spots need some more markers or the markers moved to a more visible position. Lots of water available just be careful if you go after a rain storm as water collects along the trail in a lot of spots and crosses a few streams.

Well this was my first time at the falls, I went with my brother in law and nephew. Our plans were to take the shorter trail due to it getting dark so early again. We accidentally ended up in the lower parking lot and said the hell with it and took the longer route. First and foremost the extra hike was definitely work it. Just the few extra waterfalls on it alone are worth it.
Once we got to the loop it was beautiful, but holy steps Bat-man!! lol. It was a hike up hill. Since we had some snow recently it was definitely very dangerous in spots, I understand why they have so many warnings posted.
Over all, with the careful footing for to the ice and the MANY pictures we stopped to take, the whole trek took us 4.5 hr's. And we finished just in time as the sun was going down and the rain began.
Overall a great first time experience at Rickets Glenn. We must have discussed or future trips back half a dozen times over the hike.

1 month ago

Really pretty trail along the river with several small falls. Be attentive to which trail you’re on as there are a bunch of trails that intersect and are in the area. I’d recommend you start by going the direction of down the stairs and to the water first, that way you have a good upstream view and the second half loops back through the forest. Easy/moderate level.

Extremely beautiful trail with peaceful views and running water sound. A must do if in the area!

Amazing in the winter.

My son took me out on Falls Trail the day before Thanksgiving. He is an experienced climber and guide and I learned a lot about hiking in winter. We were the only people on the trail and got to see the falls in a pristine snow-covered setting. Unbelievable. We went to Waters Meet and then turned around, as it was pretty strenuous for me. It was incredibly beautiful.

1 month ago

Was great three day trip meet some new friends and seen some snakes

1 month ago

very nice trail just outside of the city! you don't have to go far for a great view, and if you do hike the whole loop, then you're in for a nice, moderate hike!

2 months ago

Great trail to backpack, did it in 2 nights but can easily be done in 1 imo. There are a few views which are really nice, plus not too many people, plenty of camp spots and ton of water to filter makes this a great beginner backpacking trail . On the second night me and my friend had the shelter all to ourselves which was great, and a short spur from the shelter leads to a beautiful lookout. There is one stream crossing that you cant rock hop over , so youll have to take your boots off, roll up your pants and cross.

Love this trail. Hiked twice — once in the spring and once in the middle of summer. Would like to try again in the fall. Can be very crowded, but the falls are breathtaking and worth it. Good idea to bring bug spray on this hike during the summer.

Wet rocks and leaves made it a little sketchy. But worth it! A lot of recent rain had the tiny creek roaring! Beautiful !

Great trail

We were visiting Gettysburg and found this trail via AllTrails app. Was a great Spring hike.

This is obviously a great hike, though it can be crowded at times. Awesome falls just about the entire hike. It took us about 4 hours to do the loop on a less crowded day. It can be slippery so use caution. Must do hike and IMHO late October early November is the best time.

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