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Not for the weak! Plenty of camping areas along the way. 3 of us backpacks up there taking our time and hammock camped. Source of water was endless if you have a filtration system.

8 days ago

Nice hike for an afternoon. I echo the sentiment that the trail head is not easy to find and parking is sparse, but once you get going, follow the orange markings and you're good to go. Quite steep in a couple of spots, but the view from the top is worth it!

Good beginners trail. Enjoyed the walk. Three hours with nature!!!!

The hike was moderate but the views were great from both Pinnacle and Puplit rock. Took was about 4 hours with breaks at both the points . We did the loop counterclockwise so we reached the Pinnacle first . But I would love to come back and do it from the pulpit rock end . I think that would be a bit more challenging .

We hiked starting at 501 and camped at the reservoir. Rocks are everywhere on this trail, I thought I was going to break my ankle.

10 days ago

Great trail with a few areas of steeper incline to get the heart really pumping. I did the entire trail, however, I would avoid the southern parts of the trail for the next few weeks until the bugs and flooding die down if you don’t want to deal with gnats and mud. The southern portion was super muddy, I was covered from the knees down by the time I finished. I was also followed by a swarm of bugs and mosquitoes the whole time, and walked through about 7 spider webs on the southern portion. Otherwise, the Boone trail is a really enjoyable, peaceful hike!

Love this hike. Second time doing it Nd we went backwards which made it so much nicer. Great for the whole family (fur babies too) and lots of water for hot days!

10 days ago

First time hiking the trail, will definitely do this again

Difficult hike but worth the views. I enjoyed the climbing up and we ended up coming back down and walked the railroad back to the car. We parked at the marina and walked Maxwell road and made the second right, walked down the road ( with houses ) and ended up finding the orange paint where the trail began. Def slippery and a lot of climbing. The cave was so cool! Doesn’t go really deep or anything.

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

Not sure why it says heavily trafficked, I only saw 2 people on the trail and a father and little boy right near one of the lots. Pretty rugged trail in places with a lot of ups and downs so a good training hike or just enjoyable as is. People were not kidding about the spiders! They usually never bother me but after my hair and shirt had plenty of spider silk (plus what I wiped off my face) I started using a long thin stick to clear them as I walked. Some great views of the river but found the gulley you go through in the middle just beautiful and serene. Have hiked a lot of miles since moving to PA and this is my favorite so far for solitude and beauty.

I think I just saw a bald eagle flying over the river

Great hike, devils pool is refreshing.....but rocks are very slippery! Hardly any restrooms though

Great day hike. Enough to work up a sweat but enjoy a nice loop and some great views of the river along the way

A moderate hike which rewards you with amazing views from the Pulpit and the Pinnacle. Highly recommend you hike to the Pinnacle to catch the sunset, truly beautiful. Probably one of the top 5 best hikes in east PA. Few camping spots at the top but camping is not allowed and the rangers are known to patrol this very popular hike so i wouldnt recommend doing an overnight. Also no overnight parking in the lot, when I went to do a sunset hike I left a sign on my car stating as such and received no problems. Hike gets very crowded but me and my group were the only ones on the trail for our sunset hike.

This hike is really special. Just a beautiful walk along rocky hills, plunging (though small) waterfalls, and through lush forest and meadows. The “difficult” rating by the County Conservancy is probably accurate, but the trail is not too challenging; you probably want to be in decent shape if you expect to enjoy the entire loop, however. Lots of stream crossings and wet, slippery rocks, so bring proper footwear.

this is a great place to hike! I've gone here a couple of times with my family and had a great time every time!

park at the rock ridge pavilion to get the fastest route to views off the king & queen

3900 st clair bridge rd

As good as its reputation. challenging uphill climb, especially when going the morning after a rain because the rocks were slippery. But the vistas at pulpit and pinnacle make it worthwhile. Went with a six and nine year old, took about 4 hours.

we walked from the boat launch to the damn. it was slightly difficult trying to figure out where the hiking trails even were at first. we went to the parking lot by the pool and she showed us a “hiking” trail but it’s i wouldn’t really call it a hike, it was more of a path to little areas to get to the water. still beautiful scenery but i was more excited to just hike. we eventually found another spot to park on the other side of the lake and had to go through the woods to find the boat launch where you can also rent kayaks and paddle boards which was pretty awesome. we saw horses as well! but the hike it self from that boat launch to the damn was lovely, just remember to be prepared to jump to the side at any moment as paths get very small at points and bikers are riding through as well!! wear comfy shoes , they don’t necessary need to be hiking shoes as there isn’t hills and it isn’t too rocky! 5/5 because i had fun and it was beautiful! also got to eat some raspberries off the bushes! (if you don’t know what it is... don’t eat it!)

27 days ago

After being off of the trail for a month with a foot injury I hiked the purple trail loop counter clockwise on a 80 degree day in July. I'm surprised this trail has previously been rated difficult, I found it to be an easy-moderate 4 miles with a few patches of rocks due to erosion, two primitive water crossings (I had to take my boots off for one of them) and a 100-150 ft hill on the western edge of the loop. The trail is well maintained other than the eroded sections and the purple arrows are easy to see unless you're color blind like I am (took a wrong turn when I mistook a gray arrow for a purple one). Some evidence of mountain biking and ATV activity both of which I know are not permitted. The most difficult part was dodging the dog crap near the parking lot and the horse droppings at the southern part of the trail. I encountered some very friendly young guys doing trail maintenance and thanked them.

It is a good trial did it with my family any bike works and it was a breeze but the kids had some trouble going up the hills

Love!! Went here because it’s close to my sisters in the city but still on the way from Chalfont area. Hike was a workout and kicked my butt! (In the best way of course). I loved that it was easy enough but harder than most of my go-to trails. Will definitely be returning :) watch for the little spiders that build their web right across the trails!

on White Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful and scenic.
One of my favorites hikes!

Camped at Blue Rocks campground which has two separate trails which connect to this trail loop. My kids were pissed at me for dragging them along but talk about their hike with great pride and for great reason. Some of the stretches of boulder climbing had my wife telling them to "Be careful" every few minutes. The view from Pulpit rock is great but I thought the Pinnacle was one of the great views one can see hiking in Pennsylvania. Next time I am leaving them home so I can camp overnight in the state gamelands with my wife but I am definitely bringing the bear repellent.

I walked over a hr though Hibernia Park very relaxing today 7-13-18 a little buggy

This was a pretty easy trail. Beautiful views from the King and Queens seat, but that was the only view on this hike and it was right at the beginning. The rest is a long uphill stretch. Not my favorite hike, but it was nice.

This was one of our first hikes, we loved it, especially the multiple steam crossings!

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