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Nice day hike if you are local. Nota challenging hike, but enough to get the blood flowing.

10 days ago

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I pulled into a parking lot in a field on the coldest day with the lowest windchills of the season. A pleasant surprise awaited as the trail bent towards trees. Trails were rocky and muddy, proving moderate. There isn’t much in the way of elevation change. Larger rocks appear while on the purple trail, heading towards Old Mill Rd. The creek was impassable on this cold day, and I backtracked to the yellow trail. The old quarry contained the most interesting scenery in this great 5 mile hike.

Very cool

Nice hike. I think I did the blue loop trail which is blue and orange much of the way. I started to the right of the pavilion. it was muddy early on. About mid way you have to cross the creek a few times. This would be difficult to do without getting your shoes under water. I took my shoes and socks off for 2 crossings I wouldn't have been able to do without getting my shoes wet so I was able to finish with dry socks and shoes. About 4 miles. Moderate uphill at the end. Rest of trail was not too difficult except trying to keep from getting my feet wet or muddy.

14 days ago

GPS takes you to the loading dock plenty of parking, but the trail starts a quarter of a mile away-- use the map

quite a bit of graffiti and trash sadly but we picked some up while passing, lovely view once you make it to the cave

this was such an awesome hike.
will DEFINITELY be going there again!

Get hike! Did Both Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock! Great combo!

Decided to do the blue trail. was a little muddy after the rain. lots of interesting ruins along the trail. would definitely be going back.

16 days ago

Loved this trail! We started at the Klapperthal Rd entrance(the road says no outlet, at the end there's parking)
it looks around the mounting with a beautiful view after about 3/4 mile. Just after the lookout(on your left) on the right there is a big cliff that you can climb up a small trail to an even better lookout. Be careful when going off the trail to the rocks, it can be a bit slippery because of the wet leaves!
The portion of the trail that we hiked was pretty flat, with some smaller inclines here and there.
We took out dog and she loved it!
At the "end" there is a gate where we stopped, but I believe you can follow the trail up to the right, just not sure about the terrain on that section.

I’m lucky because this trail is only 10 mins from my home ...... I adore this park. There’s so many little trails that you can explore. Fabulous view of the water and the park rangers are fabulous. Lots of fishing in the summer - I take my kayak out there also to Chambers Lake. My dogs love the hike, I love the area, and many of us locals walk there daily all year long.

Beautiful trail. One side of the creek had a lot more terrain and was good for a workout hike. Would 100% recommend

Awesome hike. Regardless which direction you take it, you will begin by going uphill early on then walking the ridge for a few miles before going back downhill again to the reservoir road.

trail running
20 days ago

Walked the yellow the other day and ran the purple loop today. I normally run French Creek park and wanted a change of venue. The purple loop: Pro- soft not a great deal of rocks compared to what I’m used to and the elevation change is a few hundred feet and fairly gradual. Cons- it is wet, there are quite a few low spots. Also there are 3 or 4 actual spots that you’re crossing a stream. With all the rain this year they’re pretty high and my feet got wet even with gortex high top trail shoes. All in all a nice break from the French creek beat down I usually put myself through. Pretty trail, much more quiet than I expected.

Great trail. But without this app I would of been lost. Sometimes the markings were sparse enough ( especially along the creek) that I thought I missed a marking. Trail criss crosses across a creek which can be very confusing. But, nonetheless I had a great time exploring the landscape.

excellent views and scenic waterfalls and that was in the middle of winter.

Wonderful scenery and decently well marked trails. just make sure you look up every so often to not miss the trail markers. We followed the yellow markers for a bit until we reached the train tracks and the open river. Almost missed the continuation of the trail that turns blue right after the white train track bridge. Many skinny portions to the trail and lots of rocks to climb up and around. Towards the end we got a little stuck and had to cross the creek to make it to the road. Overall the trail was a lot of fun with some sketchy parts that are a little slippery. Parking lot is a little small so be careful.

Nice trail for younger children.

Me and my friends walked this trail a cold Sunday morning. Since it had snowed, it was hard to walk at our usual pace. It was very muddy and so many puddles. Aside that, it was a beautiful hike! Well worth our 2hr. drive. Would definitely do it again but in the summer. The views were stunning!

Great day hike with the ladies. Very empty on a December Sunday

1 month ago

Good place to walk your dog

I've run this many times with different variations of the trails. As a trail runner, the course is fairly technical for this area due to the amount of rocks and ,this year, rain. There is a lot of single track, some widened by ATV users (grrr) and erosion. If you're a walker, it's easy, but to run, the rocks are frequent and cause you to exert more effort to avoid landing wrong or tripping. There is one creek crossing which requires a wet crossing, between the road and the new growth/planted forest. The woods are beautiful and the trails are more quiet and less travelled than most around. The soil is much softer than the hard-packed Hibernia Park nearby.

Sept 2018- We left at 11:15 AM. Took us a little over 4 hours. Very pretty overlook.

1 month ago

This map is misleading as it starts you on the Exeter Trail which is 2.5 miles of flat trail next to the Schuylkill River before you get to the actual Neversink Loop. If you want to skip the extra 5 miles, look for the Klapperthal parking lot in your GPS. That said, the flat portion was lovely and a very easy walk. The day I did this I only hiked up to Witches’ Hat, and I missed a sign about a closed trail due to hunting (there was a large branch covering it). There are a bunch of side trails here so I suggest checking out the Neversink Mountain Preserve website online to see all of them. There is personal property mixed in as well, so just be aware of that.

1 month ago

Great hike with pretty views of the Susquehanna River! Be sure to climb the rock above the cave for some spectacular views.

hiked this on 11/4 with a friend. loved it. many people on the trail and lots of dogs. made it fun. had lunch and hot coffee from my thermos at the Pinnacle rock. views beautiful. saw a bald Eagle!!!

Wet rocks and leaves made it a little sketchy. But worth it! A lot of recent rain had the tiny creek roaring! Beautiful !

Great trail

Just did this with my daughter today. Had a ton of fun on this course! Very rocky between Pulpit and Pinnacle so a little slow going at times, but the views are worth it. Definitely need waterproof hiking boots too, as the return leg was quite muddy in spots. The spring on the last leg was flowing really well, so we stopped there to fill up.

A great little day hike. Take a lunch and sit at the pinnacle to enjoy views of hawks hunting over the valley

on Boone Trail

2 months ago

Perfect hike if you only have a few hours but still want to exert a little effort. Nice views of the lake. Better marked than the last time I was there a few years ago.

FYI the park map lists this as 6 miles if you do the entire loop. Not sure where the 4.4 miles listed here came from.

**. Ok the mileage difference is because the trail shown here as Boone Trail is actually the Lenape Trail. The Boone is 6 miles and circles Hopewell Lake not Scott's.

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